Donuts, Beer and Wifi Among Newest CBP Additions

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Sounds like three things that would make for a sexy evening.

The Phillies held their annual see and taste event to show the media all the great new and expensive food and stuff you can buy at the Citizens Bank Park this year. [I don’t know why they wouldn’t invite the most-read sports blog in Philadelphia to cover such an event. Really, that’s just bad PR. Hey, that guy has a website that a lot of young professionals with disposable income and a penchant for binge drinking read… we wouldn’t want to invite him to an event peddling expensive shit with HUGE MARGINS! ] With the exception of Federal Donuts, which we already told you about, there aren’t many notable additions. But this stood out:

For the first time at the ballpark, Phillies fans will have access to XFINITY WiFi hotspots powered by Comcast to access favorite sports apps, stream video, share pictures, check live stats and email. It's free for fans while they're in Ashburn Alley, the centerfield rooftop concession area and Harry the K's. Simply look for "xfinitywifi" on mobile devices to access the service.


Chances that that’s not the most unreliable, glitchy and painfully slow Wifi hotspot in all the land?

You can view the entire press release and watch video from 6 ABC after the jump.

NEW! Menu Items

The buzz has already started about the new food offerings at Citizens Bank Park. From traditional ballpark fare…to foods with Philadelphia flavor…to healthier and gluten-free options, fans once again have plenty to choose. With this vast selection comes several new additions for the 2013 season:


  • Federal Donuts:  Experience Philadelphia's latest food sensation – Fried chicken and gourmet donuts! It's the latest tasty add-on to Ashburn Alley, and located behind Section 140 in left field.
  • Alley Brewing Company: A beer garden has finally come to the ballpark! Located behind the bullpens in Ashburn Alley, it is the place in the ballpark to find the largest selection of domestic, import, regional and micro brews. Features a custom-made Alley Brewing Company Lager – made exclusively for Phillies fans attending the game.
  • Gluten-Free Dedicated Stand: Now there's a new stand behind Section 136 dedicated to make it easy for fans on a gluten-free diet. Gluten-free items include hot dogs, pizza, cheesesteaks, Bull's BBQ pork sandwiches and a variety of snacks.
  • Buffalo Chicken Wings and more! Wings, sandwiches, tenders and cheesesteaks are now at stands all throughout the ballpark.
  • Homemade, Hand-Crafted & Fresh-Baked! More tasty food has been added including hand-crafted burritos and nachos (behind Section 122), homemade Cuban style and buffalo chicken panini sandwiches (behind Section 134), and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies (South Philly Markets).

NEW HARRY THE K'S OFFERINGS: Harry the K's, the Phillies outfield, sit-down restaurant, will offer a new variety of items such as:

  • Harry's Double Dog (extra-long hot dog, pickled red onions, tomato relish,  jalapeño cheddar cheese sauce)
  • Chicago Dog (Sweet green relish, diced tomatoes, onions, peppers, poppy seeded bun)
  • Hickory Smoked Pulled Pork (Bourbon barbecue sauce, coleslaw, potato bun)
  • Chicken Burger (Red onion slaw, pickled tomatoes, citrus-Dijon aioli, griddled brioche bun)
  • Slow Roasted Beef (Wilted baby spinach, fontina cheese, roasted red peppers, horseradish aioli)
  • Smoked Turkey Wrap (Applewood smoked bacon, tomatoes, bibb lettuce, black pepper aioli, whole wheat wrap)
  • Toasted Chicken Grinder (Roasted peppers, mozzarella, baby spinach, oven dried tomatoes, house-cured pickles, spicy chili garlic relish, extra virgin olive oil)

NEW! Latest in Fashion & Merchandise

The Majestic Clubhouse Store at Citizens Bank Park, open seven days a week from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., has been recently revamped and redesigned to meet the needs of every Phillies fan. Below is a glimpse of all the newbies at the store, with many items also featured on, where fans can shop 24/7.

