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This was in the roundup this morning, but I felt it deserved calling out. 

Michael Schwimer, the now ex-Phillies below average reliever who once wrote a letter to Grantland, who once complained about me throwing an extra M into his name, who is married to a female bodybuilder, who whined last season about being demoted to the minors instead of being placed on the DL, who apparently may file (or has filed) a grievance with the players’ association over that issue, was asked about how his new teammates compared to the Phillies. "I didn’t like how everyone was so serious about winning and stuff in Philly," is basically what he said: [National Post]

“This is different,” he said with a smile on Sunday morning. “My initial impression is that it’s a lot more relaxed than the Phillies’ locker room was. Everybody’s having fun, kind of doing their own thing, happy. The Phillies [clubhouse] was a lot more kind of regimented and plan-oriented.”


Oh, I’m sorry, did you not enjoy the winning environment cultivated by the likes of Roy Halladay, Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins? Was that too hard for you to handle being around people who were serious about their craft? Couldn’t hack being sent to the minors when you pretended to be injured? Enjoy toiling in baseball obscurity for whatever is left of your career.