Jagr Says Flyers Stiffed Armed Him in Contract Negotiations, But He Still Loved it Here

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I apologize for the slow start to the day, had some things to attend to. 

Jaromir Jagr, who, as we've learned, has an outstanding and somewhat demented sense of humor, spoke to Pavel Lysenkov (via Yahoo!) and had some interesting (and nice) things to say about the Flyers.

First, the decision to let Jagr walk (which I don’t necessarily disagree with) was made in part to leave to door (and wallet) open for guys like Zach Parise, Ryan Suter and Shea Weber. Unfortunately, Parise and Suter will be having towel fights in Minnesota, the Predators matched the Flyers’ ballsy offer to Weber… and Jagr went to Dallas. That leaves the Flyers with, um… Ruslan Fedotenko, his oddly shaped head, and a whole lot more of Jakub Voracek.

 Jagr explains:

"I really liked it in Philadelphia, I wanted to stay there. But the Flyers started hunting for the big players on the market — Zach Parise, Ryan Suter. They needed some money under the cap and they said 'Wait a little, Jaromir…' And I didn't want to wait. This is when Dallas came through."


Don’t think Jags is worth $4.5 million at this point, which is what the Stars are paying him, but do think he’s significantly better Fedotenko. Maybe the Flyers should have had a better plan B. 

Anyway, Jagr has no hard feelings. In fact, he loved it here: 

"I have never seen a team like the Flyers. Everyone keeps together. Players understand the coach immediately. The year was such that there was nothing to complain about. We played some wonderful hockey. Just remember the series against Pittsburgh in the first round."


Must be the jam.

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  1. id be much more annoyed by the making Jagr wait thing if he hadnt run out of gas by the end of the year and he wasnt 41 or whatever. It’s not like we lost someone who was a great longterm player like Parise/Suter/Weber would have been.

  2. Stiff Armed him?!?!? Are you kidding me… I’m switching over to the 700 level, these blogs are getting ridiculous and so are the morons that comment in here.

  3. the only cheap owners in this town are the phillies. cant go over the luxury tax two years in a row? with all the money they’re making and the billion dollar tv deal they got coming? i know they’ve spent a lot but relatively speaking they’ve got a lot more coming in than they do going out especially with that new tv deal coming. gotta save up for those yacht parties though!

  4. Skippy- I didn’t say tasered and stole his money. They did, in fact, keep him at arm’s length for a little while. That’s not negative, holmes.

  5. @Jake P
    im just jealous because i cant get invited to any of the phillies yacht parties, that’s all.

  6. If Jags loved Philly and the team then he should have waited. Money should not be an issue for him at his point in his career.

  7. Jags v Rusty isn’t the real comparison. Jagr would’ve taken first line minutes and had one of the young guys playing on the 4th line. Without him, Schenn, Voracek and Cooter all benefit and are able to develop more.

  8. Jags= turn over machine in the playoffs. Looked like he was skating on sand. I love him to death though, I heard he made rhea Hughes squirt…

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