Oh you slick devil. Finalize a divorce with your overbearing wife in August and marry a younger Asian woman the following May. That is a billionaire power move if there ever was one.

From Philly.com:

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie tied the knot this weekend with Tina Lai in small ceremony.

Lai, who was born in 1973, took over managing Vietnam Restaurant in 2008 from her brother, Benny Lai, but no longer works at the Chinatown staple.

“We’re very excited for Tina and Jeffrey,” said a rep for the family, who also owns Vietnam Cafe in West Philadelphia, adding that they would like to keep the matter personal. Lai is the youngest of eight siblings.

First off, you know we’re only months away from pan-fried noodles* at the Linc, right? Second: Ummmmm, are we supposed to believe that Lurie and Lai weren’t together before he divorced Christina? Philly blogger and gossiper Laura Goldman doesn’t think so:

I kind of respect Lurie more for this. I figured Christina left because Jeff was a wet blanket or she had some other dirt on him. The divorce and it’s announcement were too… odd. But no. Lurie just wanted to upgrade. Yeah, I’ll take a Pinot and start with the Nem Nuong and a side of your sister. That’s an Ed Snider move if there ever was one. See, but where Snider excels is not letting his love interests get involved with the business. He wouldn’t let his wife within 10 miles of Xfinity Live! or his seldom-used office at the Well. No way. But Christina Lurie is still a part of the Eagles. Sill around. Still part of the scene. I can’t wait for the first socialite photo of her Jeff and Tina acting like one big happy, court mandated, Bruce Willis-style family. Looking at you, HughE.

This is probably a good time to remind you that I neither support nor endorse the comments on this website.

*The food at Vietnam is very good. Go there.