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I always thought that this job might kill Doug Collins one day. He’s bounced back nicely from first-season frustrations. But now, sans Andre Iguodala and his replacement, a loon, Collins seems to be as frustrated as ever with his inconsistent Sixers. 

Last night, after a home loss to the Hornets, Collins complained to reporters about not having solutions to the Sixers’ problems:

“What do they say the definition of insanity is? Doing the same thing and expecting different results. So, I didn’t want you to call me insane after the game. I… [maniacal laugh]… had to try something.”


And then, Collins took his frustrations out on Inquirer beat writer John Mitchell* (can’t blame him for that) for asking a question about players tuning out Collins:

“Are you kidding me? No, you’re digging. That’s not a good question, John.”


He wasn’t kidding, Doug.

*Mitchell is the same guy who thought he had a scoop in August with a four-month-old report that Andrew Bynum was scheduled to undergo a knee procedure in Germany. He’s also the same guy who, apparently, thought that reports of players tuning out a coach were the work of snitches.

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