Twitter Fight! Randy J. Miller and Kyle Scott

Kyle Scott vs. Randy Miller
I wonder if Ilya Bryzgalov knows what he started…

Your latest Twitter brawl features Randy Miller of the Courier-Post and Kyle Scott, the fearless leader here at CB who loves to sling mud at others for losing their cool on the social network.

I felt like I had no choice but to give "Slappy" a taste of his own medicine. The battle even had the Fake Peter Laviolette and Fake Steve Coates accounts chiming in, so that added some entertainment to a sportsless Monday evening here in the 215.

There are a few things that we must take note of before getting into Round 1:

I had asked Randy to join us on CB Radio for a nice discussion (prior to this Twitter feud). I have a ton of respect for him and the work that he does covering the team, and I wanted his unique perspective on the show, which I co-host with Kyle.

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 10.14.32 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 10.15.34 PM

 Well, it is what it is. He did not want to be flanked fron the South-East corner of CB Radio.

Moving on to the main event…

It all started with a Tweet from Miller about Bryz being successful before the Flyers told him to change his personality. The man in the green trunks, Kyle, weighing in at a husky 160, respectfully disagreed with Miller.

Kyle loves to document the big Twitter feuds in Philly. We've had Jeff McLane vs. Les Bowen, John Gonzalez vs. David Murphy, and most recently, Spike Eskin vs. Buzz Bissinger, among others.

Now it's Slappy's turn.

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 7.56.50 PM
Pleasant. Round 2 – ding, ding ding!

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 7.44.35 PM
Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 7.46.19 PM
Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 7.47.18 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 7.47.49 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 7.51.38 PM
Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.00.49 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.01.32 PM


Someone chimed in and officially proclaimed this a "Twitter War." Oh no, here we go.


Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.05.58 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.08.13 PM

Uh oh! We have some confusion in this fight. That's what happens when multiple Tweets are sent from two fired up parties before the other can respond.

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.06.32 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.41.58 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.43.50 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.44.23 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.45.51 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.46.44 PM


Crap has started…


Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.47.21 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.47.44 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.48.14 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.49.10 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.49.48 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.50.25 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.50.49 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.52.06 PM


Kyle, "you're trying to have a discussion"…? You sound like you're a dude arguing with his girlfriend. You're better than that! Come on.


Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.52.33 PM


Now here comes a nerdy reference from the Apple fanboy who watches keynotes speeches on his iPad and listens to Steve Jobs audio books. Nerd.


Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.54.44 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.55.07 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.55.37 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.56.03 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.57.18 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.57.54 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.58.22 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.58.55 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 8.59.33 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 9.00.13 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 9.00.35 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 9.01.01 PM
Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 9.01.25 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 9.01.58 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 9.02.41 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 9.03.14 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 9.03.40 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 9.04.11 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 9.04.43 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 9.05.07 PM
Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 9.06.13 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 10.50.11 PM Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 10.55.18 PMScreen shot 2012-02-21 at 9.07.57 PM


Kyle has… a bus? Wait, what? Okay, John Madden. Typos are plaguing Kyle in the mid-rounds.


Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 9.08.55 PM
Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 9.09.30 PM
Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 9.09.58 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 9.12.06 PM


Let's clear up this whole bus thing right now:


Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 9.12.41 PM


Abbrevations on words is the "cool" thing to do, but not here, not now. Business can not be shortnened to "bus". Unacceptable, Kyle.


Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 9.53.33 PM

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 9.54.09 PM
Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 9.54.39 PM

The end.

Our buddy Eytan Shander with the advice that this deserves a post. I hear you! *Allen Iverson voice*

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 9.55.22 PM


What does Kyle Scott do after a Twitter argument? Drink. Shocker.


Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 11.36.34 PM


That's all, folks. Sorry if I disappointed you– there will be no CB bus parading around the Philadelphia area. At least, not yet.

I asked Kyle for comment, telling him that he was allowed one response in the form of an editor’s note. Slappy?

[editor’s note: You dick!]

Thanks, Kyle. Try calling me Number Two again.

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104 Responses

  1. Randy Miller is one of the good dudes in Philly sports media. He is one of the few who actually interacts with the fans (without insulting them) and is generally one of the more positive people around.
    If you started a flame war with him, that just makes you look bad, IMO.
    I think you are a tad too sensitive or take yourself a bit too seriously.
    I’m with you on most of these flame wars, but not this one.

  2. Kyle only cares about page views. If this convo didn’t prove it, then I don’t know what will. Does Kyle go in the locker room after the game to interview the players? No. He uses quotes from the beat writers, and puts his own spin on it, like Randy said. Nice try, Kyle, your blog is still irrelevant.

