Union Fire Peter Nowak

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It’s official: The Union have fired manager Peter Nowak, CEO Nick Sakiewicz announced today. Actually, Saciewizicizcizcz said Nowak “stepped down,” but then added that it was the team’s decision. So, he was fired.

Sakiewiciwicicicziziciz named former assistant John Hackworth the interim manager. The CEO also made it clear that Nowak had been in-charge of all personnel decisions, an admittance that basically (and perhaps rightfully) threw him under the bus for the perplexing trades of Sebastien Le Toux and, more recently, Danny Mwanga, among other moves.

One thing that stood out: Sakickicizizciziciziz was baffled by a question about waning fan support, saying that there are still sellout crowds. And while he may be right, he clearly doesn’t get the fact that butts in seats – especially in a relatively small stadium – does not equate to satisfaction. Most Union fans are pissed at the direction the team is headed.

Personally? I’m watching the Union from a relative distance. But, to me, it seems like the front office has mismanaged the bejesus out of the club. A big part of that was Nowak, however. And he’s gone now.


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  1. Typical American attitude…”We are not the best therefore it sucks” Enjoy the beautiful game people and open your eyes to more then cheesesteaks and wrestling….BTW I’m American

  2. Johnn_nas and Mike,
    My roommate is a soccer fan. I spent about 15 min watching a game with him for euro2012 after he coerced me with beer to give it a chance. In that small window I saw 4 different guys crumble to the ground as if someone from the other team shanked them with an illegal handmade shiv that the refs did not see, only for them to get right back up and keep playing. What is beautiful or popular about adult men faking injuries and flopping around a field for a call?

  3. Thatguy, stop trying to make me look like a soccer fan on these comments section. come up with a new name, grow some creativity.

  4. This blog loses relevance with each and every soccer post… I’d rather hear about the Soul.

  5. @Ze Bob – Unfortunately, they are not.
    As a season ticket holder since Day 1 I am thrilled this BALLBAG is gone. He was an ass to his players and his constantly rotating lineups did nothing to help this club. Not to mention, trading away decent players, and bringing in hopeful or over the hill Central and South Americans that have done nothing but consistently fail. How can you build a quality club in 2 short years and then completely dismantle it?!! Thanks for nothing Nowak. You suck.
    And good for Hackworth. I think this team will turn it around and play hard for him.

  6. theres like 10 different people that post under the name that guy. how do you know your the first one to use it.

  7. This is the best news I’ve heard in awhile. Now, if we could only go back get get our top scorer, captain, and first overall pick back, I’d be happy.
    I’ll be there on Saturday, look for the Liverpool shirts and stop by for a beer!

  8. This story is right up there with the death of Whitney Houston. It’s that important.

  9. Here’s a list of other things that are popular around the world but have never caught on in the USA :
    – not bathing
    – cannibalism
    – child armies
    – communal bestiality
    – decapitating infidels with saws
    – Jerry Lewis
    Short answer go fuck yourself, soccer faggots.

  10. whats a peter nowark? while were at it can someone tell me what a “soccer” is to?

  11. im sure if half our football players such as QBs, WRs, RBs, CBs, Safeties played soccer we would be the best or one of the best countries at soccer.
    Our best athletes focus on different sports where as in most other countries the best athletes focus on soccer.
    Basically what I am trying to say is fuck you Johnn_asshole licking johnas brother faggot.

  12. balls you couldn’t be more right…I use that example all the time. Plus soccer seriously does suck. I rather watch track then soccer. At least theres a point to running around. Let me know when they stop ending game in ties and stop flopping like a sniper just shot them.

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  14. Is the guy on the right Proctor from Police Academy? Is he the new coach?

  15. “Soccer is the biggest sport in the world blah blah blah”
    No one in the greatest country on the planet cares about it so its meaningless.

  16. Dear Uncultured Swine of CB’s Comments Section,
    Some people just are simply too stupid to grasp certain sports. Why is it necessary to put down people that take enjoyment from things that you don’t necessarily enjoy? There are hundreds of activities and hobbies that people enjoy on a daily basis that you may not take a liking to. Do you have an uncontrollable urge to go rip on them as well? I’m sure that EVERYONE enjoys the activities that you do, right?
    If you don’t like a post, move on. Oh wait, you’ll complain about that post because Kyle keeps writing about the Phillies’ inability to play respectable baseball. Move on again…Oh, no! It’s a less sports-related post like G playing beer pong in a cast. That’s your cue, short bus; write that post with all the malice and hate pouring through your little finger tips to create your unintelligible, grammar-bereft “sentences”!
    Just relax. You’ve made your lack of intelligence abundantly clear. You’ve brandished your idiocy proudly, and now all those with two brain cells to rub together are getting a hearty laugh at your expense. It’s quite sad really. We know that certain parts of life are just beyond the grasp of your feeble mind. Work hard, try to line up that circle with the circle-shaped hole, and who knows? Maybe one day you’ll be able to appreciate some of life’s more intricate and nuanced offerings. In the meantime, please, for your own sake, relax and leave the posting to someone else.
    With Love,

  17. Things I’d rather watch than Soccer (no It’s not the game, it’s me. It’s my fault)
    1. Any other sport including golf and curling
    2. Paint dry
    3. Margaret Thatcher doing aerobics in a bikini
    4. Childbirth with poop on the table and all
    5. Howard the duck twice in a row
    6. Faces of death during a steak dinner
    7. A political debate between Al Gore and his mirror
    8. Me getting kicked in the balls
    9. Turtles mating
    10.The Jersey shore (maybe, but more than likely)

  18. The gayest, most embarrassing sport this side of men’s figure skating. I can’t watch grown men with stupid haircuts flop on the field and cry. And yeah the NBA is almost as bad.

  19. For what it’s worth I really love soccer and I don’t blow dudes. My gf is European, but I guess that makes me a pussy or something. I don’t care.
    I also like that Kyle is trying to post about it on here, despite the mongoloid Eagle-fan populace. Go eat a cheesesteak, drink a Bud and remind yourself “you’re better than everyone” because Amurrca.
    Can we start getting EPL coverage here too? Thoughts on Harry getting sacked at Spurs?

  20. What’s worse than soccer haters making amusing posts regarding it’s coverage? Why, a three paragraph rebuttal dictating a moral compass for the “ignorant”. Get a life Brad.

  21. i get if you guys personally hate soccer. but calling people fags and gay? really? just grow up.

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