Andy Reid Gets Birthday Surprise From Philly Reporters

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 1.50.32 PMPic via (@Jeff_McLane)

Karma, again.

Today is Andy Reid’s birthday, and I can’t imagine a better way for him to have spent it than by getting ready for the luau… and meeting with Philly reporters.

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Reid, now the coach of the Chiefs (in case you hadn’t heard), along with all the other AFC coaches, spent some (presumably mandatory) time with the media today at the NFL meetings in Arizona. But a funny thing happened to Reid: No one from KC showed up to interview the fat man. Instead, he was surrounded by his favorite folks from the city that didn't love him back, at all– Jeff McLane, Les Bowen, Tim McManus, Zach Berman and other Philly scriptuals. Poor guy.

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I bet he does, Les. Now, WHO WANTS CAKE?

Tim McManus has some takeaways from the meeting over at Philly Mag.


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  1. Man, I bet Andy Reid gets so tired of Les Bowen and Co. always asking him to talk about the Eagles and Chip Kelly. That’s like your ex-girlfriend’s friends constantly talking to you about how great and attractive her new boyfriend is.

  2. Kyle I admire your restraint in not publishing the Didinger email. if it does exist.

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