Ilya Bryzgalov Thinks You’re Too Negative

. This couldn’t go into the offseason gracefully, could it? We couldn’t just end our relationship with Ilya Bryzgalov and the Flyers on a cordial note, could we?

It’s best to go cold turkey when you break up with somebody. But, almost without fail, someone has to rail on their ex to friends. Someone has to say what an asshole the other person was. Someone has to tell every girl in their high school how small your pe… never mind.

Despite giving up one of the worst goals in Flyers playoff history by playing the puck directly into the stick of David Clarkson in Game 5 against the Devils, Bryz managed to escape our rath, mostly because he was one of the team’s best players during their second round loss (not saying much). He wasn’t great, but, for once, goaltending wasn’t the reason the Flyers didn't drink from the Cup. And most fans were able to look past his struggles thanks to stellar performance in March and near-nonstop hilarity all season long. Hell, Bryz even thanked fans for the ups and downs on his Twitter.

Well, in Soviet Russia, goaltender can't keep mouth shut!

Speaking to Russian reporter Natalia Bragilevskaya – who sounds like the hottest, sluttiest Bond girl ever and a potential Family Guy character – Bryz had some things to say about the Philly fans. Let’s read, as translated by Dmitry Chesnokov of Puck Daddy:

"We have an excellent team. All the guys are good, the management is great. But there is a lot of negativity surrounding the team. You did everything you could on the ice. You go to the locker room and someone yells some nonsense at your back. They're ready to eat you alive. It's unpleasant, because we are all people. You should understand that I am not speaking out against the fans. Philadelphia has great fans, they are the majority. They are always with the team in difficult times. Even after a mistake they say words of support. But who didn't make mistakes in this world?"

You came under a massive pressure from the media and fans in Philadelphia. Maybe reading newspapers wasn't worth it?

"It is difficult. Wherever you come, whatever you open — my face is everywhere. Everyone is talking about me. 'Bryzgalov played well,' 'Philadelphia won, but Bryz made a mistake again,' 'Yes, he wasn't scored against but could have been'…  Guys, but who doesn't make mistakes? And how many [pucks] did I catch before then? But very few notice that. People are so concentrated on the negative that they only see the bad in me. But I think that you need to be kinder to each other."

The way goaltenders are treated in Philadelphia is different. For many years it is the club's Achilles' heel.

"What I lived through this season I wouldn't wish to an enemy…  [But if you started on something, finish it]. I need to keep working. I understand the fans. They paid their money and want the show. But many forget that we are not robots, but living people. We have feelings, worries. It's easy to turn away when the club is going through tough times. But if you're wearing orange sweaters, then support Philadelphia until the very end! Don't denounce your team. There won't be a different one. And I know that the Flyers have dedicated fans who understand hockey and will always support." 

You won't change the fans, the media as well.

"You can change your own view of the situation. Not be reflective. To listen and read less negativity. As I said, I learned a serious lesson. And next season I will only be better."

What doesn't kill you make you stronger — is this about you?

"Yes. Now I know what it's like to be a goaltender in Philadelphia. Maybe from the outside it looks like there's nothing to it. You only realize it on your own."


Now, before piling on, it’s important to note that a lot gets lost in translation. We have words that soften certain phrases. Often, a translation yields the harshest, most rigid version of what was said. 

That said… whining about Philly fans never did anyone any good. It didn’t work for Mike Schmidt. It didn’t work for Scott Rolen. Up until last night it didn’t work for Andre Iguodala. And there are hundreds of others. 

Some notables from the interview:

But there is a lot of negativity surrounding the team: Hardly. It’s called caring. This was perhaps the most enjoyable and positive Flyers season in a long time. The $51 million goaltender couldn’t stop a beach ball for much of the season, and he was treated with the appropriate amount of scrutiny.

And how many [pucks] did I catch before then: Not enough. Never, ever, in this town has but look what I did before worked for an athlete. Just take Cole Hamels, for example. He has been booed many times since 2008, even though he was the number one reason the Phillies won a World Series. His response, every time, has been perfect. He understands the boos, said he’s done it too. That’s the way to handle it.

