The Crazy Girl Selling Flyers Tickets on Craigslist is Not Real

UPDATE: Earlier, we posted about a crazy girl who was selling Flyers tickets and her companionship on Craigslist all in an effort to make her ex-boyfriend jealous (you can read the post, minus the pictures, after the jump). Well, she’s fake. It’s all a scam. Within about 30 minutes of the post, I received three emails from family and friends of a local girl whose Facebook and email were hacked two years ago. Pictures of her have been used in several online scams, including this one, on various websites. The family had previously contacted police.

Manti T'eo is turned on.

Somewhere, Susan Finkelstein is flat out marveling at the ingenuity with which this Northeast girl disguised what is, ostensibly, a sex-for-tickets offer.

Reader Simon dug up this Craigslist ad. I fucking love you, the Northeast:

Okay heres the deal: Bought really good Flyers-Bruins tickets for a guys birthday. Two weeks later he cheated on me. I still have the tickets. At first I considered selling them but then I thought to myself "fuck that, why shouldnt I get to enjoy the game?" cause i love hockey. I tried to get a few of my girl friends to go but they arent into hockey. So I got this dumb idea Lol. What the hell lets see where this goes. Looking for someone tobuy the pairoff me, and take me to the game (including transporation) with one of the tickets. I paid 450 for them and im only charging half that! Just looking for a date for the night, nothing serious. Must know how to have fun and not be shy. Maybe even willing to take a few pics with me to put up on facebook just for fun


Lower Center 124 


Row 7 | Seats 14-15 

I attached a pic of myself because i know most of you fuckers are shallow like that


Yes, us fuckers are shallow like that. So thank you for including the perfect selfshotted duo of both your cleavage and your see, I once went to a playoff game t-shirt. That’s the move for picking up Flyers fans online– boobs and Orange Crush giveaway t-shirts. Claude Giroux girl has an entire account dedicated to these things (really). But warning, folks: this chick is Kia crrrrrrrrazy. Total heartbreak jealous mode. Maybe even willing to take a few pics with me to put up on facebook just for fun???  Yeah, she’s either going to fuck you or kill you. It’s 50-50. Then again, $200 for a lower level ticket just a stone’s throw from Bryz and a fuck-death finisher… well, that might be a game of Russian roulette worth playing. I need a reader to take her up on this offer.

Disclaimer: I’m not responsible if she cuts you up into a million little pieces and then mails them to her ex-boyfriend… but I do get first right of refusal on the story. 


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  1. I apologize for my son’s behavior. I didn’t raise him to be such a misogynistic creep, it was his father’s fault.

  2. I’m shallow as hell and the pic was the wrong idea, maybe if she was still paying for the tickets I’d think about it. I need a bathing suit pic, this is a tough decision. Kyle are you turning CB into a dating site, because if you are I am all for it.

  3. Paying too much money to drive this crazy broad to see the Flyers lay down to whoever their opponent is while her ex is busy banging someone hotter. THAT’ll show him.

  4. HO HOOOOO!!! This girl is ABSOLUTELY SPECCCTTTAAACCCUUULLLAAARRR. If she buys me a sixer of #Amstel, I will make love to her #BetweenTheBenches while the mites on ice look on. Take a gander, boys…birds and bees…birds and bees.

  5. I’ve been chatting away with her. She’s actually a pretty normal chick, just very open minded & pissed at her ex. I offered her $400 for a blumkin video and she accepted.

  6. For a sec thought she had a ring on wedding finger but it’s a mirror so not engaged or married. It’s the Bruins if anyone was wondering. I have tix to that game so will swing over and see what I can see.

  7. This is a hacker, they stole my sisters indentity and are using it to scam people on multiple social media sites. This isnt the actions of the person represented in the picture. Please just take this shit down.

  8. this is a hacker and is not the person represented in the pictures this is not real and the person talking tonher is probably talking to some fat man because it is not the girl in the pictures

  9. Go hack yourself. You’re just jealous she already said she is taking me. Was easy, a simple dick pic and I sent her the $200 through paypal (because that is the safest way) already so back off sucker.

  10. Kyle Scott fucks his mom! He had a mild boner when he saw the Craigslist ad, but quickly thrusted it into his mothers seeping wet cunt once he found out it was a fake. He pumped her full of his ejaculate and then went ass to mouth. The rumours are true! You heard it here first guys! Don’t let this mother fucker’s mother pump out another faggot like him. Demand an abortion! Petition it up on ! Do your duty to the country: Stop Kyle Scott from fucking his mom in her droopy festering cunt!

  11. I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight without hearing Angelo Cataldi’s take on Kyle getting catfished by this chick

  12. Above comments are more proof that all cb posters are nerdy Virgins.
    Switching topics, Kyle, I need you to give me access to your bank accounts.

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