Checking in on Washington’s #FUPhilly Campaign

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This guy apparently didn’t get the memo when he asked Luis Montanez for an autograph (photo: Phillies)

What, you didn’t think we weren’t going to follow up and take the opportunity to rip all six Nationals fans at every turn, did you? 

After announcing their #FUPhilly campaign, 106.7 The Fan in DC has received a handful of videos (that we could find) from fans trying to win free tickets to the early May series against the Phillies. We brought you this horrid parody of I’m On A Boat yesterday, and, well, the newest entrants aren’t much better. 

After the jump: The three latest video attempts from Nats fans– I’ll admit that the third one elicited a mild chuckle. Also, I joined Chad Dukes and Danny Rouhier on The Fan last night to give our perspective on their #FUPhilly campaign… and defend Philly fans when Dukes said we had a reputation for being classless.  Enjoy.



Call dropped at the end… I didn’t hang up on them.



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  1. I guess the guy that made the first video conveniently forgets that we shipped Donovan’s sorry ass down 95. How’s that deal workin’ out for the Skins?

  2. haha I love when they bring up the whole “you lost the Capital” bit. Congress did it because they never wanted one state to have too much power and thus the reason DC will NEVER be a state.

  3. These videos are funny as hell. Talking about the Eagles having no superbowls when the Redskins haven’t be relevant in the last 15 years. The wizards are flat out terrible, the caps put their franchise in the hands of a fading star, and the Nats? Wait or are they? You guys took Werth and McNabb from us? We gave you McNabb and Werth is looking like one of the worst signings in MLB history.

  4. First off, they have to resort to football, not baseball to try to insult us. I could have sworn they were still the Expos. This place isn’t even a state. They’re like Puerto Rico but with taller buildings. Seriously, if it wasn’t for Phillies fans being so dedicated to travel to this shithole, they wouldn’t have a team. Phillies sucked the last few years at the Vet but we still came to every game enough to earn a brand new park. Players want to play for a town so awesome they take discounts to play. Yes, the best pitcher in baseball took less money to play here. Washington has to overpay for overrated “stars” just to show thier few fans they’re trying. They mention McNabb, Lidge and Werth didn’t want to be here anymore so they left. Yeah that’s it. Spot on, Washington. DC that is, not the real state.

  5. The Washington Nationals Facebook page has 8,665 likes as of the time of this comment. The Phillies have 1,157,955. They block us from buying the tickets, who will buy the tickets? Nobody else wants to buy the tickets.

  6. People accuse Philadelphia of having an inferiority complex regarding New York, but this is just so sad and pathetic. You can even hear the disbelief if the Nats fans themselves. They’re not excited about their team, they’re just trying to make Philadelphia look bad as a city. That’s not a marketing campaign, it’s a distraction.

  7. Again, as a resident of DC, I assure you that the only people talking about this or anything related to it are Phillies fans. No one cares about the Nats here.

  8. I like how even in the home run highlight in the third the park is till mostly empty

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