  3. The mere fact there is a picture of Kyle playing with a puppet makes this twitter war article even better.

  4. Oh look, it’s a “story” on CB that’s nothing but a bunch of screenshots from Twitter. How unique.

  5. Putting aside the nova tee pic, if Kyle’s point is that it’s “impossible”, as he put it, to be supportive of an athlete who’s not playing up to his potential in this town, that it’s not a pat on the back city, he’s wrong. Case in point, Pat Burrel. I think the problem for Bryz is that the fans currently percieve him as “jam-less” and indifferent, which, despite his own comments, i find extremely hard to believe. I think that’s his particular coping mechanism in combo with his poor grasp of english. I firmly believe he has wilted a bit under the pressure as well BUT The guy made it outta Russia and to the NHL, he has very good career numbers (a better sample), that didn’t happen because he won some fucked up hunger ganes soviet goalie lottery to get here. He’ll figure it out. We can all egree i would hope that the booing does more harm than good if the guys here for at least the next 5 fucking years if not the length of the whole contract, so what’s the point? to motivate him? Had he grown up in south philly etc…maybe that would work, he didn’t.

  6. Also, I can’t believe Kyle didn’t finish the last tweet by saying he was going to have a beer with “Ms. CB” because HEY GUYS…HE TOTALLY HAS A GIRLFRIEND! DID YOU HEAR?

  7. I love Twitter wars. Quite hilarious. And, when it came to the dick measuring contest, I believe Kyle won.
    But I still agree with Miller. While it’s not in our make up to not boo when a player is not performing, we should alter it a bit now.
    Goaltending is the position in sports where being confident is so integral to success (a batter in baseball and putting in are the only things that come close). If Bryz gives up a softie 12 minutes into the first period, and has boos rain down on him… how do you think that affects his confidence?
    You can give me the “he’s getting paid $51 million, it shouldn’t matter what the fans do” argument. And I agree. In a perfect world, that wouldn’t do anything to Bryz. But we don’t live in a perfect world. We live in a world where we are watching humans, and humans react when other humans boo or cheer them. It’s why the players who love playing in Philly, love it. They get a rush from the cheers that we give them. And yet, they are supposed to not lose confidence when they get booed? Can’t have it both ways.
    Miller is right- booing Bryz is NOT going to make him better. And, like it or not, he’s got a long term contract. So instead of just following our instincts to boo each soft goal, maybe we should step back and look at our effect on the goalie. No goalie (not Thomas, Miller, Lundqvist) would be able to stay confident (and also dominant) if they were getting booed for every soft goal. Not one would.
    So maybe we should think about chilling out with the boos. In order to see that maybe, just MAYBE, that might actually help. That’s where Miller is correct.

  8. In my opinion the most valuable thing to take away from all this is that there absolutely needs to be a CB bus. Make it happen.

  9. I’m with Deezy here. No really. I’m “WITH” Deezy right now, mmmmmmmm. Kyle, get your own man! This “man” is all mine.

  10. I can’t see how the fans booing Bryz on Saturday was appalling or unusual. He would have been booed at a Palm Beach polo match after the 3 on 5 goal. Laviolette threw him to the lions, so blame him. Giroux’s and JvR’s comments were in the bland circling the wagons territory. So who lacks context?

  11. That’s the paradox of the modern sportswriter. They’re not really necessary because players never really say anything note-worthy to them, but, somebody has to cover these teams. They’re kidding themselves if they think they’re more important than anyone else that covers the same medium. Because in the end, fans or readers don’t really give a shit where the story comes from.

  12. I’m really pissed that I somehow have to lease a bus now. Thinking interior disco ball, but open to suggestions. Will need a driver. Where’s Contreras, he’s used to driving around large vehiculars.

  13. It’s amazing how reactionary this guy was. I have listened to your show and I don’t know of anyone who has been ambushed before. Separately, not quite sure why you wouldn’t shorten “business” to “biz”. Doing “bus” was rather obscure. Good job overall though.
    One thing I can’t help but notice is that this felt eerily similar to the grandstanding that certain people do against sabermetrics. In this case though, it seemed that Randy Miller was the traditionalist and Kyle Scott was the sabermatician (is that a word?).

  14. Kyle is a douche on this blog. Is anyone seriosuly suprised that he would make himself look like a jackass on twiter too?

  15. If Randy is from Pittsburgh he must not remember how oftern people in Pittsburgh boo and rip their teams like Philly fans. Maybe since he covered the Phillies playing the hapless Pirates (which he would be lucky to find a fan at those games) he forgot that Pittsburgh is as critical as Philly.

