The Phillies are Already Struggling with Attendance

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 3.06.50 PM

Relatively speaking, of course.


They didn’t even top 40,000 each of those two days.

Yeah, that’s not good.

For a team that sold out three straight seasons, failing to come even close for weekend opening series games, I can assure you, is more than mildly concerning for the team. They couldn’t even get close enough to fudge the numbers this weekend.

So, what to do? Back to the hot dog wrappers. Almost:

Please enjoy a Buy One, Get One free offer* for the April 9 game (Hatfield Phillies Franks Dollar Dog Night) versus the New York Mets for designated seating areas priced $38 or less. To order your tickets, click on the “T” icon below and enter the password: WELCOME


There’s more, too. Suddenly, the Phillies realized that they have to use social media for things other than pictures of giveaways:

Game 4 of the season. Home, against the Mets. Tickets, $10.

Yeah, we’re two months of Chad Durbin away from the dark ages.

Friendly reminder that you can always get cheap tickets on Crossing Broad Tickets smiley face.

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28 Responses

  1. yeah, i was shocked by saturday’s crowd. they listed the paid attendance that night at 39,475 but i would say the actual attendance was in the low’s 30’s. also, there was probably only 20K that stuck around to see the comeback in the 9th.

    1. I never got what the big deal was about promos, every company does it. Look at the right side of this site.

  2. Good, we needed to rid ourselves of the trash at games, and maybe front office will stop on bloated contracts for guys at the tail end of their careers, we all know it.. It’s the decline and front office needs to realize it and get some pieces for their old fucks before its too late

  3. I hope this means that less punk ass hipsters will be there just to “check in” cause its cool…. get the REAL fans back in CBP… i was at opening day, cheering and booing Royals(Francouer in particular) people were looking at me like i was in the wrong…. WTF are we at the god damn opera. Its a sporting event, get loud(Kendrick double off the wall hardly a peep) and dirty looks when i was yelling/cheering…. sad day in philly sports when there is more “tagging”, self photos and status updates then there is cheering, game based conversation and other relative shit….

    1. Well dollar dogs and 1/2 price tickets on the same night should bring the hipsters and college party kids out of the woodwork.

      Probably not a good night to bring the toddlers and grandmom.

  4. fair weather fans. I was in the stands in the 90’s and early 2000’s. I will remain there now. We can’t win every year, however, I do believe the organization wants to win now. I haven’t always believed that in past years. Go Phils!!!

  5. I am so sick of these comments about keeping the hipsters out of CBP. Empty seats means the Phillies are losing. Is that you what you want? So that you can prove you’re a “real fan” you stupid fucking shit fucks?! I don’t give a FUCK who sits next to me at CBP as long as the Phillies are WINNING. But don’t anyone worry, we’ll go back to the Vet days of losing night in and night out with an empty house while scattered “real fans” sit around talking shit on the ballclub just like the good old days. Sounds like a ton of fun. Stupid fucking fuck faces.

  6. And another thing – after 3 home dates, we trail the White Sox, who have had 6 home dates, by 509 people. No one goes to home games in April against the Mets, It’s almost as if everyone – namely, this website -WANTS this team to decline more quickly than it actually is. Fucking idiots. They started off slow in ’07, ’08, and ’10 and fucking came back and won. Last year they almost came back from like 12 games out of the 2nd Wild Card after the regulars returned. And they are currently missing their catcher, who is a bigger fucking deal behind the plate with this staff than any of you who have never even played baseball can ever imagine. Let’s fucking calm down AFTER THE FIRST WEEK and assess where we are after the first two months or so. Jesus Christ. If any team in this city deserves a fucking pass it’s the Phillies. At least they won a fucking title in the last 6 years, which is more than I can say for the fucking shit football team (1960), basketball team (1983), and hockey team (last year, oh wait 1975 they keep throwing it in my face).

  7. I used to love going to games when the team was lousy, going right up to the window get a cheap ass ticket and by the 5th inning im sittin in lower level seats cause no one showed up to the games cause we sucked, Anyone remember the phillies hot dogs you could buy and they would give you a free ticket to the game? I hope we go back to being like we did the 90’s so much more fun down there, Games today when i go is like a bunch of hipsters and dumb cunts constantly gettin in the way to take the same group photo they took 30 feet before. Fuckin Cunts.

  8. The Phillies have always struggled with attendance, because as much as people like to claim the Philies have a strong fanbase, they don’t.

    They win, people show up. They lose, they don’t. Its why I always found Kyles constant belittlement of the Nats hiliarious – newsflash, everybody – Most of the Phillies fans are bandwagon as shit.

    In this town, the only teams that draw regardless of record are the Flyers and the Eagles.

    1. Amen. It became cool to like the Phillies around 2007 and it led to me hating the team. It’s amazing how one year of .500 baseball can eliminate almost an entire fan base. I wonder if Phillies fans will still be making fun of the Nationals and Mets come October…

  9. Kyle didn’t like me spitting truth on the situation so he wouldn’t approve my comment 🙁

  10. Lets be honest .. were spoiled. Fans came out for 5 years in a row to see a great team. They’re not even good right now. It’s depressing watching Doc get shelled. Like watching your idol become mortal.

    PLUS … a half decade of awesomeness has changed virtually everything at the stadium. Tickets prices have escalated, food prices have risen, parking is now $15 and a beer is $8. People will not pay these high prices for a bad product.

  11. co worker tells me his buddy got a call from Phillies office…he’s a season ticket holder and they’re up grading him tonight with box seats…..

  12. The only nice byproduct of seeing all these losing teams for decades is this city/region can smell a loser a mile away. Didn’t help that the lowers sell for as much as a Birds ticket but that’s not my problem. 70 wins here we come.

  13. Attendance is the only way the fans really have a voice, other than booing…. sure there was near 40,000 in paid attendance, but if only 30,000 showed up, that is less $$$ the team is taking in souvenirs, refreshments and concessions. Which means it gets harder to pay Ryan Howard $25 mill to wiff. The fans are tired of the product that has been put out there. Everyone blasts Halladay, that he needs to adjust to getting old. Well, Howard needs to adjust to the way he is going to get pitched, and this is going on 4 years with him. Nothing has been done to really UPGRADE the lineup or the ‘pen. Sure, Revere is a nice piece, but he is the SAME as Juan Pierre. Are either of them a DIFFERENCE maker? I wanted Michael Young 5 years ago, but is he any better right now than Pedro Feliz??? One of the most important (but underrated) pieces that the Phillies had let go, was Pat Burrell. I almost wish that the Phils would have acquired Josh Willingham two offseasons ago. Right handed power to protect the lefties…29 HR in 2011, 35 last year….yeah, he is 34 now, but he is still productive, and that would have helped Howard get more fastballs in the strike zone. Howard’s problem right now is, he gets junk, that nibbles at edges, that he can’t hit. He is so used to seeing it, that when he finally does get a fastball that is hittable, he is behind on it and whiffs, or he is on top of it. He has become like McNabb, in my eyes, will never own up on his shortcomings, and will never modify his game. Halladay’s problem is mechanics. He isn’t using his legs, he is all arm right now. Could be related to injury, don’t know…

  14. “If I can have a few far more very good weeks, possibly I’ll nevertheless have a different chance,” Vaughan stated. “But I assume the only way that I can get out of this category is to win Fake Oakleys. I had my likelihood these days. I’ve obtained a ton of self confidence. I know I can contend out right here.”

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