Your Monday Morning Roundup: No Games Edition

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Ah yes, the three day period in which there are no professional games. Except the All-Star game, because that counts now. This is the week where we turn things over to the national folks. Tonight, Chris Berman will misjudge home run balls at an alarming rate. Tomorrow, Joe Buck will sell us everything Taco Bell and Chevy (love you, Chevy, thanks for the tailgate car). And on Wednesday, the ESPYs- yay meaningless awards. For most local outlets this will be a time to gather… regroup, if you will. For us? Probably dick jokes and quizzo. Read on.

Couple of quick notes:

Thursday night. 8 P.M. Drinker's Tavern in Old City. I'll be hosting a sports movie quizzo. Free to attend. Beers? Rolling Rock ponies are a dollar. We're going to have a special Major League round. Prizes too.

Chase Utley plush puppet. Need I say more? I hung out with Chase all day yesterday. Don't believe me? Click here. BC Sports has them (RyHow, Doc, and the Phanatic too). Get them here.

We told you about this on Friday. This kid – dork – turned $60 into $20,000 playing fantasy baseball with our partners from Draft Street. You can do the same. Drop $20 into your account, enter code crossing25 when you do, and they'll give you an extra $25 to play with. That's $45 to play Draft Street's nightly fantasy games. Not a bad deal. Play here.

As always, don't forget to shop for great t-shirts from our friends at Philly Phaithful. Their overlord, Dan, is the guy who brought you such great hockey analysis. So, um, support the guy.


The roundup:

DeSean Jackson is a jerk.

Cliff Lee's home run, covered front to back. Or home to home, if you will.

Tiger Woods will be holding a press conference today at 11 A.M. This could be big news.

Eagles tryout anthem singers.

Bill Lyon, legend, waxes poetic about Brad Lidge.

MLB decided to put Kate Upton and Erin Andrews in sexy socks and have them manage the celebrity softball teams. Something tells me you will click this link.

The Flyers and Sixers are holding a huge blowout sale on Sunday, July 17th on the floor of the Wells Fargo Center. Something tells me they will be clearing out Richie and Carts jerseys. But they will have Bryz and Jagr apparel, most likely not discounted.

This is old, but here's video of Brian Wilson singing with Keenan Cahill. It's mesmerizing.

Kate Middleton upskirt? ZOMG yes and please.

I'm thinking of picking of NCAA Football '12 tomorrow. Can anybody talk me out of it? 

Finally, we added a new Google + button. Make sure to click it and share with your Google friends. I'm on there, feel free to add me. Or whatever the hell they call it.

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19 Responses

  1. Mann My God what I would do to be in the same room as those chicks just once. The things I would dooooo

  2. If you MUST have a football game to play this fall, get NCAA. Madden sucks anymore and why put MORE money in the pockets of the NFL?
    But I agree with the commentor above. Wait for NHL 12. Its July 11 and I’m STILL playing NHL 11. I havent touched Madden or NCAA since September.
    FIFA 12 two weeks later!

  3. Wait are hot dogs a $1 even if the Phils arent playing? The phils dont play until Friday. Unless the quizzo is Friday.

  4. Mike Saunders, I’m guessing all you’d be “doing” is walking away rejected. But dream on buddy, dream on.

  5. so cold ^, but wait for NHL 12, so you can stone richie and carts with Bryz and dangle sauce all over them with Jagr

  6. gmc- my bad. you’re right, the phillies are not playing. $1 hot dogs are only during phillies games. dollar beers every night, though.
    and i love the late night lieberthal reference

  7. And pants! Here’s our man (yes, we can say that now because we actually have a goalie) Bryz coaching kids at his goalie camp in Mother Russia. Got to love the Bryz reppin’ the Flyers.

  8. Digging through the pop-up ads on reveals the Phillies’ trade deadline targets and details from last night’s Reading Phillies game, where Shane Victorino and Brad Lidge made rehab appearances.

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