Douchebag Bryce Harper Trademarks “That’s a Clown Question, Bro”

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Per the Washington Post and CSN Washington, Harper says his main sponsor, Under Armour, will begin selling t-shirts and other nonsense with his trademarked “that’s a clown question, bro” phrase.

Now, often when we use the term “trademarked,” we use it figuratively, talking about a person who has put their stamp on a particular thing. In this case, however, we mean it literally.

The day after he uttered the phrase, Harper or one of his representatives filed for a trademark. The application was first uncovered by Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. Here it is: 

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As you can see, Harper and Under Armour want to put the phrase on everything from t-shirts to gloves to tampons. Personally? I’m just pissed that Heath Ledger is dead. Would’ve loved to have seen him reprise his role as the joker and say things like, “Do you want to knowwww… how I got this smile on my FACE? Well – sniffles, wipes nosethat’s a clown question, bro™!

No such luck, I guess.

Harper joins his NL East-mate Jimmy Rollins in trademarking things that most really don’t care about using for profitable gain. In 2010, Rollins applied for and later received a trademark for J-Roll™.

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  1. So how many more posts about Harper until he gets his own category in your archives?

  2. Soon, Johann. Thinking about putting right next to the “Phillies are 72 games out of first and the Eagles are a month away category.”

  3. With actually registering the trademark, it’d be “Do you want to knowwww… how I got this smile on my FACE? Well – sniffles, wipes nose – that’s a clown question, bro®!” Anyone can claim a trademark with a ™ symbol, but he just made it legit and could (theoretically and if it is approved) sue when others used it if they’re within the scope of the “Goods and Services” listed in the application.
    Double points for the joker pun, though.

  4. …so these 2 cannibals are eating a clown… and one turns to the others and says…”Does this taste funny?”

  5. Why so seriousssss???
    In other advertising news: The Philadelphia Phillies starting lineup* has been opened up to public sale.
    *Chooch-TM – Not included.

  6. I can’t wait to get one of these t-shirts. It’s nowhere near as lame as those Hunter Pence “Let’s Go Eat” t-shirts Phillies “fans” jerked off over last season.

  7. Philly people are just the scum of the earth, just hating because you wish one of your starting 9 had his skills or right now his bat lol

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