A Lunchtime Roundup That May Not Be Possible if SOPA Were to Pass

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Philly.com wants you to know they found a new sponsor for their Express video featuring a moderately hot anchor

I’m was really tempted to call this post Noontime Nuggets, but then I realized I don’t work for public radio. Anyway, some things from over the last 24 hours that are simultaneously worthy of mention but not able to carry their own weight in a post:

– The David Murphy-John Gonzalez feud may live on in perpetuity. Check out this Tweet from Murph in response to Gonzo’s Tweet about Philly.com avoiding Marcus Hayes’ slightly racist comments, which he made on DNL last night:

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Gonzo, of course, is rumored to not be allowed to write about the Eagles for CSN, per the Eagles….

– Jimmy and Johari Rollins are having a mini J-Roll™. And, if that wasn’t cool enough, Jimmy recently went to Uganda to work with impoverished Little Leaguers there:

He has been dancing with toddlers at a Right To Play event at St. Stephen School while shouting the refrain, "Get another friend." He has been teaching players in Lugazi the intricacies of eating sunflower seeds. He has made better infielders out of kids who already were pretty good. He has given a bravura freestyle rap performance on a stage at the Sharing Youth Center. He has handed out shoes and batting gloves and candy and gum. Together with his younger sister, Shay, he has embraced his first trip to Africa in a way one might not expect from a one-time MVP, three-time All-Star shortstop who just signed a guaranteed three-year, $33 million contract.


The full article on ESPN.com.

– BIG college hoops night. Five local teams are in action, and our friends over at PhilaHoops.com have stories on everything. Check them out.

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– The new Hunter Pence bobblehead:

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– The Union are about to sell Sebastien LeToux to Bolton in England to get money to spend on Danny Mwanga.

– A reader sent me this story about completely naked _________ out late-night carousing with __________ which is apparently what led to __________ getting traded, and eventually landed ___________ in Philadelphia.  

Unfortunately, if that last one were true, it, along with the rest of this site and others, may have been indirectly censored by the government if the SOPA bill were to pass. Drastic measures that would be available to law enforcement include: cutting off funds to sites potentially infringing on copyrights, shutting down hosting providers, and forcing service providers and search engines to block access to sites that are merely suspected of posting or linking to copyrighted material… all based on a copyright claim that may or may not be legitimate, and which could come from something as small as a commenter on a three-week old post linking to a protected video. If you like this site and or Facebook or Twitter or Reddit or Wikipedia or YouTube or pretty much any blog on the Internet, I’d ask that you sign this Google petition against SOPA. Thanks.


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  1. wonderful manipulation–how a bill intended stop people from stealing intellectual property is turned into some bubbemeise about censoring twitter.

  2. you might want to read the bill then, schtick. that may be its intent, but it’s words are incredibly far-reaching.

  3. I’m sure google is quite upset with a bill that will take them to task about for sharing IP via youtube. Give me one instance where it will affect your site.
    I don’t read anything unless it entertains me, or I’m being paid to do it.

  4. if someone linked to a copyrighted video on youtube in the comments, I would be guilty of a felony and law enforcement would have the right (not saying they would do it, per say) to force comcast, verizon and others to block CB. all because of a commenter i have little control over. the more far-reaching, and damning, implications are to sites like facbeook, twitter, and many others, that make blogs like this possible.
    if you feel so strongly about it, read it or don’t opine. it’s that’s simple.

  5. You didn’t read it. I think you shouldn’t use copy-righted material on your blog unless you pay for it. I think that if you fail to comply with a cease and desist to remove copy-righted material from your comments, that you should face civil penalties.

  6. cease and desists wouldn’t be ness, just suspicion or a claim, which are often overstepping. again: read it, then opine, if you feel strongly. all i’m saying.

  7. Schtick, you really have NO idea what you are talking about here. The idea of SOPA is great- you should have to pay if you are going to use copyrighted material. But the proposed bill goes WAY beyond just that idea, and it is ripe for abuse. (Think auto-signing foreclosure orders by computers of Bank of America… only apply it to websites instead).
    Read it, then come back and comment. Or just shut the fuck up when you try to comment on something you don’t know about.

  8. that schmuck up there is the first and only person not in the government or Hollywood that is actually FOR the passing of SOPA. you must hate the internet, jackass.

