Scott Hartnell Enters Alimony Tweeting Game (!!!)

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 3.09.21 PMYES. And I mean, YES! Scott Hartnell has taken a page from the LeSean McCoy book of social media, and it’s bound to bring glorious things.

If you are unawares, Hartnell and his ex-wife, Lisa Renneke, had a bit of a nasty divorce. And now, it would seem, Hartnell is done paying Renneke for being married to a hockey player. He tweeted this, and it was awesome:

Not since McCoy called his BM “worthless” have we seen such online carnage as the result of a failed union between a slut and an athlete. Kudos to Hartsy for landing a direct blow on the teet of gold-digging. Now if only he had cracked a joke about that whole Jeff Carter rumor… then we really would have stood and applauded. Or I would have, at least.

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16 Responses

  1. I’m not normally one to rag on Kyle, but where the fuck are the fucking comments? Also FUCK Cataldi

  2. From earlier today: “You may have noticed our new look. Do read about it here. We’ve already blown the new server in just over 12 hours and had to upgrade. There may be some issues with the site today and, more likely, some comments made this afternoon may drop off. But that’s all just temporary.”

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