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Yesterday, Snickers. Today, ice cream.

DeSean Jackson wants to be a rap mogul– this is something you know. He’s spending gobs of money to get his label, Jaccpot Records, off the ground. It might work. It probably won’t. But I don’t care about that. What I like is the bits of tid that come to us as a result of said quest.

Last year, there was a $25,000 bar tab, apparently paid for by Jaccpot Records (probably DeSean). Earlier this year, Tim McManus wrote a nice piece about just how much time, money and effort D-Jac is putting into his rap career. And this week, we get D-Jac in an exclusive interview with Yahoo!’s Outside The Game. You can watch the video – which starts with the sexy Angela Sun – after the jump. But one part was particularly enjoyable. From D-Jac’s buddy, Percy Wilkins: 

“The ice cream truck used to run right up and down our street, but he wouldn’t stop. DeSean, one day, chased that ice cream truck around, two blocks up the street, and he caught it. He came back, brought us our ice creams back, and we like, man, you da man. One day you gonna make it.” 


He made it. And he writes rap songs on his iPhone, as we learned in the video. But I’m still not sure how much of an accomplishment this whole ice cream truck thing was. Like, was this one of those Mr. Softee trucks that acted like you should be privileged to eat its cream, stopping only once a block? Or was it one of those whore Jack & Jill trucks that served up screwballs, shitty water ice and Choco Tacos, and stopped at every driveway waiting for someone – anyone – to give it their business. If the latter, I’m not sure if I can really get too excited about ya boi's sprint to secure frozen treats.

Anyway, video after the jump. Includes the line, “this past offseason, he’s been working as hard on rap as if he were drilling for football.” Funstons.