Video: Asante Samuel Laid into Andy Reid After the Game

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Asante Samuel, kind of a dick, laid into Andy Reid in his post-game press conference. Normally, I’m not one to applaud anything Asante says or does – because he’s kind of a dick – but this is hilarious… and fairly accurate.

Apparently, Reid snubbed Samuel before the game (likely because of this Tweet and this press conference, among other things– mostly Samuel being a dick), and that's something to which Samuel didn’t take too kindly.

“Ain’t he the best coach after the bye week? FALSE.” 


That’s the least of the digs at his former coach. Give it a watch, after the jump.

H/T to (@JerichoKenny)

video courtesy CSN


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  1. was he even speaking english? what the fuck was that? i have an easier time understanding bryz.

  2. Everyone loves talking about the bye week. Isn’t there a bye week between the NFC Championship Game and the Super Bowl?

  3. Face it Eagles fans….your team sucks, and its all Reid’s fault. If he didn’t hire Juan as defensive coridinator. You wouldn’t have been using the wide nine. And you could have kept Asante. Instead you traded him and put together a “dynasty”… Of losers. Stop crying and face it……. E.A.G.L.E.SUCK!!!!!!

  4. 1) He got burnt multiple times in that game
    2) Nnamdi > Asante

  5. #1 FUCK YOU to anyone talking shit about Philly. Although, it does have major issues with the “dark”.
    #2 Evertying said in this interview was SPOT ON.
    Asante an be a dick, but he is HONEST and he is CORRECT. 2 things Reid is incapable of being.
    #3 This fan does not hate Asante. You are a little ghetto for me, but I love your honesty and the interceptions you gave us.

  6. PS.
    Talk that shit about out town at Lincoln Financial Field and you’ll leave with your teeth in a cup.
    It’s not internet muscles. Believe it.
    “His level of niggerdom is top notch” = Hillarious!
    (Sorry for the typos)

  7. Id rather have a shitty team than a nigger like that on my team. Im not a racist, theres blacks and then theres niggers(whites can also be niggers). Although he did bring the perception of black people back about 400 years. What he said was true, but its poor sportsmanship, as well as trent cole starting a fight with Gonzalez. Why talk trash when the only highlights of your day were getting burt by djax and getting a stiff arm to the face on shadys td. Ur team beat our ass, but let matt ryan do the trash talking. After all, he earned it.

  8. Assante is a punk but I’m just glad the Reid Regime took another L today. New staff coaching plz thx.

  9. I’d argue the comments on a blog are a reflection of that site and the leaders of said site. Classy place

  10. WOW so this is where drunken racist inbred trash can spew their racist filth.
    You people need to be locked away in an insane asylum.

  11. Well, well, well! The knuckledraggers and the cavemen really came out in force in this thread. Just couldn’t wait for an excuse to use the “n” word, couldn’t you? And who said racism was dead? Not me, not after this. Kyle, I’m surprised, and disappointed you allowed this to go on as it’s disgusting. What’s more, Asante may have been clownish, but he was spot on right about almost everything he said.

  12. Sure am glad this is the kind of post-game discussion available on the blog. Nothing about Vick being replaceable. Nothing about Fat Andy possibly facing the chopping block before the season ends. Nothing about the travesty of a game played yesterday. Instead it’s an ex-player mouthing off and the typical racist/mysoginist unmoderated comments that really make this blog shine. You’re losing readership, Kyle.

  13. I would take Asante over Nmandi any day of the week. No chance you can disagree with that. Asante rarely if ever gets beat deep.

  14. I love when people justify using the word nigger by immediately following it up with the statement that there are white niggers too. If that’s the case then why not just call the black assholes crackers? Internet cowardness ftw.

  15. Asante deserves an ESPY – the Most Ghetto interview

    axe me anything

  16. Fuck Boston, you can never pass off Boston’s bigotry on any other city, for that would be Impossible. Stupid Asshole.
    Asante, dumbass, needs some crayons to go with that locker-room helmet he likes to wear for interviews. Oh, and he needs to have his jaw wired shut so he doesn’t mangle English worse than most people who use English as a second language.
    Sure, any criticisms of the Eagles are spot-on these days (as everything is wrong with the Eagles, but that’s not a new surprise topic). Listening to an epic dumbass who probably reads at a 1st grade level trying to criticize anything is hilarious. That dumbass could be a billionaire and he still wouldn’t be able to speak his own nation’s language without sounding like a complete and utter failure.
    Asante needs an English tutor, or a fucking translator.

  17. Stop boo hooing about the word nigger. If someone is a nigger I call them it, in person or on the computer or wherever. It is not a crime to use the word, stop acting like it is thought police. If you are offended by the word say something back or ignore it. You can’t make people not say a word.

  18. Love this interview. It was so funny when I saw it on CSN this morning. Most entertainment from an Eagles game this year… and I’m an Eagles fan

  19. Can this FUCKING NIGGER speak proper English? Pretty sure Reid is still, what, 13-1 after the bye? That’s pretty fucking good. When you can speak proper English, & not get burnt on a TD every game, hit us up Asante. Your team being 8-0 is irrelevant for you, since you suck & haven’t done jack shit for them, to get them 8-0 thus far.

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