What I lived through this season I wouldn't wish to an enemy: If you want to pay me $51 million to suffer through some boos and negative press, I will happily be your worst enemy. Where do I sign?

Bryz did say many positive things about his teammates, the organization and, yes, even the fans [you can read the full interview here]. But that’s going to be overshadowed by what you just read. 

Yesterday, Paul Holmgren told reporters that he expects Bryz to be better next season. He believes that there’s an adjustment period for players coming from small markets into Philadelphia, sentiments which Bryz echoed. They’re accurate, too. The type of scrutiny placed on goaltenders in this town is unlike anywhere else, especially Phoenix. You can’t blame Bryz for being somewhat upset with the way he was treated at times. But, there’s a difference between being upset and telling a Russian reporter how awful it was and expecting that news not to get back to Philadelphia. Which it did.


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  1. He’s right. I feel bad for people that live and die based on how well 23 people skate around on ice for 60 minutes that don’t have the intelligence to attribute the appropriate amount of importance to a hockey game.

  2. Are you really that ignorant to the facts that you can’t see that everything he said was true? Everyone knows he didn’t perform at the level expected of him, but the dude will be here for 8 more years. There is nothing wrong with his comments in this interview and anyone making a big deal of it is a completely unreasonable human being.

  3. So because hes here for 8 more years we have to treat him like a 5 year old and keep telling him “Good effort, Bryz, get em next time!” every game when he was good/solid for maybe 1/3 of the season (Thats being kind). Man up Bryz, did you deserve all the scrutiny you got? No but its called be a professional athelete and that comes with the territory on top of being a goaltender. If you wanna make the big bucks you gotta be able to handle the good with the bad.

  4. he hit it right on the head. people like to blame too much. for it being his first season i think he did ok. coming from a small market has to be tough to be thrown to the wolves of philadelphia media. it’s also easy to blame the goalie. I would like to see a new goalie coach though.

  5. We will fire Jeff Ressecup. I mean seriously, no good goaltenders here forever and he has been the coach? notice any similarities?

  6. I actually think that everything he said was accurate. As a city we’re preceived as negative most of the time, but it’s really not the case at all. It’s because we feel like we’re just as much a part of the team as the players are, and when we falter we take it personally. No other city has the passion for it’s teams like we do. Bryz understands that now. He’ll be better. We shouldn’t be so quick to judgement on him…he’s a proven Vezina-calibur tender. Neither Hextall nor Parent had impressive stats in their first year or two with us. Give him a chance. Philly isn’t Phoenix.

  7. I think the headline you posted is a little over the top. You even said yourself somethings get lost in translation. Even Travis Hughes from BroadSt Hockey said on his twitter that he can’t disagree with Ilya. So why make a big deal of this? I understand he was mark as the savior, but even Homer said next year he will be better, he was learning the system and city. If he isn’t good next year i understand going after him but this is a little ridiculous.

  8. Bryz sucks and needs to be anmesty. Ed Snider had to have his goalie & it back-fired on him. Flyers get a free pass every year. Knock Knock

  9. “Bryz did say many positive things about his teammates, the organization and, yes, even the fans… But that’s going to be overshadowed by what you just read. ”
    Is it, Kyle? Because after a season and postseason where Bryz was criticized so much, it seems more newsworthy to me that he seemed to be taking the criticism as a challenge for next season, and had a lot of positive things to say about the fans, our passion, our knowledge, etc. In Philadelphia, “overpaid and much maligned superstar complains about the fans” is a “dog bites man” story, whereas Bryz’s surprisingly upbeat and forward-looking reaction would seem to be in the “man bites dog” category.
    Perhaps the reason it’s “going to be overshadowed” by the negativity is that you’re headlining and block-quoting the negativity?
    I was as critical of the Bryz signing as anyone, and am very disappointed in his play, but his reaction in this interview was a pleasant surprise. Yes, he hears the boos, no he doesn’t like them, but he knows the fans want him to succeed so the team succeeds. Contrast that with the statements of brooding, self-serving complainers like McNabb, Lindros, etc. Maybe Bryz actually gets us, even with the culture barrier and the rough first season in Philly.

