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Maybe those La Salle kids should have raised money for the team to get to LA.

I’m kidding. That’s mean. Great run for La Salle, they were just outplayed and overmatched by a better, bigger team. Congrats to those guys. Really.

– Meanwhile, in less fluffy prose, F the Flyers. Brayden Schenn and Wayne Simmonds in a shootout? Sure, Claude Giroux ripped off his panty-dropper, The Datsyuk, but then Schenn skated directly into the goalie and Simmonds nearly fell: [Giroux and Simmonds]


These are the sorts of Tweets I’m getting, about the Flyers, not the Sixers:

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Paul Holmgren will, and should, most certainly be fired this summer. 

– Adam Aron is bringing Allen Iverson back again for a one-game money grab. I can’t tell what is more annoying– the Sixers continuous celebration of a yesteryear that few care about (Iverson notwithstanding) or the Flyers putting up another Broad Street Bullies shrine.

– The Braves will be giving away 45,000 foam tomahawks on Monday, according to former CB contributor turned Braves radio guy Kevin McAlpin… wonder what they’ll do with the 25,000 leftovers:

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Prepare for a nauseating tribute to Chipper Jones before the game.

The Phillies are your office coworkers

– After the jump, my mini rant on Great Sports Debate. I got a haircut… now I just need to hit the gym and get a tan (I think Julie Dorenbos and Susie Celek are going to help me out there). I look like Mike Nardi when he had mono.