  16. So you guys aren’t interested in possibly helping our goalie play better by not booing the first soft goal and thus allowing him to not lose confidence? All because “well, that’s Philly, and it would happen in other cities, too?” So we just don’t look at possibly improving our chances to win because it’s who we are?
    Yeah, that’s smart.

  17. i dont think you can be more of an arrogant, conceited tool if you tried. is it your goal to get all of philadelphia to hate you? you represent the part of the fanbase that gives this city such a bad name. keep burning bridges, you’re not gonna be able to get away with your antics forever. sooner or later you’re gonna piss off the wrong person and you’ll regret it. used to be a reader of this blog, but it’s turned into a joke, kyle scott is a classic example of what happens to someone once they achieve a little bit of fame. also, this blog should be called “crossing lancaster”, would be much more approrpriate

  18. First off…A guy making 51 million to play fucking goalie shouldn’t be playing bad because he’s not allowed to say stupid shit after games. Hes a professional fucking athlete…who again…is kinda makin, ya know…51 million dollars…Hes not a high schooler playing JV hockey. I don’t even get that argument to begin with because his personality hasn’t changed at all. He’s still classic Bryz; quirky and candid.
    Secondly…Even though I’ve been to a few of those other cities, seen some games there, I don’t need that experience to understand that most other cities would boo Bryz. Okay, Randy Miller, maybe not places like Phoenix that don’t give a shit, but most places. Its not fucking rocket science, and you don’t need to be one of these stuck up writers to understand that. Watch the damn games. I also don’t get why these beat writers try to actually embrace the whole notion (sometimes) that booing is somehow exclusive to PHilly, or worse here. Did he watch the Winnepeg game last night with all the Flyers suck chants and “Ilya, Ilya” chants going?

  19. Twitter Wars have brought a whole new light to the term “keyboard tough guy”. You only get a limited number of characters to make your point with. It’s like 5-year-olds on the playground: “You’re a doo-doo head!” “No you are”.. And at some point at least one of the fighters (usually both) will insist “they’re done fighting with you” (in other words: “I’m above fighting with you on Twitter, this is stupid) but then continue to argue.
    At the end of the day both sides look incredibly childish. This was a good won though, went the full 12 rounds…

  20. JT…You’re right..This is humans watching humans play sports. How is it in anyway unacceptable for fans of a team, that hasn’t had a halfway decent goalie in decades, to boo Bryz for letting in TERRIBLE goals? We didn’t boo him up until recently because we were trying to support him. HES HAD THE DAMN TIME. Over half a season to get his act together. Hasn’t done it. The season is winding down and the playoffs are around the corner, and if Bryz keeps playing like this, so is another Cupless season. Do you honestly think that sports fans, not just Philly fans, are going to keep patting him on the back until he quits sucking his thumb? Whats so horrible about booing a guy who is our franchise goaltender for the next 8 years: A guy who’s playing (and acting) like a child? Humans are going to act like humans on the fan side as well too ya know.
    And if Bryz were like Danny B or other players who were bood here in the past, wouldn’t you think he’d use it as motivation like they did? Again..He’s a professional athlete. Been in the league for some time now, and if boos and stuff bother him this much, then he wont cut it here.
    And lets not forget, he got into this slump on his own. Fans weren’t saying a thing about him when he started playing like shit. I don’t get this insistence by writers and fans ,alike, that somehow we’re responsible for our 51 million dollar man playing like garbage.

  21. Pete-
    We’re not responsible for it, but we are CERTAINLY not helping it. And if you want to ignore the fact that MAYBE it would help Bryz (thereby helping the Flyers, thereby helping us GET A FUCKING STANLEY CUP) if we didn’t ride him so hard, then I can’t help you. But I want to win a championship, and just saying “well, if he can’t handle it, then he can’t cut it here” isn’t all that smart because WE HAVE HIM FOR ANOTHER 8 FUCKING YEARS. So, go ahead and bitch about him, boo him mercilessly. Then see how he never has confidence, the Flyers can’t trade him, can’t send him down (that no movement clause) and he’s on this roster at his cap hit for 8 years. Yeah, sounds great.
    Or, like I said, maybe we could step back. Get off the “he’s making $51 million, deal with it” attitude and analyze what impact we have on his psyche. Then maybe change it a bit, to try facilitate better play from Bryz. Yeah, he shouldn’t be that sensitive. BUT HE IS, AND HE IS HERE FOR ANOTHER 8 YEARS. So WE need to deal with THAT. So why don’t we try something different? That is what I am saying.
    You said “because we haven’t had a goalie for two decades.” That’s exactly my point- we’re jaded now. So you can think that the fans weren’t hard on Bryz from the start, but that’s bullshit. He had two bad games early on, and was being criticized for it (the “lost in the woods” comment wasn’t exactly two weeks ago, and he had heard boos prior to that). We haven’t had a goalie for 25 years. So WE are sensitive to seeing flaws of a goalie that might indicate they may not be “the guy.” And that causes us to overreact to it.
    All I’m saying is step back and look at our effect on the guy. For the betterment of Bryz. Which, in turn, is for the betterment of the Flyers. And the betterment of us. But, like I said, I guess it’s too much to ask.

