Media News: Bruno Back, 94 WIP Live, Eagles PGL Changes

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Whoa. The competition between 610 94 WIP and 97.5 The Fanatic just got ticked up a notch. Today at 10 AM, the Mike & Ike Show (Barkann and Reese) made its debut on the brand spankin’ new 94 WIIIIP. Just two hours later, at noon, Tony Bruno announced he would be rejoining Harry Mayes full-time on 97.5 from 12-2, their previous time slot.

By my math – carries two, tunes dial – Bruno left the day before Memorial Day Weekend and returned the day after Labor Day. That is well played, sir.

What's more, Bruno will move back to Philadelphia on October 3rd. Previously, he hosted the midday show from both Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

This is all unfolding like a heavyweight fight. Stay tuned, next Dan Schwartzman will record a WWE-like YouTube video challenging Rob Ellis (Philly Sports Daily’s own) to a steel cage match. When that happens, we all win.

Not to be outdone, CSN made some announcements of their own today. Eagles Pre and Postgame Live got a bit of a makeover. No more Vaughn Hebron. Instead, Tra Thomas and Grilled Reuben Frank (pre-game only) will join the crew of Barkann (who works more hours in a week than Jesus), Ray Didinger, Ed Rendell, and Derrick Gunn. Gregg Murphy will now be chatting with you during the show instead of Amy Fadool. – sad face –

Marshall Harris will continue to solicit pithy opinions from drunken fans at PJ Whelihan's.

Murphy and Thomas will host Halftime Live on

That’s it for now. I fully expect an announcement from 97.5 stating that Barkann will be joining their lineup, too. Ya know, just so he can pick up more hours.

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24 Responses

  1. Thank god no more Vaughn & I’ll miss seeing Amy Fadool’s cans while she was on that lap top

  2. Between Michael’s ramblings and impressions along with Ike’s nonsensical ramblings and all the interviews they prolly took five calls the entire three hours.

  3. Someone explain to me why Rendell is still there, they should have cleaned house and started over with just Barkann and Didinger staying.
    I could take or leave Amy Fadool…yeah she’s easy to look at compared to the other options but I get tired of hearing her constantly butcher sentences and mispronounce names that someone in her position should know. If Amy Fadool had the same exact skillset that she has but looked like Shelley Smith from ESPN she would have never made it beyond her college AV club, let alone a front-and-center paid TV position in one of the country’s biggest sports markets.
    Fucking pumped about the Bruno news…I wonder what this means for “Into The Night” though?

  4. Am I the only one who things Ike Reese is unlistenable? He can’t tell me anything I don’t already know, especially for anything besides football.

  5. I agree on missing Hebron. His suits are dope, and he’s always flashing that ring. He seems like a good dude.
    As for the Rendell sentiment, I agree. Send his ass packing. His voice is annoying, he doesnt know jack shit, and he was a garbage mayor/gov to round it all out.

  6. The only reason I’d watch PGL while Rendell is on the panel is the ever increasing odds of him having a stroke or heart attack while the cameras are rolling. What a giant hubristic cunt he is.

  7. Loving WIP on the FM. Bout time. CSN PGL moves are ok… need to lose rendell though. 97.5 just got bumped off preset 1 for 94.1.

  8. WIP’s new jingle sounds sad and off-pitch. They need to trash that thing and start over with something more current and contemporary. (I thought most of the reason of their big switch was to go after a younger demographic?) Tony Bruno is no spring chicken but at least his show has a fresher sound than most of WIP product.

  9. The Gov probably greased enough palms and made enough deals for Comcast over the years that he could anally rape Barkann during commercial breaks if he wanted to. He’s not going anywhere unless he chooses to. Unfortunately.

  10. Ariel is so hot. By far the hottest Disney character of all time. Pocohontas is a distant second.

  11. I wish they kept Vaughn and just got rid of 97.5 entirely. Why couldn’t the hurricane flood their station? Bruno was annoying on Madden and worse on real radio.
    Tra is good but doesnt have Vaughn’s personality.

  12. Post and Pre Game Live will suck without Vaughn Hebron. Vhebb added much needed flavor and life to the show. I won’t be watching anymore. Tra seems boring already to me. Get Vhebb back ASAP!!!!

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