Report: The Sixers Can’t Wait to Get Rid of Doug Collins

So much for having a marrrrrvelous coach.

According to a report by Bob Ford in the Inquirer, the Sixers are wishing for Doug Collins to retire… so they don’t have to fire (and pay) him:

According to multiple league sources, the 76ers organization privately hopes that coach Doug Collins decides not to return for the 2013-14 season and, regardless of his decision, it does not intend to extend his contract – which has one year remaining.

“I think he’s gone at the end of the year. He’ll be moving on,” said one NBA source with intimate knowledge of the situation. “He’ll decide to leave, and they won’t be upset about it. They would like to see it work out that he decides to move on.”

Collins, who will be 62 this summer, will be the one making the decision. Management is not eager to get into a public-relations war with a popular former player and charismatic local hero. The two sides would have to come to an agreement to settle the contract, but if that is the price of a peaceful parting, the organization might consider it a bargain.

Collins is owed $4.5 million next year. If he retires, he doesn’t get that money. If he’s fired, he does. That means there could be an awkward breakup, one that it sounds like the Sixers would like to avoid, for PR reasons. But why? Spike Eskin put it perfectly on

It’s also a ridiculous concern, because to have a public relations issue, the public has to care in the first place. In case the team hasn’t noticed the thousands upon thousands of empty seats at every game, slim to no chatter on sports radio or at the proverbial water cooler about the team, or any other of the many signs that no one cares about the team right now, let me be the first to deliver the news; guys, nobody cares. When I say nobody, I don’t mean to insult the die-hards that stick with the team through thick and thin, but the group is small and waning, and is made up largely by sadomasochists.

The new ownership group has spent two years trying cull the best moments and figures from the Sixers’ past. Collins is a part of that. But the team has extremely overestimated how much people care about that shit, especially since they’re the fourth, perhaps fifth, team in the city. Bringing back old songs, Dr. J, and Wilt Chamberlains’ court are nice touches, but those things aren’t winning them any new fans. Same with their love of Collins– he just used to play for the team and speaks well. Now he’s become kind of annoying, and I don’t think his players like him. It would be a good move, moving on.


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  1. I agree that Sixers fan base is dwindling, but I disagree that getting rid of Collins is the right move. We get a good coach in here after the likes of Eddie Jordan, etc. now you want to fire him. That’s crazy Kyke.

    1. That’s actually a good idea Candy. Have it at John F. Byrne’s & head over to the 3 monkey afterward for some beers.

  2. you’re an idiot who has no credibility whatsoever. you just cited spike eskin as a good source.

  3. Candy, I think that is the best comment you ever wrote. Kyle the ball is in your court, set it up. All your sponsors can get involved. Tour Golf, 75 cent high life’s from Lucy’s can make it an interesting day.

  4. Well, I can’t say this came as any great surprise. Throughout his coaching career, Doug Collins has NEVER lasted in any one place for longer than three years before the players tune him out with his perpetually grating style. Anybody who thought things would be different here is either naive or delusional. While Collins was sabotaged this season thanks to the Andrew Bynum disaster, the simple truth is that he’s reached his shelf life in Philly and the team’s ready to cut him loose. Meanwhile, I agree wholeheartedly with Spike Eskin in that practically NO ONE in town would give a damn if Collins is fired as interest in the Sixers is at rock bottom, hell, you could probably drum up more interest in the Union right now. It’s a shame for Doug whom I liked, but clearly it’s time for him to go, one way or the other.

  5. I agree that Doug begins to wane on players, but he seems to also have players (except for Jrue and Thad and POSSIBLY Turner) that have already peaked as far as potential. I don’t think Doug had as much input in bringing in some of these players as we are lead to believe, either. D. Wright and Nick Young??? These two guys would have fit nicer if Iggie were still on the team. Anyone think we should begin a campaign to get Jay Wright to coach the 76ers??? Otherwise, we will get a retread coach, which would not be any better than having Doug. Get a former player that is currently an assistant, like Bryan Shaw, or maybe Patrick Ewing? How about Eric Snow or Aaron McKie?

    1. if you think Jay Wright is leaving his cushy Villanova gig for the current state of the Sixers, I’m afraid you’re dreaming.

  6. Count me in for the golf outing. Kyle could maybe hire some girls of philly to be beer cart girls.

    -Also can’t beat that 75 cent Highlife deal, That beer goes down so good

  7. i cant believe the complete and utter demise of the sixers within less than a year. though they werent beating the heat, they almost made the conference finals last may. i thought they had finally bought into doug collins system and i saw them as an up-and-coming team. instead, they make that awful and infamous trade for the loon, they bring in a horrible cast of supporting players, collins loses his stronghold on the team, and the sixers now end up finishing with less than 33 wins! UGH!

    1. well the new supporting cast was based entirely on Bynam’s presence in the middle, so without him, the new cast of jump shooters was doomed from the start.

  8. Phil Collins needs to go for his own sake. He does not look healthy coaching out there & it would be good for the players to hear a new voice

      1. No no no, I’m pretty sure that Tom Collins was the one who sang “In the air tonight”, in fact I’m sure of it..

  9. Hey Kyle, what are you doing tonight? I’ll be in Philly…maybe we can meet up and… ya know

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  12. Cant wait to read all the trash talk on Bryz today, despite him being the best player on the ice tonight…gee, ya give the guy a day off and he comes back strong, who’d a thunk it? I wonder what the bs talking points will be:

    “Bryz isn’t tough enough to deal with the Philly media because he gave a snappy response to the napgate nonsense after the game”?

    Or will it be,

    “He can’t stop a breakaway omgomg he’s the worst! He should be able to stop them once in awhile…eventhough him stopping the occasional breakaway wouldn’t mean shit because this team gives them up like a whore gives up her snatch..But hey! Let’s amnesty him anyway! 51 million omgomgomgomg”

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