  22. I’d much rather read a fans perspective, blogs like CB, 700, BS Hockey, etc, than the same old bullshit Carchidi and Miller give us day in and day out.
    Kyle > Miller.
    Go Flyers.

  23. Gotta say both parties are guilty in letting this one snowball into what it became. That aside, I don’t understand how anyone who either writes for or watches Philly sports can defend Bryzgalov right now. “Stop booing him”… “Let him be himself”? Should we protect his emotions like a child in little league? He’s a grown man making nearly 8 figures per year. If I underperformed at my 8-figure per year job (fantasizing here), I’d deserve to be booed as well.

  24. I would never personally “boo” Bryz, but I don’t have a problem with the fans doing it.
    Booing just seems something like a 10 yr old does, not grown men.
    I guess I view “booing” as the fans way of saying we’re pissed, but “booing” is something I stopped doing when I was 10.

  25. WhiteToast
    It’s not that he doesn’t deserve it. He has played awful at times, and deserved the boos. However, it’s about recognizing that we DO have an effect on the player’s psyche, and that booing him hurts Bryz’ confidence (whether it should or not doesn’t matter… it does, so we have to deal with that). And, confidence is paramount for goalies, more than any other position in sports.
    So, if we continue to boo him, we are really only hurting our own cause, since all we all want is a Cup. That’s what I’m saying- that this situation goes beyond just what Bryz “deserves” and goes to what is best for him. And what’s best for him is also best for the team. And best for the fans. Is that really that hard to comprehend?

  26. why don’t you nerds just call each other or something. Pretty annoying that you need to tweet and retweet each other every 2 minutes, its just like texting. Just fucking call each other

  27. We read CB cause Kyle speaks on behalf of us the common fans, and 99.9% of the time CB is accurate on voicing the opinion of the people who aren’t sitting in press boxes. Therefore keep on fighting the good fight. Social Media is taking over and all these beat writers know it therefore they feel threatened. Keep it up .Haters are always going to hate.

  28. As is the case with all internet feuds, whether you win or lose, you’re still an idiot. Welcome to the family, Kyle.

  29. JT – “You said “because we haven’t had a goalie for two decades.” That’s exactly my point- we’re jaded now. So you can think that the fans weren’t hard on Bryz from the start, but that’s bullshit. He had two bad games early on, and was being criticized for it”
    The fact that assholes like Panotch prematurely ejaculate critical articles all the time doesn’t reflect on fans. And again, if something a wrinkled hack job writer like him publishes effects your actual play THEN THERES SOMETHING FUCKING WRONG.
    And having steep expectations is different from ripping/booing him. If there was a mental element that brought him down, it certainly wasn’t getting booed or chewed up in the media a little, it was the fact taht he CRUMBLED UNDER PRESSURE. Gee, thats an AWESOME fucking trait to have come playoff time. And if (notice all the ifs im using?) that kind of mental flaw existed simply because we had high expectations AT THE BEGINNING OF THE FUCKIN SEASON, then how is this guy ever going to help us win a cup?? More so, HOW IS THAT A REFLECTION ON US!!?!? If he gets that burned mentally over a demanding market, is getting booed a couple of times really having THAT much of an effect? Booing in sports is nothing new. Its expected. You play bad, you get booed. He understood that. He said he was anticipating the challenge of playing in a town like this.
    I was at a bunch of early games this year, never heard him booed mercilessly. And if we’re really analyzing “our effect on his psyche” (we’re still talking about sports right? Not psych 101?), then you should note that he gets cheered during his intro every game STILL and gets cheered everytime he makes a good save. Boos only happen sometimes, cheers a lot more. And if you talk to people from the Carnival, they all claimed they were supportive of him.
    And i think you’re ignoring his technical flaws too. He’s not just playing bad because hes hurt mentally. I think theres a mental element there, but it doesn’t encompass the entire fucking problem, if a lot of it at all. A lot of that emotional crap is just because he wears his emotions on his sleeve. When it comes to actual goaltending? He reacts slower than a tortoise, lets in goals from the blue line that don’t deflect/he sees all the way, and gives up bad rebounds. And sometimes he’ll be having a great game, won’t hear the boos, and then just let in a dud! How is that mental/ a reflection on us?
    And no, I’m not going to ignore the 51 million thing because THATS WHAT HES GETTING PAID. THATS PART OF THE REASON IT COSTS 80 – 100 FUCKING DOLLARS TO GO TO A GAME. The flyers didn’t pay that much for him to come in and play like Brian Fucking Boucher. And thats not WHAT I’M PAYING FOR EITHER.

