Roy Halladay Gets Another Name Drop in a Rap Song


The man continues to get name dropped in rap lyrics. The latest? Asher Roth…

Um, OK, so maybe local white boy stylings, but still some street cred nonetheless:

How, I don’t get it, Should’ve got ‘em out

Little Greg Maddux mixed in with Roy Halladay

Andale, andale, arriba, arriba

Asher Roth coming through your speakers

Yipeeya yeeah, about time we’re re’ed up


Perhaps the next verse should be: Yeah, I got ‘em out, but no one on my team hit the fucking ball.

I was never good at rhyming… Then again, neither was Asher.

In other rapper news, douchebag Bryce Harper is asking for name drops: [via Deadspin]

Screen Shot 2011-11-23 at 12.05.05 PM

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H/T to (@TimmayBaf)

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10 Responses

  1. why can’t a legit hip hop artist do something like this to end up on this site? seriously these rappers are awful. jedi mind tricks, where you at??

  2. Further evidence of Harper’s extreme douchedom. Anyone who still exclaims, “baby!” after shout outs is clearly a dick wart. Am I being too harsh?..maybe. Am I right? Most definitely.

  3. DC all day (unless the Cowboys or Yankees are playing) baby!
    Here’s to hoping Bryce Harper is the Ryan Leaf of MLB

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