#shitmaliksays is Sweeping the Nation


Photoshop via reader (@zacharydt)

Yeah, it is pretty Hawesome.

John Gonzalez had a little sit-down with the Negrodamus himself, Malik Rose. Gonzo asked Rose about his friendship with Marc Zumoff (still think Rose is going to turn Z G), filling the slippers of Eric Snow, and, of course, the on-air catchphrases. That last one led to this exchange:

You know there’s a hashtag on Twitter devoted to – let’s call it stuff Malik says. That’s not the actual hashtag, but you get the idea.

Oh, yeah, it’s crazy how many people know about it. My brother in San Antonio told me about it at first. And, oh, get this: In New York, Jared Jefferies came up to me, and the first thing he said to me was “S—MalikSays Really? Really?” I had to laugh.


As you know, I hate to take credit for things (I don't– I'm a narcissist), but #shitmaliksays was unveiled to the world last Tuesday morning right here on CB. Glad to see brotha Rose and Jared Jefferies are getting a kick out of it.

Read the full Q & A here.


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