  10. “Bryz did say many positive things about his teammates, the organization and, yes, even the fans [you can read the full interview here]. But that’s going to be overshadowed by what you just read. ”
    Why don’t you just say “Bryz said some positive things but showing that be rational and wouldn’t get my site any views so read it elsewhere.”

  11. G said, “he’s a proven Vezina-calibur tender.”
    Actually, if you look at his stats he’s only had one really good year. Everything else is just average. He’s also NEVER had good playoff numbers. As a matter of fact his numbers always have dropped dramatically in the ‘offs.

  12. Also, anyone who uses “‘offs” to abbreviate the playoffs is a complete tool, as I believe someone pointed out to Kyle Scott in a previous post.

  13. Kyle,
    I started reading your site a few months ago. It WAS great. Factual, insightful, and comical writing. But your latest blogs lack taste, are uncalled for and, for the most part, are untrue.
    Going after T-Mac weekly is uncalled for, and claiming Bryz is a “whiner” is just untrue. Like the comments above, what Bryz said is somewhat true and accurate. Being a psychologist, I can recognize the effort it must have took for Bryz to achieve a total mindset change. Especially during a pressure-packed and busy hockey season.
    Like Ellis’ awful reporting, you’re stirring a non-existent pot. This is a non-story and portraying it in such a negative fashion is pathetic. No wonder why this guy hated playing in Philly in the beginning of our season.
    I’ll no longer be reading your blog.

  14. Everything Bryz said was 100% true. If you’re one of these Tommy Toughguys who has to have such a dick attitude about everything, including these comments, you can fuck off. He’s absolutely right. Face reality.
    I mean seriously, where exactly is all of this being an asshole for no reason attitude getting some of you people?

  15. I LOVE Bryz. And he’s right. He just has to realize that the media in this city isn’t ever going to cut him any breaks and the fans are the type to never sugar coat. If you let in a soft goal, they know it. If you played like an all star, they know it. But Bryz has to remember one thing Philly fans will never forget or take for granted. When you play your hardest, they also know this and will love you for it. I know this is going to take adjustment, but he will be as awesome as we hoped he would be.
    Bryz, When your Hot Husky pees on the floor you yell at her right? You still care for her though. NJ Flyers fan—-

  16. I read the article last night on Puck Daddy and to be honest, his comments didn’t bother me at all. He was very honest and forthright and pretty much hit the nail on the head. I am a proud Flyers fan, pay my money for season tickets, and attend as many regular season games as I can and all home playoff games. This is a tough city, and he walked into, arguably, the HARDEST position in this town from an expectation standpoint.
    Anyone last July who thought he was going to come in and be a shutdown goaltender right off the bat was (and probably still is) an idiot. He came to a new city, much bigger market, new teammates, a new system, new coaches, and the list goes on. He needed to adjust and get his groove and understand Philadelphia. That said, he had some amazing saves, 3rd in the league in shutouts, and unfortunately also had some incredibly horrible games.
    He believes that we, as fans, are passionate, supportive, and knowledgable. he also says he knows what to expect now and that is a HUGE step in the right direction. I didn’t take any part of what he said as him “whining about the fans.”
    Unfortunately for all of us as fans, we have the media in this town focusing on the negative quotes, inferring additional meaning behind his words, and taking quotes out of context. You know what’s worse than other fan bases bashing Philly fans? The media in this town doing it – whether directly or indirectly.

  17. @evaporationboy, Compare his stats to Hextall and Parent, who are IDOLIZED in this city. When are we going to STOP PUTTING ALL THE BLAME ON THE GOALIE and hold them rest of the team accountable!? Maybe it’s the system in front of him that’s flawed.

  18. So what’s the retort? That Philadelphia fans aren’t negitive? Getting on Bryz is known to have a negitive effect on him. So we do it anyway? Why?