  30. And JT…I’m not saying get rid of him. I get that goalies have bad years, but how many is he going to have till he gets it together? Will we still have the Brieres, Prongers (probly not), Timonens, Jagrs, etc playing at a great level by the time it takes Bryz to grow a pair of balls?

  31. I love the egomaniac comment–right after he pounded his chest about his vast coverage of american cities, blah blah blah. In other words, “I’ve made my rounds, my bones and know more than you do”. But you ARE right…those other cities you listed (all similar in both their fan base and market size) would DEFINITELY boo Bryz.
    I think the only athlete in this city that had any kind of support during a tough season or so was Pat the Bat.

  32. FYI, me personally? I’ve never, ever booed a player, period. I don’t see the rationale of booing your own team’s players. As an athlete, it would be like me booing my own teammate. I do wish PHL would change this, but too many fans have the patience of a kid gone clothes shopping with mom. I get that we all spend money on tickets, but it’s just too easy to use that as an excuse…chances are a player might not score, make a save, hit a home run, etc. But, there’s much more to a professional athlete beyind the game as most of them work their tails off to get where they are at the same time we’re all doing what we do during the day.

  33. …Kyle sounded like a 5 year old throwing a tantrum…Miller at least came off as a professional…
    @pete H…then stop buying tickets if your going to cry about the prices. Someone else will be more than happy to buy your seat. Thats the thing with Philly. They are not charging high amounts just because of the salaries but they charge because the fan base is going to show up no matter what and they know they can get away with it.
    Bryz needs to be better, nobody can argue that. Getting on his case less than a year into it though is pretty harsh. Every goalie has a bad year or two. So his happens to be with his first year with a new team…get over it. Miller, Ward, Loungo have a bad season do they get booed off the ice? No…whats the difference between them and Bryz? Vokoun was supposed to be the final straw to put the Caps over the hump and into the finals…instead hes playing horrible…does he get booed off the ice? No.
    In philly the first thing the media will attack after a loss is the goalie. Giroux hit the nail on the head…when we win its all because the scorers, when we lose we look to the goalie.
    He was playing with 8 rookies infront of him a night…put any goalie in his position and I gurantee you see the same results.
    He will turn it around now if Kubina and Grossman can come in and pay dividends.
    Flyers are a go go go team and Bryz came from a sit back team who had to rely on defense because they didnt have goal scorers and needed to win low scoring games…
    I wish everyone would stop acting like this is NHL12 the video game and they can just pick up any guys they want and throw them on a team and it will work out right away…

  34. Carrot– I understand that. BUt its one of those things that just happens everywhere. In a perfect world, I’m sure athletes would love it if fans were able to control their raw emotions after seeing a Leighton-esque goal that absolutely crushes their team’s chances. But thats not the way it goes. I’m not necessarily saying booing is right or wrong, but it happens, and as an athlete, you have to deal with it. And this notion that fans are somehow connected to bad play because they boo sometimes is bogus. Most athletes deal with it. Briere was booed in ’10 int he latter half of the season, then he went on an absolute tear in the playoffs. And for the athletes that don’t deal with it? How does that in anyway correlate to me as a fan?

  35. @Svboda…”We read CB cause Kyle speaks on behalf of us the common fans, and 99.9% of the time CB is accurate on voicing the opinion of the people who aren’t sitting in press boxes.”…um no he is still media and his job is to get people talking so he stirs up controversy just like most media members do…
    he does not speak for me or the 99.9% he speaks for himself and his job. The “99.9” you speak of are the individuals that cannot formulate their own opinions or understand the game so they just go along with whatever the media says…

  36. “How would you like it in your job if every time you made a small mistake, a red light went on over your desk and 15,000 people stood up and yelled at you.” – Jacques Plante
    “Only a goalie can appreciate what a goalie goes through.” – Jacques Plante

