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Well, at least according to this Business Insider list of People Who Worked Incredibly Hard to Succeed. Doc comes in at number four on the list, just ahead of GE CEO Jeff Immelt and just behind Mark Cuban. Not bad company. The blurb about Doc:

4. Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay's workouts are so intense, others can't make it halfway through them

Cy Young award winning pitcher Roy Halladay is one of the hardest working man in baseball. According to Sports Illustrated, he routinely puts in a 90 minute workout before his teammates make to the field. 

His former pitching coach told SI that when other pitchers attempted one of his workouts, none of them could complete half of it. His pre-game preparation is so intense that he had a personal entrance card to his former team's training facilities.


None of that is exactly new to us– we saw Roy running in shorts in nine degree weather last winterlong-tossing with Kyle Kendrick as crews built an ice rink at CBP this past winter, and he’s often spotted running stadium steps. Still, though, it’s pretty impressive to see Roy recognized on a list that includes Apple CEO Tim Cook, Ryan Seacrest*, and Michael Jordan, who tops the list.

*Stop hating Ryan Seacrest. This is like the Joe Buck situation for me– everyone hates him, but I can’t understand why. He’s very good at what he does. He hosts a daily national radio show, the most popular TV show in the country, a show on E!, has a production company, and so on. Sure, you may not like the content or subject matter with which he deals, but if you’ve ever watched him dance around awkward situations and production gaffs during live broadcasts of Idol – in front of tens of millions – you know how skilled he is as a broadcaster, TV personality, or whatever. The worst thing he’s ever done was accept the job as the social media guy at the Olympics. He’s above that. Hell, he could have hosted the entire thing instead of Bob Costas and his tired shtick. Why Seacrest accepted a role to read Tweets is beyond me… unless, of course, he’s gunning for Costas’ job in 2016 and beyond. Although I suppose it would have been easier for Seacrest just to give Bobby Boy a stroke, like he did with Dick Clark. Because that’s what happened, right?

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