  19. G, his stats compared to Hextall or Parent are meaningless. Neither of them signed a 9 year $51 million contract. He is a average…maybe even decent goalie. He’s definitely not worth his contract by any means.

  20. Does it strike anyone else as ironic that a blogger, for the upteenth time, whines about Bryz whining and not keeping his mouth shut?

  21. No one can blame bryz for signing a ridiculous contract. If anything blame snider/homer for overpaying. If someone’s going throw stupid money at me do something, whether it’s playing goalie in philly, signing with (then) last place nats for $126 million, taking a role in shitty movie, hell, even scrubbing tiolets, anyone with common sense would do it. Bryz is being honest, everything he said was true and it’s how he felt. In this day and age, where people constantly lie through their teeth, i appreciate it. could he have played better? sure, but so could everyone else.

  22. Horrible article Kyle. You really seem to be losing it man.
    The guy was not whining at all. He pointed out some of the most obvious things that go and and some of the things that us fans were pointing out as well.
    His interview was actually uplifting and makes me excited for next season. He admitted to not realizing just how harsh it is here and said he was going to be better.
    Philly is nothing but negativity and idiocy. The media is terrible here and the people believe everything the media says. As a die hard Flyers fan for over 20 years I can honestly say that even some Flyers fans piss me off with how stupid they are. Learn the game! Stop blaming everything on the goalie and creating a goalie controversy every season.
    fucking 3 finger lenny….damnit!

  23. It’s funny how your comments Kyle validate bryz’s points. Never once in the interview did he say the “fans” where too negative, just that there is too much negativity surrounding the team. Which is 100 percent true, I mean just look at this article, you have taken what he said and have blown it totally out of proportion, just like the “media” that you maligned did to Richards. I am actually encouraged by this interview and think that bryz actually “gets” philadelphia fans.
    Oh, and who do you think you are exactly? Speaking for all Philadelphia fans by saying ” all that is going to be overshadowed by what you just read”. Well judging by most of the comments you were very wrong and maybe your the one who doesn’t “get” Philly fans.

  24. Eh, I kinda agree with everyone that this is a non-issue. Tony hit it on the head comparing him to the likes of McFlabb and other former Philly-whiners. Bryz isn’t some self righteous, egotistical jock or a self-appointed martyr like the McNabbs of the world–Hes a goofy, selfless, class act that speaks super broken english and is from a completely different culture, hockey wise coming from Phoenix and just generally since he grew up in Russia. Besides, look at the team across the street that just oozes negativity and breeds disconnect with its fans…With the likes of the Babins, Mathis’, Kelces, Rolles, and Avants on that team treating fans like lower-class citizens and acting like they’re God’s gift to sports, are we really going to be so sensitive and put Bryz’s innocuous comments on the same level with those turds?
    He thanked the fans and praised us multiple times, acknowledged that he needed to get better and that hes nothing but positive for next year. He mentioned how we pay for the on ice product and hit on a lot of gripes that fans had/have about him. I’m not gonna get my knickers in a twist and just further the anti-philly stereotype all because of a few cherry picked statements, that in the end really just amount to him saying, “Cant we all just get along?”
    Besides, its pretty obvious that hes only going after — if you even wanna call it that– the minority, idiot, frothing at the mouth fans and writers that give Philly a bad name. Thats the other thing…Half of what he was talking about was the media, which I think we can all agree, is a little bogus in this town. The guys got pompous, ignorant thundercunts like Tim Panocchio and Randy Miller, who’d rather start grudge matches than report, writing slime about him night in and night out.

  25. Seriously – I don’t take that as whining at all – Briere wasn’t great in the 1st year of his contract either. Not to say Bryzgalov was bad, but he is gonna be just fine.

  26. Guys- not saying what he said wasn’t true. It largely is. But he was awful most of the year, adequate if we’re being kind. He has no place to complain about negativity, boos, whatever. They were mostly deserved. Sure, sports are irrational and sometimes we cross the line. But no one egged his house, no one threw trash at him. He heard jeers from fans and got some negative press. It comes with the territory. To say “I wouldn’t wish this on anybody” is ridiculous. He does, in fact, think we’re too negative. Maybe he’s right. But the Flyers put their faith in him and he mostly let us down. It comes with the territory and he needs to stop talking about it.