  37. Chirp – I’m not going to stop buying tickets, becasue I love this team and love going to games. Fans rag Bryz now because they love the team. If you think you’re so high and mighty because you don’t show emotion then move to Phoenix, I’m sure they’d love to have you passively root for them.
    And its less than a year but almost a full season! How is that harsh? The guys let in softie after softie, that isn’t always because he’s played behind bad defense/rookies. And last time I checked, only two of those rookies that played regularly showed their age (Gus/Bourdon). Now they’re gone, so lets see how much a more stable defense helps out bryz.
    You said “He will turn it around now if Kubina and Grossman can come in and pay dividends.
    Flyers are a go go go team and Bryz came from a sit back team who had to rely on defense because they didnt have goal scorers and needed to win low scoring games…”
    I’m getting sick of these excuses for this season. He’s lived here almost a full year. Gone through a full pre-season. Its almost March and he’s still playing fucking terrible. This whole “let him get used to the system, city, coaches, players, etc” excuse is way past its expiration date. How long do I have to wait for him to be good? How many seasons and how many times will I have to watch the Bostons and Pittsburghs of the world lift the cup while I sit here and go, “Well, my goalie will eventually get his shit together. Good for him!?” Am I just supposed to sit back and be happy with his potential to be good while another season is pissed away on bad goaltending?
    And this goes back to the stupid twitter thing…You honestly think that Miller, Vokun, Ward, Luongo, et al haven’t been bood for bad seasons? Luongo got it pretty bad last year when he played crappy. I have a friend from Boston that said a couple of years ago Thomas got booed on occasion. And I think if you talk to most of the fans here, they’ll distinguish between losses that were on the D, the offense, goaltending, special teams, etc. Reactionary fans pin stuff on the goalies first IN EVERY CITY. NOT JUST HERE.

  38. This isn’t some college town in the midwest, where we cheer the boys for trying hard. We cheer when athletes do well and “get it”, we often boo when they don’t. That’s not being a fair-weather fan, it’s called being a fan. Period.
    Randy Miller doesn’t “get” the fans of the city for whom he is writing.

  39. True, Pete…it sucks and it seems like Bryz is letting in 1-2 softies a game. But, to me it feels like the booing fans in Philly smell blood with Bryz and want to pour it on–largely because he simply doesn’t know how to handle the pressure on *and* off the ice. I wish he’d just clam up and play, because that’s the only place he can get better. There’s no way the fans will let up, but sometimes I think booing & slamming a guy becomes an epidemic in Philadelphia when it simply doesn’t help the situation at all–especially when there’s really no other option other than to keep him.

  40. So… Kyle wrote a post about himself and had one of his groupies put his name to it? It’s so hard to imagine that this guy is sitting in his parents’ basement making a website.

  41. This was an “intelligent” Twitter “conversation” until it turned into a dick-measuring contest between yet another out-of-touch beat writer and yet another snarky sports blogger.
    You both have inflated egos that consistently interfere with your abilities to write good stories.
    KS: “Voted best sports blog, I KNOW Philly fans, I KNOW what Philly fans think and want, I have an app, I have 3x the followers, my own bus…”
    RM: “I’ve sat in the press box in every arena and stadium, and therefore I know everything and don’t have to respond intelligently to the substance of your argument.”

  42. @Pete – I never said you cant boo him. But the city wants him to fail. How long will we have to wait for a goalie??? I dont know because we never let one stay long enough. Who was the last goalie that we actually kept and gave a legit shot and had talent? Hackett? Vanbiesbrouk? Cechmanek? Esche? Boucher? Emery?
    Fleury didnt win a cup in his first season, Lundquist has not won one, Thomas has 1, Kiprusoff has none, Loungo has none. No instead guys like Giguere, Ward, Niemi, are all walking away with rings…why? Because they got hot at the end of the year and because they played with a solid D infront of them. Boston didnt have a single guy in the top 20+ last year in scoring because they played a defensive system and got timely scoring. Vancouver was the high scoring team that got shut down. Def wins championships.
    I love this team more than probably everyone on here, I am not a passive fan and you should be able to tell by my posts. But I am not stupid enough to ride a goalie out of town after one bad season. I can’t help it that he is having a bad season and it just happens to be his first with this team. Booing is one thing, but to ride him like we have to me is crazy. I get pissed I get upset and I get worried every time a shot goes towards him…but that doesn’t mean that I dont want him to be thrown right back in there and given shot after shot after shot to bounce back…
    These are not excuses, they are facts. Look at Cristobal Huet, Craig Anderson, Mike Smith, Anti Niemi, Brian Elliot…these are guys that have gone to different teams, some worked out awesome…some failed and some failed and moved on again before doing awesome (Anderson). You cant just grab a top goalie and expect that he jumps right into a new system and does great.
    It takes time and it may take an entire season. In Philly though we dont have that patience. We do for Bob though which is odd. The guy proves hes a backup time and time again but gets a free pass.
    Everyone is stuck on this $51 million number. What if he got 3 years and $17 million would people be saying the same thing? I bet they wouldnt, but i bet half the people don’t realize that with his current contract over 3 years that is what he would make. Everyone looks at this $51 number and nobody pays attention to the 9 years which means his cap hit is not even in the top 5 in the NHL!!
    Philly will never have a year without a goalie controversy because that is what we are known for and that is what the media delivers every season. Its like the snowball santa incident…it just never goes away…

