Flyers, The Team Canadians Love to Hate Most


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Fuck me. This sets achecks mythical record book – Yep, this sets a CB record– two posts from silly Canadians.

Rogers SportsNet unveiled their Top 5 Teams We Love To Hate article today, which itself is yet another example of dying mainstream media’s way of generating buzz and page views*… which we’re biting right into because it’s a slow day.

*Blogs are generally the ones with filters. Seriously, I could write 1,000 words about which current or former CSN anchor was most fuckable, and it would be the most viewed post ever on Crossing Broad. Why don’t I? Because I have a soul. Because. I. Have. A. Soul.

Number one on’s list, as you may have guessed, your Philadelphia Flyers. After a few extraordinarily uncreative paragraphs about the Broad Street Bullies and one calling out Wayne Simmonds for being a chippy player (they hath seen some color, it seems), we were treated to this graf:

Not only do people hate the Flyers because of their chippy and rough style of play, they also hate them because of Flyers fans in general, especially when they behave like this.


That led into our video of the Geno’s fight, which was bad, but not as bad as this Saints fan who shot two 49ers fans after this weekend’s loss. The article also failed to mention the Canadian banana tosser who tossed a banana at that chippy Simmonds.

So go on, Canada, you keep spreading the seed of Philly’s impurity… We’ll keep, um, not being from Canada.

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  1. “chippy & rough style of play” LMAO, it’s hockey, grow a pair. Besides, this year’s Flyers team is hardly physical.

  2. i wake up every morning thanking god that i wasnt born in Canada, canadiens can really just go cry about how their country cant even win in the sport they created

  3. How is Boston not number 1 is beyond me. They have fucked Canadian teams more over than us.

  4. Survey had to be taken @ retirement village. Flyers have not won an important game in 38 years.

  5. Much like the rest of the world I could care less what Canada thinks about anything. Eat our acid rain, bitches.

  6. “i wake up every morning thanking god that i wasnt born in Canada, canadiens can really just go cry about how their country cant even win in the sport they created”
    Posted by: krit | January 17, 2012 at 04:27 PM
    Krit, you’re IT in my book hahahahahah.

    I wasn’t born in the USA though but I’m more prouder that I’m naturalized. (Yes, too bad Iron Balls McGinty can’t be president but I have more important things to do. But I did serve me adopted country for more than my fair share of years, protecting Laddie-Boy’s freedom to disseminnate this here blog.) And I’m just as prouder that I came here than went up there like so many of me Brothers and Sisters of Erin.
    Like I said in the other post, all them all Canookchuks are sertafyable nuts and I highpothissize it must be the thin ozone up there. And they’re very dooplissituss. They seem so polite on the outside but deep inside they’re full of hate, envy, and self-loathing (especially Montreallers) for not being REAL Americans of the US of A. They should be more pissered-off and blame their fucking Tory forefathers for not surrendering at the Battle of Quebec like they should have rather than being mad at Us. We should have taken Canada when we should have but even our Revolutionary Forefathers got tired of war (which is the natural order of things for freedom loving people).

    The Real IBMcG—Often imposterered, never outclassed.

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