  • NEW ERA CAP WALL WITH "MAGIC MIRRORS": Thousands of Phillies caps – and a hat for every head. This massive New Era Cap wall at the Majestic Clubhouse Store is an MLB first, designed with the team's logo and customized with "magic" mirrors.
  • NEW GOLF GEAR: A new dedicated section in the Majestic Clubhouse Store features lots of new Phillies golf gear to get that swing going! Highlights include Foot Joy men's golf shoes, golf head covers, Tiger Woods Nike golf apparel, balls, tees, and golf tools.
  • PHILLIES BLING: It's the latest in fashion for ladies sportswear. The new line of sleek and exclusive Phillies jewelry features Phillies Charm bracelets and beads, logo art jewelry including Ovation and MVP earrings complete with matching necklaces, as well as a Phillies Halo necklace with pendant.
  • PHANATIC PHLAIR: The Phanatic knows how to represent the P! Here are some of the hot, new must-have items modeled after the Phillies loveable mascot:
  • Limited Edition Phanatic of the Month: Each month, there will be a new and exclusive Phanatic bobble head revealed. Twelve in total – and only 150 of each style available for sale – these unique bobbles bobble all over and are sure to be a fan favorite.
  • Pump Action Dangle hat: The popular dangle hat got a makeover – with a tongue that sticks out – just like the Phanatic himself!
  • Phanatic Hug-a-Pet: The Phanatic is now among the latest children's toy craze.
  • Phanatic Bedroom: Lots of Phanatic phurnishings to make sure fans get a good night's sleep. New décor includes a Phanatic Bed-in-A-Bag and Phanatic Lionel Train.
  • Lionel Racing Phanatic Car: Zoom away with this unique car made just for kids and the kids at heart!
  • EXCLUSIVE PHILLIES TEXTURED TEES (feels like a pretzel and more): These all new textured WORDMARK T-shirts from Majestic feature the Phillies logo in different colors (neon!) and graphics. There are 11 different versions, including a special salute to hometown teams, a new name and number style tee, Philly Pretzel Tee, and Irish and Italian color tees. A special 2 for $40 deal will run throughout the entire regular season as these tees are sure to fly off the racks!
  • GAME-USED ITEMS – STRAIGHT OFF THE FIELD: Fans now have the chance to get "Today's Game" items at Phillies Authentics, the game-used and autographed memorabilia shop, located behind Section 133 on the Main Concourse. It's the first time that fans will be able to purchase items, such as game-used baseballs and bases, from that day's game.

NEW! Technology

  • FREE XFINITY WiFi: For the first time at the ballpark, Phillies fans will have access to XFINITY WiFi hotspots powered by Comcast to access favorite sports apps, stream video, share pictures, check live stats and email. It's free for fans while they're in Ashburn Alley, the centerfield rooftop concession area and Harry the K's. Simply look for "xfinitywifi" on mobile devices to access the service.
  • PHILLIES TICKET KIOSKS: Future tickets may now be purchased and printed at Phillies Ticket Kiosks located at the First and Third Base Gate ticket windows and Majestic Clubhouse Store. Phillies Ticket Kiosks are also available for day-of-game ticket pickup with the credit card used to purchase the tickets. 


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  1. No wifi can we worse than the crap they offer at Drexel. Too many students, too little hot spots there.

  2. Great, walk to dead center for any hope of a wifi signal? What is this a Supper 8 in Bosie? No thanks. I’m guessing less thn 75% occupancy this season. We’ll be mathematically ellimanated by Ramadan. Chase’s knees are butterscotch that Howard puts on his fat assed sundries.

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  4. You weren’t invited because the Phillies are smart enough to know you’re not really “media”, or a respected journalist.
    I can also assure you that everyone inside of the Phillies organization is aware of CB, so it’s not like you were “forgotten”. You just aren’t necessary at an event like that. You run a fucking blog about penises and brunch. Get over yourself.
    Anyway, you’re doing them a favor by covering the story anyway.

  5. Am I the only one who thinks having donuts at a baseball park is just stupid? I don’t want to have a donut with my beer. I want a hot dog, maybe some nachos, and some motha’f’n peanuts and crackerjacks, not a God damn powdery donut.

  6. @Randy Jackson: So don’t buy one.

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  12. I couldn’t care less about who fucks whose mom but I do know that the fucking dangle hats need to GTFO of the park ASAP. This ain’t San Francisco, people. Those corny motherfuckers might have 2 World Series Championships in the past 3 years but they’re still the most annoying fans in baseball with their stupid fucking dangle hats. Stop buying them here, please.

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