Oh No Big Deal, Roy Halladay Just Lost 10 Pounds in Two Days

Oh hey nothing to see here just Roy Halladay whose career has taken a mysterious downturn after nagging injuries and a seeming inability to pitch in the heat has chipped away at his effectiveness and velocity and a recent stomach bug caused him to OH MY GOD HE LOST 10 POUNDS IN TWO DAYS.

CSN Philly:

Roy Halladay has lost 10 pounds over the last few days, but he hopes to be strong enough to make his next start Saturday in Sarasota.

“I’m feeling better,” he said late Tuesday morning. “My stomach is better. I’m trying to get my strength back. I’m a little weak from not eating and passing fluids.”


First, that’s disgusting. Second, we’ve all had nasty stomach bugs, and while Halladay has substantially more extra (muscle) weight to shed than us mere humans, losing 10 pounds in two days is still a bit extreme, especially when you consider the fact that he was at the ballpark on both Sunday and Monday. Generally, the type of stomach bug that causes you to lose 10 pounds in two days also forces you to not get out of bed and pitch in a Major League Baseball game (!!!). Yeah, I’m still concerned about Doc.


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  1. Something does not add up, that is a lot of weight in a “few” days. I hope there is not more going on with him. As long as he is not checked out by the Sixers doctors he should be okay!

  2. I hope he has cholera, the fucking pile of trash. Ruben needs to take him out back and shoot him before he ruins this city’s chance at glory. Fuck Halladay. Worst Phillies acquisition in history. Id rather have brett meyers…Hes got one more chanpionship ring than halladay does. Hallady is a waste of honest sperm. Hasn’t done jack fuckin shit for us. And what do you do with a lame horse? Shoot it in the face. Balls in your court now Ruben you snot nosed tortilla rolling spic red neck sand nigger faggot.

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