Danny Watkins is Heated Over Some Things Written About Him, Won’t Speak to Media

Screen Shot 2012-10-22 at 4.05.49 PMPhoto: CSN

Hot-head Danny Watkins wanted to put this fire out.

In our second straight post about Eagles (current and former) avoiding the Philly media, Watkins told reporters today that he won’t speak to them right now because he doesn’t like some things that have been written about him.


The Tweets:


Damn, son. Can’t take da heat, get out-o-da flame!

Maybe if Watkins would, you know, fucking block somebody the offensive line wouldn't be such a hot topic this week.

This is just the latest in a series of alarming actions about the mental toughness of Eagles players. Last year, Jason Kelce and Evan Mathis got into a spat with fans over Fire Andy signs outside the NovaCare Complex. More recently, Jason Babin and his wife took issuse with an article written by CSN’s Reuben Frank. Now Watkins is carrying the torch and fanning the flames of discontent by avoiding the media. 

I’ll be honest– this really burns me up. I’m not sure if Watkins is even important enough for reporters to get all hot and bothered over. Nor have there been any heated exchanges that we know of. Maybe this is all a smokescreen for an injury. Who knows? But hey, at least the Week 8 news cycle is warming up just as Hotlanta prepares to bring their hot streak to Philadelphia, where tempers will undoubtedly flare if things don’t go the way of the home team.

Smoke. Fire. Something, something hockey-playing firefighter turned offensive lineman is all bent out of shape over some things written about him. What a pussy.


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  1. Who are these american footballers foolin, eh? with their mouth guards, soft grass, and lack of skates, this guy has lost his touch of his tough Canadian side, eh. Lets put this hoser in some skates and give him a stick and he’d be a decent replacement for Grossman, eh? Because with the way this hoser plays american football, his talent and draft pick belongs in the garburator.

  2. this team isn’t likeable. Every player complains about everything or tweets about the fans/media. Get over it and do your job.

  3. Like John Kruk says: “if you didn’t succeed in Philly, it’s bacause you did’t have the guts to succeed.”

  4. Okay,eh, somebody needs to get the #watkinsdown thing trending on the twitter-verse for every time his ass gets steamrolled by a d tackle.

  5. I would be mad too. He’s the only guy on that offensive line that can block SOMETHING.

  6. That picture was taken only seconds before fourteen gay firemen served him up a hot bukkake.

  7. Should have drafted Gabe Carimi but fat Andy had to outsmart everyone & take a 40 year old fireman

  8. With each passing day, this team becomes less and less likable, and that irritates me no end. Yet another thin-skinned, whiny-assed bitch pretending to be a man gets his panties in a bunch because the media had the nerve to relay to the world what we already knew—HE FUCKING SUCKS! Clearly Watkins is no great shakes as a football player, and, to be honest, I wouldn’t want him to save my house if it were on fire either. Okay, Danny-boy, you don’t want to talk to the media, fine! Then you’d better get your ass in gear and improve or get the fuck out of town! I am so done with pussies like Watkins!

  9. Fuck the fucking media dick lickers! If I were Watkins, I’d tell everyone in the media to suck my humongous clitoris while slapping the fuck out of my gynormous meat curtains. That’s how this bitch rolls, fuck yeah. You pussies who think sports figures should be kind and courteous to the assholes writing bad press about them have your priorities mixed up. Watkins should bend them in half and forcefully place their heads up their weak asses for it imo. Fucking loser scribes.

  10. Here’s a thought, keep your fucking feet moving and destroy whoever is lined up across from you and maybe the evil media will have nice things to say about you. You do realize your job is the block the opposing player and not give them a hand job while you escort them to your QB? Fucking dumb canadian

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