Know Your Loon: Andrew Bynum Said He was Better Than Dwight Howard

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When I first read these Andrew Bynum quotes from before the Sixers-Lakers game last night, I thought Bynum was humbly acknowledging that the Lakers traded him, a number 2, to get Dwight Howard, undeniably a number 1, because that’s what a non-loon would say. And that’s what a reasonable person would expect to hear.

But no.

Not from Andrew Bynum, who is a loon. 

When asked about being traded for Howard, who had 17 and 11 last night as the Lakers thumped the Sixers, Bynum, who combed his hair like a Pimp Named Slickback, offered up the following: [CSN via Liberty Ballers

"I think Dwight's a great player, but he's going to have to get accustomed to playing with Kobe obviously, and not touching the ball every single play."

"Later I thought I was able to get the ball more and do more things with the ball, so I could definitely see how at the end it could stunt growth. Winning championships there was fun. But obviously my time there is done. Health is the main concern with me now."

"I don't regret anything. Personally, they traded No. 1 for No. 2 and that is what happened."


If you read that again, or didn’t skim it like I originally did, you’ll notice that Bynum said he was the number one. I don’t think I need to list the reasons why that  statement, especially at this time, is preposterous. But if you’d like, I’m sure Rach Recklesss could give you a few– since she's longtime friends with Bynum.

What struck me as even more passive-aggressive was Bynum’s jab at Kobe, who went out of his way last week to compliment Bynum.

Said the rapist: []

"He can do everything," Kobe Bryant said after Friday's 102-96 Lakers win over the Washington Wizards at the Verizon Center. "There really isn't anything he can't do."

"The biggest thing for Andrew is just his health," Bryant said. ". . . If he gets healthy, they have an incredible, incredible center." 

"He is a pretty even-keeled guy, but he has a temper which I always enjoyed because he was always kind of on edge," said Bryant, whose team is just 10-14 and snapped a four-game losing streak with the victory over the Wizards. "I just hope he gets healthy."


Bynum’s dig at Kobe’s ballhogginess (how I interpreted it) stunting his growth, while perhaps accurate, is fairly ballsy thing to say, especially for a guy who stunted his own growth this year by bowling a bit too aggressively.


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  1. He also said that Kobe stunted his development and held him down.
    I don’t want this guy to play a single game for the Sixers’. Just let him walk when the season is over.
    At least they got rid of Iggy’s contract and took a chance.

  2. Ma Boi Bynum, and his 9 inch ebony stick, is number 1. He’s ma old, long time friend. We’ve known each other fo’ 2 weeks now!!one! I had Howard too, an’ he ain’t no Bynum! Bynum is ma numba 1. nahmsayin’? Mikey Miss? Nahmsayin’?
    BTW Sean Bryce def tried to roofie me aT penthouse club. We were doin’ shot number 9 on the night, because who gives a fuck if I drink and drive at da club? So, I’m driving home with him Nahmsayin’? I get to my mom’s house and I don’t remember SHIT! I wake up and Bryce’s is pumping into me. Like, What da fuck? I haven’t had a white cock since, like da 7th grade. Dats how We Northeast bitches roll! Nahmsayin? Cause I blacked da fuck out, it musta been roofies n shit. Way 2 set me up with a date rape Mikey Miss, nahimean?

  3. @FACE
    word. too bad. if Bynam was what he could be the Sixers could have been legit and look like the winners far and away out of that 3 team swap. Oh well.

  4. I think Andrew Bynum is absolutely far and away better than Howard when healthy. The Lakers are 3 games under .500 with Kobe and Dwight. The Lakers won 2 championships with Bynum as their starting center. So until Dwight wins two rings with the Lakers, Bynum is better. When healthy and without Kobe in the lineup, he puts up absurd numbers. I think Kyle is a little fag boy that hates basketball and makes fun of the home team’s best player constantly. What the fuck are you gonna do when he averages the inevitable 20-10 every night and the sixers start making some noise?
    Yes, it’s ok to make fun of him now because hasn’t played yet and its shady. Just a Philly blogger you should back up our stars, not side with the rest of the NBA.
    In other words,
    Kyle Scott is a phony Philly sports fan

  5. @FU Davey Johnson:Until that clown Andrew Bynum suits up and actually play a game for the Sixers you shouldn’t refer to him as one of our Philly stars,since he gained his stardom in LA not Philly.
    And finally tell him the pimped out perm look went out of style in Philly 40yrs ago.

  6. Yo Kyle whats up with all the advertisements lately???? the site is beginning to look like the outfield in that Major league movie

  7. Howard should be the most dominate center in the league with his size and speed but his offense sucks. Health Bynum is a better center. If you don’t think so they you just watch highlights and not games.

  8. You write a lot of ignorant shit but this is by far top 5 most ignorant articles you’ve ever written. Do the world a favor and never write about basketball again because although your knowledge on all sports is that of a retarded infant, your knowledge on basketball is by far the least, especially when it comes to the nba. Keep up doing your best to drive players out of town, prick. Glad you’re still enjoying making a living off of being the ultimate scum of the earth. Bynum is widely regarded by many ppl as better than Dwight when healthy, the fact that this is news to you shows you have zero business giving your opinion on the nba. And regarding your attempt at humor with referring to Kobe as a rapist…good one buddy, too bad that got old 10 years ago.

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