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This story, case and saga will never go away, but the worst attorney in the world, Joe Amendola, might.

Well, sort of.

Speaking to Patriot-News reporter Sara Ganim, Amendola said he will testify that he’s too inadequate to work on Jerry Sandusky’s appeal:

By the end of the year, Amendola will have stepped aside from the Sandusky case.

His plan is to sacrifice his ego, take the stand and declare himself an ineffective attorney in an attempt to help his client get a new trial.

It’s a tactic he has used before. A few years ago, after losing a rape case, he hired a Philadelphia attorney to handle the appeal, took the stand and called himself incompetent to help the 20-something college student who had been convicted.

Becoming a witness in the case means he will no longer be Sandusky’s attorney.


Well! Welcome to the world, Joe. 

Not that he wasn’t handed one of the most unwinnable cases ever, but from the outset it was clear that Amendola was in over his head. That thought was hammered home when, just moments after his client got put away for likely the rest of his life, Joe was a bucket of chuckles with Anderson Cooper on CNN.

And – here comes the big prestige – Amendola wants to… wait for it… keep waiting… almost there… be on TV!

It might be the right time to try something new.

“Legal consultant,” he says, containing a smirk. “For a network.”

He’s talking about the “talking heads” who called him a moron, who criticized him for his decisions and tactics throughout the Sandusky case.

“That probably is the most appealing thing so far, because it removes all the nonsense,” he said. “I think I make sense when I try to explain things. Journalists would say, ‘Enough already, Joe. Enough with the talking.’ But I answered the questions.”

A contract with a network could give him time to teach on the side. Maybe even have time to write a book.

It’s at the top of his mental list.


We didn’t see this coming. No, the press conferences, media parties, and general buffoonery were clearly about getting his client off the hook, not about making Joe Amendola a household name. Clearly.