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Hunter’s new girlfriend, via HughE Dillon

A trifecta! Hunter has hit the trifecta (and probably then some)!

When Pence arrived in Philly, he was dating former Houston Texans cheerleader Lindsay Slott. Chronicled here.

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Then, following a reported meeting at Cole Hamels’ Diamonds and Denim and water bottle in the pants event last year, Pence began dating local playmate Shannon James. They went to Cabo together, as chronicled here.

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Now, our friend HughE (that’s a capital E, gents) Dillon of, sends along the above photo (up top) of Pence and who we now know is his current girlfriend – ready for this name? – Savannah Swetland (pronounced: sweat-land), whom he met in Clearwater.

We think we’ve figured out his type: Southern Belle-looking blondes with big hair and porn star-sounding names. In other words, anyone from The Hills (but sorry, Hunter, Mike Richards has a leg up on you there).

And now we ask you, the sweaty and wet reader on this hot day, who you got?

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PhillyChitChat has more photos of Swetland. Video is after the jump.