  27. I fail to see where he said anything controversial. If all he said was “I need to be better” and nothing else, people would cry “no shit…” but he actually went somewhat in depth and explained a lot that most goalies shied away from. We only got a glimpse of how cerebral of a person he is from 24/7…that’s exactly how he is, 24/7…not just 1 hour a week on HBO. He no questioned played a better 2nd half than the 1st and that’s because he slowly started to adapting to the surroundings. There’s so many journalists in Philadelphia compared to smaller market teams that someone will purposely take a statement out of context just for the same of a story and to stand out. Clearly he didn’t play up to a $51 million contract but it’s only the 1st year, anything short of a cup would’ve been called a failure because 90% of Philadelphia fans and media are complete idiots.

  28. Kyle:
    It does come with the territory, but how can he stop talking about it when he’s being asked questions about it? The interview started out about the hockey, but then the reporter asked:
    “You came under a massive pressure from the media and fans in Philadelphia. Maybe reading newspapers wasn’t worth it?”
    At that point, his options are to (a) spit out boilerplate athletespeak gobbledygook to avoid the substance of the question, (b) lie and say he doesn’t hear the criticism or that it doesn’t bother him, or (c) answer honestly, acknowledging that he does hear the boos and read the bad press, but he’s trying to learn from it.
    If he chooses (a), the media turns him into the next Mike Richards — “why isn’t he answering questions” etc. If he chooses (b) he may get away with the charade for awhile, but the truth comes out eventually, and then he gets called a liar/hypocrite.
    I think his choice to be open and honest about it is refreshing, and it’d be nice if the Philly media (and the blogs) didn’t swarm on him for it.

  29. I don’t know. Maybe I’m reading too much, or too little into Bryzgalov’s comments, but it seems to me that he had been taken aback or, rather, taken by surprise at the attention he’s gotten since his arrival in Philly. Didn’t his agent warn him about how insane Flyers fans are when it comes to goaltenders and how he’d be under more scrutiny than any other pro athlete (save maybe for Mark Sanchez in New York) in the country? It just seems to me that Bryzgalov was unprepared for what awaited him here. To be honest, I also thought there was absolutely nothing wrong with everything he had said.

  30. But Kyle, you go from saying that much gets lost in translation… and then hold him accountable for the most inflammatory parts of what he “said.”
    This, to a fan, screams of everything Bryz said. The media (of which you are now a part) create these controversies over the smallest of things, even after you just get done saying how what he actually said might not actually be as bad.
    Bryz was right.
    Bryz was better at the end of the season.
    Bryz’ struggles had nothing to do with the outcome of the season.
    Bryz was largely positive. Focus on THAT instead. Focus on how, while it’s disappointing the Flyers were bounced, this team has a bright future. And that INCLUDES Bryz.
    Thanks. It tells you a lot how many of those who were ruthlessly bashing Bryz all year in the comments are some of those telling you you were wrong for this.

  31. ThePhillyFlash
    Being warned about it and going through it are two different things.
    Ever been cheated on? People tell you how much it sucks, but you don’t REALLY know until it happens to you.

  32. I side with Bryz on this. There are a lot of unrealistic expectations in this town, and possibly more negativity.

  33. He could’ve signed elsewhere and made a bit less money but had less pressure. Ed Snider paid $51 million for a goalie because Philly fans care more than anyone else about winning. Part of accepting that contract is dealing with the negativity when you don’t perform well. It never ceases to amaze me when athletes (Jayson Werth is another) don’t understand that they don’t get paid just to play – part of the job is dealing with the fans whose money pays their huge contract.

