Skate Bites: We Have a Goalie! (?)(!)(?)

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Do we have… a goalie?

Last night was the first time in twenty-five years (since I was, like, 3) that I felt like the Flyers had a legitimate tender of the nets.

I don’t know what to do with this. It’s as if I spontaneously grew an extra appendage, designed solely for pleasure, over which I have no control. What do I do with this thing?!

I’ll touch it– that’s what I’m going to do with it.

Let’s touch.

Ilya Bryzgalov has a .948 save percentage and 1.67 goals-against average in this recent three-game win streak, which counted a 3-2 victory against the Red Wings last night.

Whatever meeting he had with a “Flyers leadership group” appears to have worked. His positioning is better, his reaction time is quicker, and he looks like he’s into the game, rather than displaying the seeming indifference that we saw for the first five months of the season. Oh yeah, his antics – slamming his stick in frustration over poor defense and telling CSN’s John Boruk to shhhhhh – are charming– dare I say cute – when he’s actually stopping the puck.

The game picked up following Niklas Kronwall’s massive hit on Jakub Voracek. Kronwall quickly became public enemy number one, and, in my opinion, Bryzgalov, who was already playing well, received his first injection of type OB blood when he stoned the Red Wings defenseman’s one-timer from the slot (video here).

There were many more saves befitting a top-tier goalie, including this one with just under a minute to go. There are too many more to point out individually, so I’ll just recommend that you watch the full highlights after the jump.

Still need to see more from Bryz before anointing him the goalie of our dreams, but, for now, let’s just enjoy playing with our new appendage. Mmm, that feels nice.

Other nonsense:

Jason Babin was at the Flyers game, sitting in a Club Box. No pictures, but I imagine he was rocking his tribal tats and chomping on one of the 13 foods that will make you smarter, like crab fries… or hot wings. Or glass.

Claude Giroux had a little chat with Matt Carle following a play in which Carle lazily iced the puck. All appeared normal… until G two-handed his teammate:


Many on Twitter thought they saw Peter Laviolette flip the bird to the referee. While this makes for a cool picture, further video inspection revealed that Lavs had removed his gum™, placed it between his thumb and index finger, and was simply motioning to his chin (most likely about Kronwall’s hit on Voracek). And yes, these are the things I do with my time.

Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 9.59.14 AM

Jaromir Jagr is listed as day-to-day with a hip injury. Voracek had stitches to his upper and lower lips. Howard Eskin reports that Voracek does not have a concussion, but he will be reevaluated today.

Full video highlights are after the jump.


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48 Responses

  1. No way Voracek escaped without a concussion. He may have seemed fine to the trainers, but it will rear its head either today or tomorrow. Hopefully it just doesn’t keep him out too long.

  2. How cheap was that p*ssy Eddie Snider with his gifts to Mark Howe???? all those years of service, he gets a vacation & a cheap Breitling watch. Eddie couldn’t even pony up for a rolex

  3. Bryz HAS been the goalie we’ve needed. It’s just that he needed time for him and his family to settle in. And I have to tell you, booing the man for having a bad game or giving up a soft goal IS NOT GOING TO HELP. So Philly give the guy a break when he’s having trouble. You have to love him to get the most from him. So everyone LOVE BRYZ!

  4. Can someone post the video of Bryz slapping his stick in frustration after Simmonds turned it over in front of the net?

  5. Matt Carle wants Giroux to go back to center.
    Flyers were sure nice to retire Mark Howe’s number. Who’s next–Eric Desjardins or Gary Galley?

  6. We’ve been down this road before in Philly. Win in the playoffs and we will have your back. Lose badly and you’ll wish you were elsewhere.

  7. Punch carle in his fuckin head G. That guy wont figure it out. Coburn wont hit anyone. Kubina is slow as shit but atleast he hit some people. Bourdon seems like he had more poise than gustaffson
    After that first goal bryz let up I was nervous. He really responded well tho, I loved his reaction when he slammed his stick. Get the puck the fuck out of the zone and don’t ice it.

  8. While the team seems to have been focusing on Bryz’ attitude towards his teammates, and slamming your stick in frustration over a turnover is akin to Cole Hamels punching his glove when someone made an error, I like it. It shows that Bryz finally has his head in the games. He has that “not one fucking puck is going to get past me” attitude that we’ve been waiting for all year. And that’s huge, if he can keep that going into the postseason. His head’s finally in the game, and we’re starting to see exactly what he can do. And it’s worth $51 million when he’s on.

  9. danglitis-
    That first goal was not at all on Bryz. He was in a good position, he had a good angle on Zetterberg. Goalies can’t cover every inch of the net, so you cover as much as possible and the holes you leave open should be the hardest shots to execute. Give Zetterberg credit, he just made a hell of a hockey play. 99% of players in the league can’t put that much on a backhand, top corner shot. That wasn’t on Bryz, just tip your cap to Z.