  43. both started bragging about their jobs but randy started that so points to kyle. kyle wins because randy literally made no sense

  44. I stopped reading after that delusional jerk store said that Bryz wouldn’t get booed in another city. I have no idea who that pompous douche canoe is, but he just kept digging the hole deeper. “You can’t say they would’ve booed because you haven’t covered sports in any other city.” Right. I haven’t covered sports anywhere (outside of my little blog that still isn’t off the ground yet), and I guaran-fucking-tee he’d get booed in plenty of other cities.
    Also, he escalated it. It seemed like a normal enough discussion about Bryz…just two Flyers fans disagreeing on something. It sounded like a conversation I have with work friends on a daily basis.
    Fuck em’ Kyle, you’re right.

  45. I’m calling dibs to be the bartender on the CB bus. I’ll work for tips… And, I’ll bring the jello shots!

  46. Honestly, although I don’t agree with the other fans, from other cities, not booing players…I went to the Nats game when Strasburg was pulled from his start 10 minutes before the game and Batista had to start, and believe me there was plenty of booing, and neither player had done anything wrong. So I refuse to believe that if a player was playing as badly as Bryz that they wouldn’t boo. But I also think that everyone needs to leave Bryz alone, ok yeah he sucks now, but getting on him won’t help. Bryz is either gonna turn it around this season on his own, or we’ll just have to deal with it and hope he can recover next year. Players have down seasons, get over it. Also Kyle some of your comments were pretty unprofessional, Miller had some too, but you were a bit childish. Although I think Miller sounded like a complete moron the entire time, terrible argument.

  47. Kyle – I enjoy this blog, but stop taking yourself so seriously. At the end of the day you re-post stories and you have to acknowlege that. You come off as a overly-sensitive (translation – female) doucher here.

  48. And once again….NOBODY blames Holmgren

  49. Is Randy Miller serious? I’m almost 34 years old, and I’ve been watching hockey for most of my life. I’ve seen some absolutely terrible goalies come through the city of Philadelphia. So far, Bryzgalov is on par with some of these goalies. He has given up some of the weakest, softest goals I’ve seen in my life. He has deserved every boo he’s heard since coming to Philadelphia. Our booing didn’t make him play like shit, his playing like shit made us boo. How about the fans, instead of booing after every goal Bryz gives up, clap and cheer like the Flyers just scored. Would that make it better for Bryzgalov?

  50. IGGY ZERO- Blame Holmgren?
    Guy has done an outstanding job as GM since Day 1, get a clue.
    He was forced by Snider to go after the best goalie on the market and they did.
    Here in Philly, we’ve seen GREAT regular seasons for goalies, only to tank in the playoffs.
    Bryz has sucked, but the guy can turn it around, we’ve all seen what he can do.
    To blame Paul Holmgren who made a mockery out of Dave Poile in 2007 and now Dean Lombardi and Scott Howson just proves your knowledge as a hockey fan.