  34. JT- fair. But it wasn’t one line, or two. What I pulled out were pretty straightforward phrases. This isn’t a first for Bryz, that’s my problem. All year he has had an issue with the media and boos (some of that sentiment was public, other times not so much). I like him. I think he’s funny, obviously root for him. But he performed WAY worse than expected. He can’t complain about the negativity. He’s smart enough to know that with that contract comes expectations. Which he is. You can’t read that interview and say “he’s not complaining about negativity.” He doesn’t “get us,” he really just says that he’s learned to avoid reading the press and dwelling on the negative. That’s not getting us, it’s just avoiding us. There’s nothing wrong with that, but some of you fail to even entertain the notion that he’s a flake, which he is. That said, I LIKE HIM!

  35. It is hilarious that by trying to point out the negative, you are proving Bryz’s point.
    The Philly media is so foolish and dig their own holes for themselves. It is actually hilarious.
    Bryz is 100% correct in those statements and are actually positive.
    Maybe all the negative Philly press from around the nation actually is due in a large part to our local media?

  36. I think if we were talking about anyone else thats somewhat inflammatory or selfish, we’d be telling him to shut the fuck up a la the Eagles…But these comments only prove that, despite the 51 million dollar contract and crazy universal musings, hes actually a down to earth kinda guy that “gets it”.
    I don’t feel bad for an asshole like TO because hes a horrible teammate, and a horrible person with a horrible outlook on life. Hes not capable of anythign that can be considered a rational, unselfish thought. But when Bryzgalov speaks (not complains…I don’t know where the complaining word came from because he wasnt doing any complaining in this interview) to the pressures of being a goalie in this market, especially since he was asked about them, I can understand it a little bit and know that those emotions are legitimate. I know that they’re a little bit deeper than “Hes bitching about the fans,” and that his intentions are good.
    Ill admit, I was as harsh as anyone on Bryzgalov when he was sucking. All this talk about his contract and expectations were relevant back then, but since then hes gotten his act together, put together an awesome second half of the season, and played exceptionally well in the Devils series. He’s obviously got some work to do but you can’t hold this interview against him. For all of us who acknowledged at one point or another, in a negative or positive light, that he had to get to know the Philly fans/situation and adapt to it, I think we can agree that its a double edged sword. For as much learning/adapting he had to do with us, we had to do just as much with him, and at the end of a season that ultimately didn’t rest on his shoulders, we should learn by now that these comments are harmless and no where near the realm of complaining.

  37. Kyle, he does get us, everything he said is TRUE.
    “All year he has had an issue with the media and boos (some of that sentiment was public, other times not so much)” is a guy not allowed to not like the media. Frankly i dont deal with you media asses everyday and you all get on my nerves. Do what your paid to do, break stories, not stir up drama. i cant remember the last time a local beat writer actually broke something that was relevent. the Media always seem to forget that the fans could care less how the athletes treat you or if they dont like you, or even if they wont talk to you.

  38. Perhaps as fans and a city, we are too negative, but is it wrong to want to win? I’m 27 and have been a fan as long as I knew what hockey was… and I’ve never seen us go the distance. My Dad got to experience 2 parades by the time he was my age… I want one, too. Bryz was billed as the answer to our problems, and he very well could have been if the season was the month of March. Otherwise, we could have saved a lot of money and had similar play from Boucher… I like this team. They have a bright future and a lot of young talent. I’m excited to see where they can go from here. I’m also excited to see if Bryz can screw his head on right and play in a market as big as here..

  39. “But he performed WAY worse than expected. He can’t complain about the negativity. He’s smart enough to know that with that contract comes expectations. Which he is.”
    According to who? YOU? Seriously, Kyle, I’m being to think you should stick to covering baseball. Your lack of perspective on hockey, as clearly shown all season, is starting to become tiresome. And yeah, he can complain about the negativity because it’s being perpetrated by a bunch of punk ass bloggers and message board warriors who can’t tell a forecheck from their asshole – that’s what YOU are missing. He wasn’t great, and he wasn’t terrible. Was he worth the money? You can’t evaluate that until the end of his contract. Past performance is no indication of future results. For fuck’s sake.

