A Loosely-Sourced Confirmation of Paul Holmgren’s Claim About James van Riemsdyk’s Infected Foot

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Homer's bike in the background?

Earlier today, Paul Holmgren denied a report saying James van Riemsdyk was delaying hip surgery to prevent the Flyers from trading himtelling CSN Philly the reason for the delay was an infection in JVR’s foot.

That’s a reasonable explanation. But Homer’s a known liar, so we always question the things he says. 

That’s where reader Inseo Choi comes in. 

Choi, continuing our trend of Asian readers taking pictures with local athletes, provides some evidence to back Homer’s claim. He sent us the above photo – taken on Sunday, he says – with the following context: 

I ran into JVR yesterday (Sunday) afternoon in the Rittenhouse area and I noticed that he was kinda limping. I saw that he was wearing sandals and there was some sort of cut or scabbing near his heel area… So some truth to the foot injury infection???


Ohhhh, intrigue!

I asked Inseo if he had a picture of JVR’s foot. He didn’t. But unless you’re Rex Ryan, why would you?

TSN’s Darren Dreger provides more information that the delay in JVR having surgery has nothing to do with him trying to avoid being traded.

Dreger tweeted:

Screen Shot 2012-06-11 at 3.46.11 PM
Screen Shot 2012-06-11 at 3.46.11 PM

Dreger's reasoning differs from Holmgren's, but both give actual reasons for JVR not having surgery.

Still, JVR’s agent, Alec Shall, told CSN Philly’s Sarah Baicker that a trade wouldn’t come as a surprise:

"I would not be surprised [if JVR were to be traded], but it's nothing the Flyers have told us to expect."  


Homer once told Jeff Carter that he wouldn’t be traded, and then traded him anyway. So the lack of a warning from Holmgren means nothing because, hell, even a “you’re safe” message is completely worthless, apparently.


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  1. Is this the last article for the day?
    Just let me know so I can stop refreshing as I’m looking for my Sports fix, this site just hasn’t been getting it done for me anymore. I need to get some stray, PEACE CB!!!

  2. I feel terrible.
    A few weeks back, I was trying to grab JVRs dick in a bar near Rittenhouse. He punched me in the jaw, and then kicked me in the taint. That must have caused the infection.

  3. guy jvr is awesome me and reemer him are great guy friends. he gr8 in loker room 2 great guy that reemer is.

  4. Good thing a person with an alleged foot infection is walking around the city in sandals exposing his cut/scab.

  5. I have it on good authority that JVR indeed has an infected foot caused largely by wearing skates that had mold growing inside of them. It is well known that the team has a signficant mold problem in their practice facility locker room. Mr. Snider is refusing to shell out the necessary funding to have this cleared up. Additionally, he is not willing to pay for the required surgery, which is the true cause of the delay. A source quoted Mr. Snider as saying that his players need to toughen up or he will replace them. More to come

  6. All Eddie Snider cares about is $$$, makes me sick how he treats players like pronger & JVR

  7. Yeah, Snider really treated Chris Pronger poorly by causing Pronger’s injuries, forcing him to play while severely concussed, refusing to pay him his guaranteed money, and stripping him of his captaincy.
    Yeah, Snider really treated JVR poorly by authorizing JVR’s unnecessary and inflated contract extension last summer, refusing to pay him his guaranteed money this season while he was either injured or ineffective, and then considering trading him to fill other needs.
    Oh wait, none of that is true.

  8. That pos Eddie”xfinity live” Snider needs to retire & sell the team.

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