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Of course he does. 

Speaking to reporters today at the NFL meetings in Arizona – where Andy Reid once again appeared in a photo with Chip Kelly (I don’t know why I think that’s hilarious) – Jeffrey Lurie said that he wanted to maintain a stadium that Al Gore and feminists could be proud of host a Super Bowl… and he seemingly forgets about that little snow incident two years: []

"Growing up in Boston, I went to more great games in snow conditions," Lurie said during the lunch recess at the NFL Meetings at the Arizona Biltmore hotel. "Some of the most memorable games I've ever been to were very difficult and wonderful conditions. I would have no fear of it snowing — as long as there's no public safety issue that day, I think it would be great if it's snowing a bit."

Asked then if he would seek a roman-numeraled game for Philly, Lurie said. "I will. Yes, I will. If it's a success. New York will help us."


Obviously, this would be fantastic. Philly missed out on chances to host the 2016 Olympics and 2022 World Cup (instead we got the NHL Entry Draft and the Catholic Meeting of Families…), so hosting a hypothetical Super Bowl would be great… and I’m sure would provide the national media plenty of opportunities to write about how we’re all assholes.