  51. Hackett? Vanbiesbrouk? Cechmanek? Esche? Boucher? Emery? — World class talent right there. And we hardly ran them out. I think their play dictated that. And Bryz has a 5 million dollar cap hit this year…Still nothing to be proud of in terms of results for the job hes being paid to do.
    And I hardly think the city wants bryz to fail. Are you kidding me? Get real. If he played well, a guy of his personality would be the talk of the town here. He’d have the philly phaithful shirts and all the good press an athlete could want here. Are people tougher on the goalies given the flyers past situations, and given that tge Leighton game 6 goal is scarred on everyones brains? Yes. Why are you surprised? Its natural. Bryz knew this coming here. Why shouldn’t we be pissed? I’m not defending every asshole that wants to dump him or just rags on him for no reason, but goalie has been a weakness of the team and people focus on it as such, cause…Ya know…ITS STILL A WEAKNESS.
    And again, reactionary douches want him gone. i don’t want him gone. Those kinds of fans are in every city in every sport and they hardly represent the main voice of the fans. But you’re acting so high and mighty because you think its ok to just say, “we’ll get em next time. Good effort bryz” What if Timonen or Jagr can’t play well next year? Prongers not likely to come back. What if Homer actually ends up doing something stupid and trades Coots or Schenn? What if New York acquires some more talent and becomes better than us on paper as well next year? Crosby will probly be back next year in all likely hood, which will make the penguins way more formidable again. Bryz might finally get his act together but stuff like that might have happened and We’ll look back on this season and go, “What if?”. Being pissed off and getting on Bryz’s case isn’t riding him out of town. You were implying that the booing and negativity towards him was affecting him…Booing and negative reactions from fans is always going to be constant. But athletes mindsets aren’t. They can change what they do and how they approach the game.
    And Bob got free passes up until the past couple of weeks because he was actually playing well. He’s declined a lot and no one is claiming that hes the answer.
    And I know the defense has sucked. They’ve definitely played a big part in our losses. But they can’t control Bryz. They can’t close his five hole or make him stop garbage shots that have no business going in. It goes both ways. And I know Boston had a great defense last year, but do you honestly believe they would have gotten as far if they hadn’t had Thomas? He carried that team at points in the season.
    And you mention Fleury, Henrik Lundqvist, Thomas, Luongo…Ya know what the difference between them and this year’s version of Bryz is? THEY PLAY CONSISTENTLY WELL. And all in the same market for their whole careers, for the most part. When their teams lost, a big chunk of the blame couldn’t be pinned on them.

  52. So much “Holier-then-thou” posting here. Everyone wants to make an excuse for Bryz instead of admitting he’s playing bad.
    This is the reason people raise kids who are pussies, no one wants to boo, everyone wants to pat their back and say “It’s ok, everyone wins” and hand the kid a fucking trophy.
    If you can’t handle the boos and can’t handle the game, don’t play the sport. end of story.

  53. Thank you Loki.
    Just once would I like to see him make the one stop after our defense has failed.
    Back when Prongs was in the lineup he was whiffing after our D coughed it up. Has nothing to do with the 8 rookies.
    It doesn’t have to be a game-saver. Take the WPG game from last night. He made that kick-save late in the game or in OT. First real save he made all night (although I’m not sure it was on net).
    Then we can move on to shootouts and breakaways. He doesn’t have to stop them all. He just has to show he can stop them from time to time.
    The team needs to protect their guy and hire him a sports psychologist. Get his head out of the woods. Have him shut his trap in postgamers. He thinks he’s heard it bad here? The “Ilya-Ilya” razzing he took up in WPG for those ill-advised comments when he was with PHX will be nothing when he finally pisses off the Phaithful. And he’s mighty close.

  54. millers a tool, patrick roy got booed off the ice in montreal . . .. this would happen to bryz in any other hockey city

  55. @Pete, you make great points and I really dont disagree. I am fine with the booing and being mad with Bryz. I am most games as well, but i just hear too many people saying hes done in philly and he sucks when he hasnt even got a full year under him. Every goalie no matter who you are has an off year. So hes having one in his first season with Philly. There are many reasons why but yes you are right he still needs to be better and stop the trash goals.
    Right now hes a head case. Every shot coming in hes worried its going to go in and it is. Trust me I know all about it, I am a goalie. When things are not going right you sometimes cant stop a beach ball from getting behind you.
    My point about those goalies I named is that we never picked up a decent goalie, we never developed one and we never gave any the chance beyond a season or 2 to do something. That has set the table for Bryz to fail and well hes not living up to expectations…oh well we keep throwing him in and hope he gets hot going into the playoffs. We cant sit here and play the “What if” game. Nobody should expect this team to win the cup with everything we went through. Of course we all want it and still think its possible but at the end of the day you have to realize that its likely not this season. Holmgren is not getting rid of his young talent and hes trying to patch up a bad D. This off season he will prob see what Prongers status is then maybe sign a big D man if hes not coming back.
    Like I said you make good points and I cant argue those. I know Bryz is a better goalie then what we are seeing though and I have faith he will turn it around. I will let the playoffs decide how I really feel about him but I don’t think hes the main issue still.

  56. Randy is a jerk. Talk about professionalism and pom poms? Check out his tweets from the Flyers/Pens game on Saturday. This homer made it obvious he was rooting for the Penguins. A real journalist remains objective in any kind of media forum.

  57. Wow, some of you guys write comments so long they could be considered essays. Get your own blog, dorks.
    I’m pretty sure 98% of people are skippping right past them.

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