  10. I’ll say it’s certainly refreshing to have a competent (though occasionally wacky) goalie who knows what he’s doing in net and puts his skills on display for all to see. Quite a pleasant change from all the flotsam and jetsam that passed for goalies over the last quarter century.
    Yo, Kyle, be careful what you go touching. Chances are you’ll go blind from overuse.

  11. Kyle, why is there always a dick reference in everyone of you posts? It’s one thing if they were funny, but they’re just creepy. Luckily this isn’t a Phillies post where you can’t avoid terms like “Amaro putting his cock on the table” or talking about Cliff Lee “pissing excellence.” Seriously dude, relax.

  12. Harry Mays would have knocked Kronwall on his fuckin ass biatch

  13. where was the dick reference? you assume a pleasurable appendage is a penis? sicko.

  14. I pictured the appendage being a nice big ole titty.
    ( o Y o )
    Bryz looked great and it was against a great team and it was at home. Things are looking up.

  15. @J.T. i know its Z i know him and datsyuk are both top 5 in the nhl with their backhanders, possibly even the 2 best. backhanders are near impossible to read but bryz was down again. he’s a big goalie. i thought he needed to stand his ground again.
    but im not gonna do this anymore. if it was bad, he sure made up for it. solid solid shit

  16. talk about a complete 180…guess the bryz haters are waiting for the next loss to jump on him again…
    gave up 37 shots in the final 2 periods. bryz won the game for them, was not a great game from our forwards or D. Good thing Joey MacDonald sucks, Howard in net we prob wouldn’t have won.
    Just keep letting him get his confidence up. Crowd was certainly behind him last night and it was good to see.
    Good time of year to start getting hot…

  17. Had the flyers converted several wide open chances in the second period they’d have won 5-1, you retards who analyze every goal looking to place blame are hillarious, fucking hockey morons. BTW – how’d the red wings goaltender play last night? Turn on the NHL network some night about 10 and watch each goal from around the league, how many of those would you judge to be bad goals? Newsflash, The puck goes past Fleury, Thomas, Miller, Brodeur as well as a few times past Lundqvist last night. You mother fuckers act like Hockey is a goalie duel at high noon.

  18. @Chirp, i’m surprised at you, MacDonald misplayed the puck behind the net on the first goal which was KICKED IN BY HIS OWN DMAN, the Giroux breakaway was an unstoppable great forehand to backhand move and the Talbot goal was an open net rebound. Turn in your union card.

  19. First game a goalie stole for us since the opener in Boston. Jury is still out. Detroit was missing two hall of famers and their starting goalie.

  20. Hawk Fan-
    I’m pretty sure it was the first game a goalie stole for us since… the previous game against Washington.
    Agreed. The only goal that was really MacDonald’s fault was the one he misplayed behind the net and Voracek scored on. Yeah, it went off his dman, but MacDonald severely misplayed that whole situation. The other two goals definitely weren’t his fault. Good game played by the goalies last night, the Flyers just got one break and it was the difference.

  21. I would LOVE to know what transpired between Giroux and Carle… Instead, I’ll just watch the video over and over and laugh every time.
    Is no one else worried about Giroux’s obvious hand/wrist issue?

  22. We don’t have a goalie can’t say that yet. Dude played one great game in getting a SO Sunday, and a half decent (at best) game last night. He gave up two goals. That’s not that great. And one was weak side first shot. He’s an average goalie.
    Like i said before, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every so often. They flyers should’ve traded Bryz at the deadline. That was a dumb move. And, in case Chirp tris to say I am dumb or I don’t know what I’m talking about…… I was at a flyers game once too.

  23. @Thomas, calling you dumb would be degrading to dumb people, you’d need 3 promotions to become a retard.

  24. @MM…MacDonald misplayed the puck behind the net causing a goal, the breakaway by giroux was sick however he went down, as a goalie you are taught to not make the first move and Macdonald never stayed with him. I am not pinning that on Macdonald, i am just saying a better goalie would have at least slid back with him and made Giroux make the first move. The third goal was a rebound not his fault either D man should have never let that happen and covered talbot for the rebound.
    However that ONE mistake was the end result…remember the game was 3-2. Without that its 2-2 and who knows what happens. After it was 3-1 Detroit owned the game.
    Also I could be wrong but I am pretty sure McDonald played in the last game against the Flyers and gave up 2 weak goals. Misplayed one behind the net and then gave up a awful rebound…those were both Schenn’s goals.
    Not sure why your being such a dick when we won a 1 goal game we got outplayed in with their backup goalie in the net. I made a simple statement that with Howard in net the game could have been different. My bad for not being a typical fan and ignoring how bad we played through spurts of the game.
    @Thomas, you really are too dumb to even get a reply but just to let you know only 4 goalies have a GAA below 2 and 3 of them are above 1.8. So to only give up 2 goals in a game is really good. My god I have to agree with MM on this one, you are beyond dumb…

  25. Anyone notice that in Chirp’s last post, he is trying to tell an NHL goalie how he should’ve played a breakaway. Chirp, you said you played at LaSalle? That’s basically intramurals.

