More Hockey: Malvern Prep Will Play La Salle as Part of First Ever “High School Holiday Classic” at CBP

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As first reported here a few months ago, Malvern Prep will play La Salle College High School at Citizens Bank Park as part of the first ever “High School Holiday Classic.”

Here are the details from Malvern:

The Malvern Prep Varsity Ice Hockey Team will face off against La Salle College High School at Citizens Bank Park in January as part of the NHL's Annual Winter Classic festivities.

The Malvern-La Salle game will take place on Wednesday, January 4, at 5:00 p.m. at the ballpark, the home of the Philadelphia Phillies.  The game, being dubbed the first annual High School Holiday Classic, will be followed by a college contest between Neumann University and Penn State.  The Malvern-La Salle game will be a rematch of last season's Flyers Cup Championship in which La Salle defeated Malvern 3-2 in sudden death overtime at the Wells Fargo Center. 

Tickets to the Malvern-LaSalle game will be $10 in advance and $15 at the game.  Details will go on sale on the Malvern website in December.


There you have it– more outdoor hockey. Seems like a good spot for my Friars to get revenge on La Salle for the Patrick Kane-like overtime winner in last year’s Flyers Cup final.

Carry on.


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  1. How much did these overly privileged, spoiled prep school punks’ parents pay to have this happen?
    Will this rink be open to the public to skate on that week for $5 a pop? It should be.

  2. I went to La salle and played hockey at La salle for the varsity team. 50% of the kids on my team when I played were kids from the northeast. I am not overly privelaged or spoiled one bit and neither was half of my team.
    La salle and Malvern HAVE the two best high school programs in eastern PA if not the entire state for quite a while now. So I don’t think they want to be rolling out Roman Catholic vs. Abington. It’s a big stage so they got the best teams possible in high school hockey in eastern PA

  3. What happened to this site? Where’s the news that Oswalt was being courted by the Red Sox? Where’s update that Jags and Coburn will be back next game for the Flyers against the Isles? Nothing but a bunch of shitty t-shirt promotions and twitter battles between millionaires. ZZZZZZZZZZ

  4. if you want potential mid-season flyers roster moves, then you’ve come to the wrong place.

  5. Only reason this is on here is because Kyle’s douche prep school is involved haha. If he went to some public school, no mention of this shit.

  6. I am actually pretty excited for this game. Last year’s Flyers Cup final was an exciting game and these are two of the best teams in the state. It should be cool for the players, their families and friends. But.. Go Explorers!

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