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I’m exactly the type of asshole to, when I hear trash talking, lean in – eavesdrop, if you will – and then throw a little gasoline on the fire. Even if it’s not relevant. I just like drama. A lot.

So, when I read these comments from Brandon Graham about the difference between last year’s Eagles defense and this year’s (besides the fact Nnamdi Asomugha isn’t playing fucking zone), I perked up a bit. Because, you know, I love drama.

What’s the difference, Brandon? [

“I just think the leadership. They got everybody out that was the cancer as they say. But I feel like everyone is more focused, determined and we had that taste last year of not going and don’t want to go through that same feeling again this year.”


As the folks from TI2TH note, the only departures from the Eagles defense this year were Victor Abiamiri, Juqua Parker… and Asante Samuel. I don’t know much about Victor or Juqua, but I don’t think they rated enough to matter. Asante, however, did. And we know he’s a cock. So I’m going to jump to the conclusion that Graham was talking about Samuel. Brandon Graham called Asante Samuel a cancer.  

Hey Brandon, did you hear about the time Asante couldn't wait to touch “all that thickness?" Think he was talking about your girl.