Bryce Harper’s Customized Mercedes is Customized Exactly How You Would Expect Bryce Harper’s Customized Mercedes to be Customized

Screen Shot 2012-07-05 at 10.40.02 AMPhoto: The Nats Blog

I was never, um, good with words…

Not gonna lie, like Cole Hamels, I too would like to see Byrce Harper make the All-Star team as part of the final vote (which ends today). Something about a 19-year-old phenom playing with the best in the world is intriguing to me. Plus, as a baseball fan, the more you see a potential superstar, the better.

But I still think Harper's a douche, and his customized Mercedes-AMG ain't doing him any favors. 

In this photo taken by The Nats Blog, we see Harper’s ride complete with tinted windows and tail lights, a curly Nationals’ W (not unlike the one tattooed onto DeSean Jackson’s arm) in place of the Mercedes logo, BAM 34 lettering and, according to The Nats Blog, brakes pad with 34 painted on them.

It's a sweet ride, and much better than Brycecake's monster truck, but some might call that a clown car, bro.

UPDATE: As pointed out by Andrew in the comments, here's the inside:

UPDATE 2: Our fashion editor Dan Fuller found a full gallery of pictures.

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  1. Yes, it def has some douchy touches but I dont think it is BAM 34. The picture is fuzzy but I’m thinking it is BAH 34. Wiki has his middle name as Aron.
    maybe the back is Bryce Aron Harper?

  2. If it’s BAM, his second middle name is Max. So Bryce Aron Max.
    **enter Bryce is a douche for having a second middle name comments here**

  3. didn’t one beloved Philly athlete put “The Answer” on shoes, clothes, and his cars?
    carry on.

  4. As a pro athlete or celebrity, I’d want to draw as little attention to myself via my car, house, etc. Too many crazies out there.

  5. CB is 1 of my most visited web sites. I am a huge phils fan and yes Harper is a douche but this site is obsessed with this douche. Give the Harper hate a rest, until he does something worth writing about!

  6. I hated the guy when he was in the minors blowing kisses at pitchers. Since he has been in the Big Leagues he has kept his mouth shut and played hard. Only problem I have at this point with him is that he isn’t on the Phillies………the kid is a ball player.

  7. Stop forcing it man… eventually Phils fans can hate him for dominating them for 15 years, but you do realize every pro athlete customizes their cars, right??? Willing to wager Lou Williams probably has some ridiculous stuff going on his Range Rover.

  8. I just think it’s funny that he spent $150,000 or so to buy and customize a 2010 Mercedes that looks exactly like a 2006 but nothing like the 2012. If I saw that on the road I would assume it’s a drug dealer who picked a 2006 up on the cheap and did some untasteful things to. (2006’s on ebay are under $30,000) Blackouts on the tail lights? Those haven’t been cool since before Bryce was born. Homeboy needs better car buying advice.

  9. Bryce should’ve let Chip Foose customize his ride. That looks like something Manny, Moe and Jack messed around with. Kids these days, no common sense.

  10. so you Phinally let go of Jayson Werth’s sack and have glommed onto Harper’s junk – who gives a shit – another young jock with a fancy ride – snore
    let me know when he shoots himself in the leg

  11. I think I can see buster onley giving him road head on the first picture….

  12. it looks like he lives in Bagdad…….trade Cole Hamels after that cockshot to wright

  13. I remains a colossal embarrassment that a douche like him gets a car like that when so many people have so little. And he even has customized bats in the truck noting a Bible passage. We are a screwed up society.
    To make it worse I’m sure Utley doesn’t have a car anywhere near as douchey as that.

  14. He’s a douche because he has enough money to buy things you can only afford to masturbate to? Uh, OK. Right.

  15. I’ve owned several MB and this one doesn’t do the brand justice. First off, if you’re making BH salary, upgrade to an S class or at least get something a little more true to AMG form. I mean honestly, this one doesn’t even have Keyless Go… I get the sense BH bought this as a first time Benz owner to say he had a customized MB, not because he really knew what he was buying. Then again, his other vehicle is a douche mobile.

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