Your Monday Roundup: Sausage, Ice, and Lingerie Edition

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The ice is being painted at The Well today. Photo courtesy Ike Richman.

Besides the Eagles game, there was a lot of blogity goodness this weekend. Let’s hit it. 

A couple of quick notes:

– Be sure to stop by Drinker’s Philadelphia establishments for all future Eagles games. They have a newly renovated floor and back-bar layout. Cheap beers, good atmosphere, and always delicious hot dogs and tacos. 

– As you can see over there on the right and up above, BC Sports has a whole slew of signings upcoming. Be sure to get tickets for LeSean McCoy tomorrow night at the Deptford Mall from 6:30-8 PM. Also signing in the next few weeks: Mike Stutes, Doc Gooden, Mike Schmidt, and Vance Worley. All details, times, and tickets here

– Now would be a real good time to pick up a Super 7 shirt from Philly Phaithful. Also, consider this a tease for a soon-to-be-released, excellent t-shirt we’re about to drop on you this week.

– We’re going to once again be hosting a Draft Street free-roll with cash prizes for Week 2 of the NFL season. Stay tuned for details later today.

– Finally, we’ve partnered with OneTwoSee to test out their new live blogging software for every remaining Phillies regular season game. I’m not hosting, but it’s worth checking out. There is live commentary, trivia, polls, scores, and more.  


The roundup

Weekend at Bernie’s (thanks to @andrewsteely for that name):

Ruben Amaro was at the Union match on Saturday… while the Phillies were playing.

– Harry Kalas puts 9/11 into words (courtesy CSN).

Pete Orr almost got run over by a sausage and some important Juan Samuel dick info.

Phillies go down Bernie Brewer’s slide.

Lots of Flyers stuff:

– Mike Richards continues to be surrounded by female staffers in LA. His new view ain't bad, either. It's also worth noting that in the new NHL 12, EA Sports has rounded out the "Legends" roster with current NHL stars… including Mike Richards. Ouch.

Lavs on 9/11 tributes.


Screen Shot 2011-09-12 at 11.34.25 AM

– Not only have Chinese manufactures already made their own Winter Classic jerseys, they’ve also designated Chris Pronger captain.

Training camp schedule

Other stuff:

– One of the Yankees is hitting on a single mom in Brooklyn

Screen Shot 2011-09-12 at 11.22.29 AM

– The Philadelphia Passion kicked off their Lingerie Football League schedule by beating the Tampa Breeze this weekend, 48-0. I honestly have no idea what happened in the game, but here are 99 pictures of chicks grabbing each other in their underwear. Also, cottage cheese is good for you.

Oh yeah, there was a wardrobe malfunction, too.

Justin Bieber called into Mike Missanelli's show on Friday.

– Finally, Claude Giroux talks about his offseason workouts, after the jump. Near must watch- very well done (of course, it doesn't talk about his bartending).


Philadelphia Flyers – Claude Giroux from Media Ball on Vimeo.

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5 Responses

  1. the toolbag that is nyjer morgan doesnt get a shout out in this article???? dude was walking around like they won the world series yesterday.. hey nyjer just a heads up if you lose 5 straight in the playoffs your not going anywhere so how about you concentrate on winning 4 of 7(or 3 of 5) not 1 of 6 moron

  2. This yankee story, an interesting glimpse into the female mind “what can i get for my cooch today?”. world series tickets, big assumption by the way for a yankees fan, definitely involves the third input, just sayin…

  3. Hey, that online jersey seller? They have (wait for it) . . .Herndon jerseys. Yeah, I’m guessing the Chinese manufacturer either doesn’t watch much baseball, or someone played a prank on them.

  4. to dwayne mike miss had 50 celebrities on a list that could call in and whoever got the biggest celebrity to call in gets eagle season tickets for this year .. the beibs wasnt on the list so that guy didnt win, i believe the guy that got shaq to call in won cause he was on the pre approved list but i heard today that they gave the guy who got bebiber to phone in got some tickets too though

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