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Consider this the first story to indicate that Jason Babin was a selfish jerk.

Joe Santoliquito, reporting for CBS Philly, had a few sources tell him that at least part of the reason why Babin got cut was because he’s a “me guy”:

Essentially they said Babin was a “me guy,” and the decision to release him didn’t come from Eagles’ coach Andy Reid, but from “above” Reid.

They said Babin personally was a great guy, a good family man, and last year, he was a “we guy” in the locker room. But something changed this year, they said, and Babin began looking more at his individual stats, and they were dropping. The fear was Babin held sway over and could influence some of the younger players, possibly poisoning them as the Eagles’ season sinks, into thinking like him. That’s why it was a needed move, they said, “definitely addition by subtraction.” 


There it is. That’s the one we were waiting for. That’s the dagger. That’s the reason. And when you consider some of the player reactions to Babin being cut, it doesn't come as a surprise. Maybe. Maybe not. Whatever. I can’t, under any circumstances, imagine Jason Babin whining. About anything.