Sixers Ratings Keep Going Up

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No, DeSean Jackson is not the only person watching the Sixers.

The numbers from last night's Sixers game fell just below the highest-rated Flyers game ever on CSN (155,000 households).

Sixers’ game broadcast and pre and postgame ratings on Comcast SportsNet are averaging double-digit increases over last season. Last night’s Sixers win over the Los Angeles Lakers averaged a 5.1 HH rating (153,000 HHs), making it the highest-rated Sixers game since March 1, 2005. Year-to- date, Sixers games on Comcast SportsNet are averaging 2.81 household rating, up 77% over last season’s average.  “Sixers Postgame Live” is averaging a 1.5 HH rating, up 88% over last season’s 0.8 HH rating, while “Sixers Pregame Live” is averaging a 0.6 HH rating, up 100% over last season.


Compare this to the ratings of the Phillies games from this past year – an average of 276,000 households – and it's clear the Sixers are making progress… but still have a ways to go.



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  1. Anyone who thinks that the Flyers have more fans than the Sixers needs to get off their cul-de-sac in Cherry Hill.

  2. Sixers new owners are fucking geniuses. They are going to CASH IN on a new TV deal… fuck…. ed snider is so mad right now!

  3. shows how little of a hockey town this city really is that the sixers could this easily take over

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