  40. I never understood how fans expect a big contract player to play any different than he was playing before the big contract. Sure there are expectations, by the fans and management, but how exactly is Bryz at fault for taking the best contract offered to him. Paul and Ed are the ones that have to deal with the fallout now and pray for the best.
    It’s great to see many of the responses here in support of Bryz. We have a young team that didn’t play very well in front of him for the first part of the year and an obvious adjustment period was needed. He played much better in the last third of the season and he won the first round against the favorite Pittsburgh in a wild series. And made some key saves:

    I feel his comments were spot on and agree that the media stirs the pot here. For a guy that speaks pretty honestly (to a fault) I think it’s great that he is so committed. The fact remains that only one team wins the cup each year and the flyers will be competitive for the next few years.
    I’m surprised Lavy isn’t getting more criticism for not figuring out how to devise a system to beat the Devils / Rangers. Loved what he did against TB Lightning, one of the greatest coaching protests in hockey coaching history, but he team was thoroughly out-strategized all year vs NYR and was flat out exposed against the Devils.

  41. Jess–I echo that sentiment. I’ve never seen a cup lifted in my lifetime…And for as bad as Bryz was, in the end, was the result of this season a product of Bryz’s play or an exposure of this teams weakness’ via the Rangers and eventually the devils? Bryz came to play in the second round, the team didnt. And also, what if he was never in a slump during the regular season? What if he was our savior and we claimed the top spot in the east? We’d still run into Jersey or NY in the playoffs and have our weakness against an agressive forecheck and stiff defense exposed.

  42. Jess, I was with you until you said “we could have saved a lot of money and had similar play from Boucher.” Brian Boucher couldn’t carry Bryz’s jock strap. He had a couple solid years playing behind some good Flyers teams, and he had that one 200+ minute shutout streak, but he went into bad stretches that were much longer and much worse than Bryz’s worst moments.
    We paid Bryz too much, but he’s definitely better than other options that were out there. I personally wanted Vokoun at a lower number, but Bryz’s ceiling is higher than Vokoun’s.

  43. While I don’t disagree with Bryz, I can come up with 51 million reasons why he needs to suck it up. Why is every tendy so f’n weird?

  44. As Lavy would say, “What’s the problem now?!?”
    There’s nothing wrong with the interview. It’s his perspective.

  45. “He has played WAY worse than expected” Career numbers SV% .915 GAA 2.52— This year SV% .909 GAA 2.48 and he did that minus our number one d man and a sorry excuse for defense in most games. He will be better next year… it’s year one of a nine year contract and everyone is saying he didn’t earn his money… But you’ll blow Cliff Lee even though he is why the Phils were bounced from the post season

  46. For Bryz not so good to play lucky to be alive is he. Philly fans too easy on him are you. If in Russia at goalie he suck potato farmer in Siberia he would be.

  47. The only problem I have is this quote from Bryz about the Clarkson goal: “Yes, I made a mistake. But when a player makes a pass and the opponent intercepts it, no one says anything, right?”
    Ok, well, when a pass is intercepted it does not end up in the back of the net. Bryz needs to be able to play the puck better. He plays it like it’s a grenade.

  48. People want to see 110% effort in Philly. If you give the perception its “just a game” then we percieve that as not giving your 51 million dollar effort. You dont have to be good to be liked by the philly faithful you just have to leave it all out on the field, court, or ice. The fact that often bryz didnt seem focused on the game is what really irks people.

  49. Don’t worry guys i’ll bring the cup to olde city for a night.

  50. All I was getting at with the Boucher reference was.. he got us just as far every year in the playoffs. No Cup then, no Cup now.. same result. $51 million is a lot more than $850,000.. was just using it as an example. (And I’ll always have a soft spot for Boucher.)

  51. Jess: Fair enough. Boosh gave us some good years, but I do give the Flyers credit for going out there and getting someone with a much higher upside. I didn’t approve of the amount they spent doing it, but Bryz on his bad days is as good as Boosh was on his good days, so I look forward to seeing what Bryz can do next year. If he still sucks then, maybe I’ll join you in for the Boosh nostalgia party.

  52. 1. Andrew Mc gets it. Where the fuck is the hue and cry for Laviolette to get fired for fucking up this season so badly? Holy shit, HE blew the series against the Devils despite the best efforts of the team.
    2. When the fuck did Lenin turn into Yoda?

