Here’s The #FUPhilly Spot Running on a DC Radio Station

Yesterday, we told you about a promotion being run by 106.7 The Fan in DC, asking fans to submit their anti-Philly videos under the hashtag #FUPhilly. Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post rounded up some local reaction to the stunt, plus reaction from yours truly. Steinberg also passed along audio of the very Dingo and The Babyish 30-second spot, which can be heard on 106.7 The Fan’s airwaves. You can listen to it after the jump. 

Programming reminder: Chad Dukes, the DC radio host famous for this rant and the anchor host on The Fan, will be on WIP with Spike Eskin tonight at 11. I’ll be on Dukes’ show tomorrow at 6 p.m. Don’t worry, Philly, I’ll bring it.

Due to one final detail needing to be ironed out, our announcement for a May 6 bus trip to Nationals Park has been pushed back to tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Audio after the jump.


16 Responses

  1. Hey I got one. How about a bumper sticker that gets girls to show you their tits?

  2. Don’t blow it for our entire city…..seriously.
    Don’t stoop down to their level, they’re using our name as a catapult because they cannot use their own garbage!!

  3. Go on that show and call Chad Dukes what he is…A smelly, malignant, slimy scrotum that likes to jam rusty nails in his loose infected cunt. He masturbates with steel wool and then puts the bloody, cum soaked steel wool in his kids lunchbags. After that he eats his own diarrhea, pukes it all over his mutilated penis and then sticks his penis in a food processor.

  4. 3FingerLenny…break off 7 of your fingers with dull scissors and put them in your ass.

  5. How classless and stupid does a promotion have to be to let PHILLY fans take the high road? Good lord, you guys are friggin morons.
    We had a great offseason, and now the Take Back The Ballpark campaign takes a huge steamer on top of it.

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