Danny Briere Continues to Invite Young Men into His Home, and a 38-Year-Old Goalie Coach Played Goal at Flyers Practice Today

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And how is your Thursday?

Danny Briere, who played long-term host to Claude Giroux last year (when I imagine the two routinely whipped out their hands to see whose were more sweet), has now invited a new teammate into his hearth. 

From Phillies-turned-Flyers beat reporter Randy Miller:

Sean Couturier has spent the last month living out of a Jersey hotel room with fellow Flyers rookie Matt Read. If everything goes according to his plan, the 18-year-old French Canadian center will be packing up his things soon and moving to Haddonfield to live with Danny Briere and his three boys.

Claude Giroux lived with the Brieres last season, but now has a place for himself.

“Danny offered me to stay at his place and I’ll probably go there for awhile,” said Couturier, who contributed to the Flyers’ 5-4 win over Vancouver on Wednesday night by setting up Jakub Voracek’s second-period goal for his first NHL point in his third game. “I’m told I can stay there all year.”


First of all, I wonder if that’s the same hotel Vance Worley was (is?) living at?

Second, don’t do it, Sean. I know Danny has a nice house and all, but he’s going to ask you to do chores and play with his boys. Do you really want to spend your first NHL season like that? Here’s my recommendation:

Live with Max Talbot

Seriously, fucking live at Max Talbot’s place, where poon slides down the bannisters like 1950s children on Christmas morning (perhaps for real, that might not even by hyperbole). 

In case you need more convincing, here’s a snippet from an article back in January:

On practice days, Briere and Giroux usually share a ride to the Skate Zone in Voorhees, grab lunch and are back in Haddonfield in time for one of them to pick up the three boys at Central School, where Caelan, in seventh grade, Carson, in sixth, and Cameron, in fourth, stay for homework club until 4 p.m.

"They'd rather have Claude pick them up," Briere says. "He's like a big brother to them and it's cool for their friends."


How cute.

Here’s what you get with Maxwell:

image from mobilwi.typepad.com

That we refers to three – presumably inebriated – females. Think here, Sean. Think.

In other slightly ridiculous news, a local, 38-year-old goalie coach, P.J. Diana, filled in today at practice for Ilya Bryzgalov, who had a “maintenance day”: [Philly Sports Daily]

Diana is not just a random body to throw in front of the net, though. Not only does he run a goalie camp for about 110 students and coach for nearly a dozen teams in the area, but he also played juniors growing up.

“I played in the Net League, which is a Junior B league now,” said Diana. “It used to be the Empire League. Back then, it wasn’t all these leagues. It was the NHL, AHL, EJ [Eastern Junior] and the AJ [Atlantic Junior] was up north and then it was the Empire League. That was the highest level at that time except for the NHL and AHL.”


He’s also familiar with some of the Flyers and says they don’t take it easy on him. Philly Sports Daily has your full story for that.

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17 Responses

  1. Yeah, PJ Diana. He has his own goaltending school he runs and helps out with the goalies at the Hollydell Ice Arena from time-to-time. Good guy, great goalie.

  2. I would rather know the 18 year-old draft pick is living in disease-free Chez Briere rather than a place “where poon slides down the bannisters like 1950s children on Christmas morning.” Call me crazy, but I don’t think that kid will have any issue getting ass in this town, but he needs to focus on his game. If that means doing a little carpooling and helping the kids with homework on Dry Island rather than swimming in the pool of whatever is following Talbot home, then so be it!
    Live with Danny, Sean. Stay focused on the puck, not the puck bunnies. That said, anyone know where Roo is living? 😉
    Let’s Go Flyers!!!!

  3. Come on bro, Cooter (love that nickname) has plenty of time to pillage Philly poon over the next 5-10 years, let him live with Danny for at least 1 year so he can learn how hazardous to your health having children can be. Children are the best condom commercial out there.

  4. Partying, poon and booze: isn’t that what got Richards and Carter kicked out of Philly? Better have Cooter on a curfew when the L.A. Kings come to town this weekend… just sayin’.

  5. @ flyersgirl38- you can’t blame a flyer for wanting to get their d*ck sucked & have a couple cold beers off the ice.

  6. Maybe Brière and Talbot should have joint custody. Brière during the “work-week” and Talbot during short, at-home breaks (“weekends”, like right now) It’s all about that fine line between being a good soldier and being a Ron Jeremy hahahahahah.
    PS, I wonder if Richards is staying in a hotel or does he still have a place here, or with a simpathetic ex-teammate. Or more likely a go-to puck bunny hahahahah.

  7. PJ from Holleydell…wow..I played against that guy several times nice guy…but if the Flyers want someone a little younger and quicker I would love the shot to stand between the pipes…
    PS if Couterier stays with Talbot he will find himself off the team in only a few years…see Lupol, Joffrey – Carter, Jeff – Richards, Mike – Upshall, Scottie…

  8. Now this IS a team. Taking the young/newly traded in until they can set up a place of their own much like the Flyers from the early days.
    Unlike Richards who could give a damn about who came and went.

  9. no way richie is staying in his hotel room tonight…. i bet him and simon spend sometime “catching up” with old friends.
    I think the young thang should live with claude.. best role model.

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