  9. David Murphy just looks like someone who everyone would like to see get one-hit knocked out at the bar and then pissed on.

  10. Schtick, read the bill. Kyle links a video of the Flyers singing along to “Knock Knock” after they win. According to SOPA it’s copy right infringement, not only is he responsible, the Flyers players themselves our now felons, and so is Youtube (or where the video was originally posted).

  11. I don’t feel strongly about SOPA, but I don’t like propaganda. I admire that you started a business, took a risk and created something.
    Why should you be able to steal WIP’s interview of Peter Laviolette and reap advertising on it? I listened to two of my idols on the radio this morning (Howard Stern and Roger Waters)–an interview that will be stolen and put on youtube in minutes. That’s unfair.
    I won’t read an entire bill in draft stage. Give me an example of what you feel this anti-theft bill is taking away.

  12. Also: “bubbemeise”? You know, SOPA could be used as a defense for censoring Yiddish. Just saying, boychik.

  13. Schtick, in the instance I stated, now only would those three things occur, but you ISP would probably end up being required to block access to crossingbroad, and/or youtube. Welcome to China’s or Iran’s version of the internet.

  14. David Murphy is such a complete asshole. He’s trying to keep a Twitter feud going with Gonzo and Mikey Miss just so people will pay attention to him. So pathetic.

  15. shtick– i didn’t steal the laviolette interview, WIP makes them available to embed on other sites. again, if you’re going to make a point, at least understand what you’re saying.

  16. Davis S., In a country with a Supreme Court and an intelligentsia, do you really believe that the internet will be censored by some people in Washington? They couldn’t afford it.
    Also, blah, bubbemeise is an Italian word.

  17. Schtick-
    Read the link I provided. It’s not the entire bill, it just highlights exactly what is wrong with the bill. How overreaching it can be.
    And Kyle’s example of someone posting in the comments on a three week old article is absolutely true.
    Also, say a 10 year old loves Justin Bieber. They post a video to youtube singing a Bieber song (Bieber should be illegal, but free speech and all). That is a violation of SOPA and a FIRST OFFENSE can allow a 5 YEAR PRISON SENTENCE. THAT is what is wrong SOPA. It’s entirely too far reaching. It gives corrupt institutions the ability to censor a free and open internet. And it’s all about their profits, not actually protecting their copyrights. They want to make the internet a monopoly, so they can charge ridiculous fees for their content.
    And again, don’t comment if you won’t take the time to, you know, KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.

  18. One more thing for David S. (i’m cutting myself off after this)–there’s such a thing as fair use. A fifty second clip of an HBO documentary is acceptable under this idea (which is formed by many laws and over-rides this).

  19. Can SchtickComa get through a day without going on the comments section of a sports blog and not mentioning his unhealthy obsession with Howard Stern?

  20. Schtick must not know that HOWARDTV posts their own videos on youtube and the interview he claims that will be “stolen” has already been posted BY HOWARDTV…It’s a way for all the money hungry corporations to try to reap in even more profits in an example of greed. The extents of the bill are completely unfair and like others have said already are too far reaching.

  21. Dick Coma you’ve convinced us all how smart you are congratulations you win at the internets!

  22. Ok fair enough. You didnt steal the interview. But what about the cabbie beating article you copied from philly.com. How is that fair to copy that and reap ad benefits?

  23. “Who’s a bigger loser, Schtick Coma or Iron Balls McGinty?”
    Posted by: Scott Twilley | January 18, 2012 at 11:21 PM
    Scottard Twittley, for getting sucked into the Benjy Bronk Vortex with the rest of you miserable wee-nubbed wankerers. Hahahahahahahah

  24. “Philly.com wants you to know they found a new sponsor for their Express video featuring a moderately hot anchor”
    I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again: That’s what AdBlock Plus is for, Boyo:
    (It also doesn’t hurt that it blocks a lot of the shyte that was slowing down your blog too before I started using it. Sorry Laddie, and to your “sponsors”, I gave at the office. Besides, you’re just blowing all that ad revenue on Razzberry Vodtka Sorbays and Ms. CB will get tired of your pickled liver and will leave you for someone who doesn’t have a perpettuall limpdick, and more importantly, someone who has Phillies season tix with better seats. Hahahahahahh)

  25. Murphy and Gonzo need to grow up and bury the hatchet. Their childish feud is ridiculous.

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