  26. Thomas – He was a backup goalie (at best). Uncoachable, which is not a surprise considering that he thinks he is right all the time. Worst poster on the site. Guys I am going to the game Thursday.

  27. i have really liked bryz’s play in the past 7 games or so. hopefully he can stay with this consistent play.
    not only do i like the emotion he showed when he slammed his stick when simmonds turned the puck over but when he gave kubina a tap when he made that good defensive play in front of the net. first time i seen that all year.
    he is showing emotion on good and bad plays. which means to me that he wants to win. about a month ago i didn’t think he cared about winning after all the comments he was making.

  28. @MM…no please give me another shot! Gosh darn it! I lost all credibility to some dude on a blog….how will my life ever go on. Get over yourself bud. Your opinion of me means shit. Continue on tough guy.
    @Thomas…yup lasalle is basically intramurals, but at least I played and understand the game. I chose education over hockey, cause unless you play juniors in Canada or in some hockey city (Boston, Maine, Vermont Etc) your chances of going pro are slim to none. I am not trying to tell an NHL goalie how to play, just pointing out what a goalie is taught. Glad to see you can comprehend though. Did you finish high school yet?
    @Rob…You played at lasalle too, you were not even the backup, you were the backups backup so not sure how you can try to make a point about me not being coachable when you were kicked off the team…and not sure how I said anything about being right all the time. Fatty why did you drop your last name???

  29. “good thing Joey MacDonald Sucks” – Chirp. Dude has a .927 SV% and a 1.82 gaa
    “so to only give up 2 goals in a game is really really good” – Chirp
    Your Words…
    That’s why you have no credibility, i’m not an internet tough guy Chirp, I’m a real one. I’m also a guy who knows a bullshit artist when he reads one.

  30. @MM, Let me put you in your place then…
    “Chirp. Dude has a .927 SV% and a 1.82 gaa”
    That would be in 9 games he started and 2 games he came in relief. 9 games!!!!
    7 Home Games – 6-1 record 93.3 SV% 1.63 GAA
    4 Away games – 1-2 record 91.8 SV% 2.15 GAA
    Of his 7 wins 3 of the teams he beat were: Columbus(30th), Anaheim(23rd), Edmonton (29th)
    Others include Philly (7), Nashville (6), Dallas (12) and San Jose (14).
    On top of that, I was ONLY referring to his last 2 games against the Flyers in which 3 of the 6 goals he gave up were terrible. He was the only reason we almost won the first game, and he is possibly the only reason we won the other night…
    Maybe the Flyers should look into signing Peter Manino, Mike Murphy, or Brian Foster for next season…i mean they all have 0.00 GAA and a %100 Save %…
    Yea…I am the one with no credibility…yet your the one that wants to take stats from a guy that has started 9 games this season…
    BTW my quote about giving up 2 goals not being bad was in response to Thomas saying Bryz had a bad night because he gave up 2 goals to Detroit…
    Thanks…try again.

  31. @Chirp/Chris/Cunt whatever ssshhhhhhhhhhhh…
    a 3rd string high school goalie saying any nhl level goalie “sucks” lacks character, common sense has brass balls and lacks credibility. Did a La Salle priest ass rape the sense completely out of you?

  32. @MM Guess I hit a nerve if that is all you got to come back with…
    Oh well sucks being put in your place by someone who clearly understands the sport more.
    Maybe we should put Joey MacDonald into the Vezina talk no?
    Funny how you come back with me having the sense taken out of me when you have made no arguments back that defend your 9 game starting goalie…because you know your wrong and just got bitched out?
    Yes turning to insults always wins a debate/argument. You must have graduated towards the top of your class.
    I guess you never said someone ever sucks? Thanks for taking me so literally. I mean obviously the guy is in the NHL so what right do I have to have an opinion on him? Oh wait isn’t this board littered every day with people saying Bryz, JVR, Timmo suck?
    You win MM…I am just not dumb enough to compete with you.

  33. Chris/Chirp…a few facts: 1) I started 2) You were the backup 3) I had more wins then you 4) You had 0 wins 5) I retired didn’t get kicked off 6)I don’t hide behind a corny nickname like you. I am Rob House 7) I do play and play well in men’s leagues currently. Are you looking to avoid them so I don’t one up you yet again 8) Everybody on this site hates you, beat it 9) You don’t know the game 10) You think your the smartest guy on here but you are CLUELESS

  34. @Rob…whatever helps you sleep at night bud.
    Continue to live the lie…doesn’t affect my life one bit.

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