Your Monday Morning Roundup: Baseball’s Back Edition


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Good day, Philadelphia.

If you stepped away from the interwebtuals this weekend, or weren’t one of the 12 people to buy the Sunday Inquirer– you missed a lot.

Pitchers and catchers, they reported. Bryz and Bob pooped in the net (figurative). Paul Holmgren obtained a gun (figurative). And the Sixers got fucked (literal).

No time for snarky snarkiness this morning. Too much to bring you up to speed on. Let’s hit it.


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The roundup

– Pseudo-breaking: Raul Ibanez is a New York Yankee.

– In case you missed it– must-see from Saturday morning. Roy Halladay in his 1932 Ford Roadster, which he is restoring and working on.

Pictures of pitchers and catchers

– James van Riemsdyk gets all womany, doesn’t want you booing Ilya Bryzgalov, the $51 million goaltender who is searching for peace.

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Rick Nash rumors

– The Blue Jackets seems more interested in moving Nash than the Flyers do acquiring him.

– The Flyers traded for Pavel Kubina.

Still bad news on Chris Pronger

– Allen Iverson signed with a Venezuelan team. But he was offered to play soccer.

– The Eagles won’t change their draft philosophy based on the combine.

– Asante Samuel asked fans where we wanted him traded to.

– Cole Hamels will talk free agency this afternoon. That should be fun.

Finally, video of player and coach interviews with Flyers super intern Lindsay Bitler from the Flyers Wives Carnival, after the jump.



6 Responses

  1. Roseman is actually right about the combine. That event is so damn over rated. Guys drop 15 spots just because they ran a 40 time they’re not used to once. It also amazes me how players lose draft stock after the season and BEFORE the combine. Like analysts just figured out this revelation on the player. The draft is such a crapshoot and it gets over-analyzed to hell.

  2. Do the Flyer’s have the most attractive wives and girlfriends in the league? I can’t find an ugly one. One of these Flyer’s has to have self esteem issues and have an ugly broad right?

  3. @iwj514..that was Danny Briere..but since coming to Philly he got divorced and is back in the game..guess he looked around the locker room and thought the same thing

  4. I think I saw Bryz stone a kid in that video. You figured he lets everyone else score, why not the little kid?

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