Donovan McNabb Thinks He Can Add a Little Bit of “Flavor” to Any One of Three NFL Teams

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I'd imagine he can also add some flavor to "Most Dominant Ever" of the Ultimate Hoops Minnesota League… or, perhaps, the Philadelphia Soul

FIVE seems to think he still has a little jam left in his game. Earlier today, the former NFL quarterback (we can go with that for now, right?) told Super Bowl Live – a program launched by the NFL to feed the needs of the millions around the country who would watch Jim Nantz narrate a league finances meeting – the following:  []

“I see three teams in the NFL, right now, that I feel like I can add a little bit of flavor to it from what they have,” McNabb said. “I won’t mention those teams. But, if the phone rings, there will be a lot of decisions to make on that.”

“A lot of people take a lot of things from the game,” he said. “They take away a Super Bowl ring, they take away an opportunity to play with Hall of Fame players. When I walk away from the game, I take a little bit of everything.”

Well, he certainly didn’t take away a Super Bowl ring, that’s for damn sure. Nice to see he’s narrowed down his potential suitors to only 10% of the league– I’m sure that phone will be ringing any day now…

… and it will most likely be Kurt Warner calling to shrink his head.


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  1. Donovan McNabb and Derrick Coleman should bang and create an underachieving mutant hellspawn.

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