Jerry Sandusky Can See His Grandkids, Have Other Visitors

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A judge ruled this morning on several issues brought up by Jerry Sandusky (and prosecutors) at a hearing on Friday.

– Jerry Sandusky can see his grandkids that are not currently involved in custody litigation (three of them are). The visits must be supervised by at least one parent. Sandusky will also be allowed to talk to his grandkids online and on the phone, also with parental supervision.

– Sandusky will be allowed to submit a list of up to 12 adults, outside of his immediate family, that he wishes to see at his home. Those visits can only be by one person at a time, with the visits being two hours at time, a total of three times a week.

– Sandusky can leave his house for defense related purposes. Requests must be submitted through his defense and the worst attorney in the world, Joe Amendola, 36 hours in advance.

– He may continue to throw biscuits to his dog on his back porch.

His request to have a local jury was also granted. Joe Amendola strikes again!

Read the ruling here.

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10 Responses

  1. Fuck this guy’s rights and his dog. He probably porks the poor canine for christs sake! Can someone just tie him up by the ankles to a helicopter propeller blade and fuckin eradicate him already?

  2. If there was one accusation, maybe even two, I could see this happening. But when you have 50 counts of child molestation against you – that just doesnt happen by accident.
    This whole local jury thing…it could go two ways. A bunch of locals stay loyal to him and let him off. Or a bunch of locals are super pissed and put him away forever.
    The other BIG issue I have…his trial won’t take place for months. I mean, seriously? This guy isn’t accused of stealing a pack of gum, this is serious stuff. We can’t move this to the front of the line?
    In my home town, a 15 year old shot a man outside a bar in cold blood because the guy wouldnt give the kid his cell phone. This happened last spring. LAST SPRING and the little fucker still hasnt even gone to trial. WTF is wrong with our justice system? We need to expedite the whole process for pieces of shit like this.

  3. In now way do I support or condone Sandusky, his lawyer, or their behavior. However, I believe that the family should reserve the right on whether or not he can see his grandchildren. If he was my dad would I want him near my children- probably not, but I don’t think that call should be made by a judge.

  4. The statute of limitations is up on the accusations against Conlin, so yes, he gets to waste away in his Florida condo.

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