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On a private jet with Kimmo Timonen and friends!

I am pleased to announce that this is the third Flyersprivate jet post we’ve had in the last 12 months here on CB. Excitement!

Broad Street Hockey Euro reporter Teemu tweeted out links to Kimmo Timonen's foundation’s ('s, 's, 's) official YouTube account, which has self-shot videos from Kimmo during the recent All-Star activities.

The most notable video takes us inside a private jet, which the translated video description says is Ed Snider’s*:

This is the beginning and the journey towards Ottawaa All Star weekend. The owner was so generous that he gave us to use his own plane to travel more easily met. What a fabulous way to travel. Includes such machine. Peter Luukko, Scott Hartnell and Matt Read. 


*This is (or was) Snider’s plane, tail number N143KS, which hasn’t flown in two months, according to FlightAware. The plane Kimmo and the boys were on had a different tail number and livery. So I’m not sure what we see here is Snider’s plane. And yes, I stalk. 

Anyway, Kimmo and his Flip Cam introduce us to Peter Luuko, Matt Read and Scott Hartnell drinking beers, and Scott Hartnell’s dad on board the private jet en route to Ottawa a few weeks ago. Videos after the jump include footage from the private jet, Kimmo’s front row view of Zdeno Chara’s 108 mph slapshot, and some backstage goodness from the All-Star Game.