The Sixers Make Me Want to Punch a Baby or Small Child

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It’s nice to see that the rest of the world is finally coming around on the joke that is the 2012-2013 Sixers. 

For months, I’ve been harping on the sad state of their ticket prices: Two cents, 89 cents, Groupon. Now they’re are running a Living Social deal that gets you a mezzanine level ticket for $21. Look: [sent in by several readers]

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But what idiot would do that when you can buy 18 tickets for under a dollar? That’s what one fan, (@mleif), did for last night’s laugher at the Well. I actually met this guy once and he, strangely, refused to shake my hand because he didn’t like my website. So I’m sure it will gall him to see his Tweet right… here:

Anyway, the ticket thing might be the least of the Sixers’ worries right now.

Thad Young is out for at least three weeks with a hamstring issue. 

Andrew Bynum is in sporting limbo, which sounds like something that could totally cause him a setback. He told reporters the other day that doctors are worried about a bone bruise forming during this critical juncture in his rehab. And if that isn’t the most foreboding sentence ever written about a knee injury, I don’t know what is.

Bynum’s trade buddy, Jason Richardson, who has the 13th most made three-pointers in NBA history, the sort of stat the Sixers like to jam down our throats like we’re fucking children, will miss the remainder of the season with – you guessed it – a knee injury, which will require surgery and 6-9 months of recovery.  

Perhaps Adam Aron was right when he called the trade that sent Bynum and Richardson to Philadelphia breathtaking… it sucked the wind right out of the Wells Fargo Center. You wouldn’t really know it from Aron’s Tweets, though. I like the Sixers CEO and respect his efforts to breathe some life into the team (see what I did there?), but, from the beginning, many of the Sixers’ fan-friendly initiatives have felt more Disney than Philly. I detailed some examples here, so I won’t rehash. But man, in what world does an NBA executive of an East Coast team think that people really care about gimmicky shit like this:

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No doubt that injuries have cost the Sixers dearly this year, but we shouldn’t be that surprised. Their two biggest offseason acquisitions, the same ones that got everyone into an irrational tizzy, were a loony center with a history of knee problems and an aging shooter. Now here we are, with both guys injured, with no one in the seats, and with another lousy basketball team. And all the coach can do is laugh. 

I hate to say "I told you so." But, you know…

Video of Collins joking with reporters, after the jump.


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  1. I find it hard to watch the NBA anymore, given the Sixers have sucked for what seems like forever. I am tired of them trying to sell us on a hyped up team who in reality is barely a playoff contender even if Bynum was healthy IMO. This team sucks.

  2. Adam Aron doesn’t get the city, huh? He got rid of one of the most maligned players in recent Philadelphia sports history when he dealt “Dre”. He replaced Iggy with an elite center which is what fans of this team have been demanding for years. He changed the atmosphere at the games to be much more fan and family friendly instead of the stale shenanigans the organization had been pulling for years. He is opens himself up to the public and does not hide in the front office. I’d say that he is more a “Philly” guy than most CEO’s that have passed through this city.
    Try to just put a little thought into your comments before hitting the ‘post’ button, you uneducated imbecile.

  3. Although I do appreciate what Aron does on a daily basis (promoting, staying engaged with fans, and all around being passionate about his job/this team), do know he’s the CEO not the GM. He didn’t deal Iguodala or bring in Bynum. That would be DiLeo (or Thorn, can’t remember if he stepped down before or after the Bynum deal).

  4. I guess my point is that so many people blame him for the performance of the team and the product put on the court and if you are going to claim he has a hand in that, you should give him credit for the moves that have been made during his tenure.

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