  53. Lemme see? The Flyers play like SHIT for 4 games. they go 8, 10 and 12 minute stretches without shots. They get outshot 43-22 and lose by 1.
    The goalie let’s in a stinker in the FIRST FUCKING PERIOD of Game 5. The Flyers do not score again.
    The majority of the Philly writers blame Bryz and try to make that goal into a clamity that will be remembered forever. As if that save would have won Games 5, 6 and 7. FUCK YOU Philly writers.
    BULLSHIT, I forgot about that goal in 10 seconds.
    Talbot and Courtorie (sp) had a 2-on-1 a minute later & did not get a shot off. Was that Bryz’s fault?
    The Flyers SUCKED.
    As usual the goalie was blamed.
    Remember the Ottawa series 10 or so years ago? The Flyers scored 2 goals (TWO FUCKING GOALS) in five games. Right, they actually won 1 game 1-0. And who got run out of town ?? The GOALIE – Roman Chemanuk – the JERKOFF Philly writers jumped all over because he had the BALLS to call out his PUSSY teammates for quitting.
    FUCK the PHILLY writers – they don’t know SHIT

  54. This is ridiculous!! He said the comments and such are only going to make him work harder! Ilyas interview is spot on.

  55. I feel like baking some Bryzgalov turnovers today, mmmmmm 😀
    Fuck you Philly

  56. You guys are all a bunch of whiney liberal faggots. Bryzgalov is reason número UNO that this team is having rough, smelly, shitfilled anal buttsex with each other instead of advancing to the conference fucking finals. Bryzgalov is a putrid pile of shit that has a 2 inch boner that he likes to rub against a cheese graitor. He fucks RHEA HUGHES in her malignant, coarse, dryed up, loose asshole while wearing a steel whool condom. After that he pukes into her bloody wound that she calls a cunt and gets her to queef it back into his mouth, after which he shits it out into a dirty diaper and feeds it to his husky. And his thermos? I hope he sticks it in his sweaty Swedish asshole and fils it with diarrhea and then force feeds it to Keith Jones you stupid infected fuckers. RON PAUL!

  57. Man, sitting her as a Pens fan, its sweet to read Holmgren’s comments and then this from Bryz. We couldn’t ask for more than for that relationship to go south, for him to get boo’d every game, start playing worse, get boo’d more, and so on. A death spiral into a toxic locker room.
    Yeah, that sounds pretty good.

  58. Good job Kyle. You have become just like the media (Sam carchidi, Tim pinaccio) that you so like to criticize. Way to take bryz’s words and totally make them fit your agenda. Did you not think people would read the whole article and call you on your bullshit. All your doing is trying to stir up a controversy (like carchidi) by using a title like “Ilya bryzgalov thinks YOU’RE too negative”. Making it seem like he is bashing the fans of Philly which he is not. I don’t know if your just too emotional after the flyers loss or what but this article is just way out of touch.

  59. You’re damn right it is fat Tom…I have bite marks on my taint from RHEA HUGHES to prove it.

  60. Kyle, I’m sorry, but you’re just flat-out wrong here. I’ve been a long-time reader of this site and I’m really turned off of the site reading what you’ve posted here. I see absolutely nothing wrong with Bryz’s comments, and most of the other readers here are in the same boat.
    Nothing he said was controversial or even factually incorrect. He’s taking it in stride and redirecting that negativity into a better performance next season. Why on earth are you pulling a Carchidi here and trying to turn this around on him?
    I agree with most other comments here, and I especially agree about the complete lack of criticism on Laviolette; he didn’t make enough changes to address the Rangers, resulting in the Flyers getting swept during the regular season. The Devils picked up that proverbial ball and ran with it. Bryz is not to blame for how the Devils series went down.

  61. I love Bryz. Not much difference between Byrzgalov & Henrik Lundqvist. Rangers just have better D. Bryz will be the best goalie in the NHL next year. I’m the only true flyers fan, and everyone that hates on Bryz is a troll.

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