Anonymous Teammates Don’t Like Riley Cooper, Jason Kelce Says He “Can Get a Little Bit Out of Control”

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 10.24.11 AMSlowly, Eagles teammates are casting tiny pebbles at Riley Cooper. Tiny, little, mostly anonymous pebbles.

Three unnamed players (which is weak sauce to not use your name) came forward today and had less than supportive things to say to about Cooper:

And there was one prominent Eagle who questioned the punishment – Cooper was fined an undisclosed amount – handed down by owner Jeffrey Lurie and new coach Chip Kelly.

“I’ll tell you one thing, if it was Andy Reid, he would have gotten more than a fine,” the player said on the condition of anonymity.

Another veteran Eagles player said that he could not get past Cooper using the n-word and that he didn’t think he would ever speak to him again.

“The coaches are saying we should think team first, but this is just crazy,” the player said. “Was he thinking about the team when he said that?”

However, another Eagles player said that there is a definite line being drawn between players who were ready to move on after the incident and those that aren’t sure if they can forget what Cooper said.

“If he’s on the team, he’s on the team,” the player said. “Don’t mean I have to like him.”

That’s… not good.

Jason Kelce, who was with Cooper at the Kenny Chesney concert and can be seen in the video trying to calm his friend down, told that Cooper can “get a little bit out of control,” a claimed backed by this video:

“Riley was my friend before the fact and he’s still my friend and teammate going forward,” Kelce said Thursday. “Anybody that really knows him knows he’s not a racist … but sometimes he can get a little bit out of control. We were both pretty intoxicated on the day.”

Meanwhile, even media folks were willing to take shots at Cooper. On Philly Sports Talk Live (and its very blue set), Geoff Mosher estimated that more than half the time Cooper acts arrogantly towards reporters and often refers to himself in the third person.

Tiny pebbles. Tiny. Pebbles.


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  1. not much news here. he’s a cocky arrogant prick, and there are numerous teammates now that decide they are firm naacp members that can’t look past it. this should be a fun season.

    1. Should be a horrible season. Mehta happened to the class guys we had 10 12 years ago? P.S. delco is a shithole. And rhea Hughes has a huge upper gum line.

  2. Anyone who has had any interaction with him out in public knows what a douche bag this guy is. Refers to himself in third person? thats ignorant for a 3rd-4th wr at best

    1. You’re a dick ridin’ tool for trying to interact with him though too.

      NO LOVE,

      Beez Nutz

    1. If you think that rappers saying it is the same as when a racist asshole says it, then youre part of the problem. Context matters. The duck dynasty people are allowed to call themselves rednecks because theyre doing so in a non offensive context. Theyd be pissed if a city boy like you or me went down there and said that we were gonna fight all the rednecks. Its a different term than the n word, I know, but the scanario is the same as with the n word. Im confused as to why some (not all–plenty of them dont use it) black people use that word just as much as you. But I dont pretend to be a black person, in black person shoes, who grew up surrounded by black culture, so I dont judge them for using it–nor do I bring that up as if it means they deserve racist treatment because of it, or act like its an excuse for white people to be racist towards blacks. Racism has, would, and always will exist, whether or not black people called each other niggas or not, and its time to actually start talking about it instead of kicking the can down tje road with distracting and ignorant comments about rap lyrics.

    2. Spot on 100%. This concept of a certain group of people owning a word and their they ONLY ones allow to say it is ridiculous. Also, I listened to the tape a second time, he clearly uses the “n” word with an “A” on the end so it’s fine.

  3. Who else thinks Riley probably can’t even fight? Keep sticking that jaw out and you’ll get blood on your jorts.

  4. He’s a nasty drunk who probably should quit drinking. He’s already hit rock bottom

    1. Excuse me Amannnndaaaaa, thought I told you to stay off this site. You cunt!! Amannnndaaa

  5. He’s a Florida Gator a in undisciplined jerk that got away with sh!! in Florida they all act like they were juicing down there . They all have anger issues . Great job Urban Meyers a bunch of real thugs. He not a racist he’s a POS

    1. Urban Meyer also didn’t kick that rb off Ohio st who punched that chick at a bar

  6. Anyone else think its time for Chip to make the team run to Gettysburg and teach them an inspirational lesson about the civil war, Remember the Titans style?

  7. Why were there so many African Americans get killed in Vietnam? Because when the sergeant said “get down” they all stood up and started dancing.

  8. Short and sweet: Cooper is a “gots to go” situation. I don’t think he’s worth all this angst.

  9. Dude you really gotta stop posting shit about this incident. I know you bought the video and were the one to leak it first, but as a Philly sports fan, you are doing your city a disservice for helping to blow this thing up even more than it already is. This isn’t good for our team and all this media coverage is not helping, cut it out and go back to updating us about actually sports news, if I wanted Drama I’d rent a movie.

    1. Karma has finally caught up with this dude Riley Cooper. I went to Florida with this punk & he was known around campus as “beer muscles”. Bad drunk

      1. Yeah, I went to UF and still live in G’Ville….I know what you are talking about. Some people handle their alcohol differently. The coolest drunk I ever met was Teddy Dupay, every Tuesday night at CJ’s for “quarter beer night” even though he was only 18 and everyone knew who the hell he was….That being said, I was pissed that Cooper was drafted by the birds….

    2. I completely agree with everything you said….see below….this board has become more TMZ than sports blogging or information. The only reason I keep coming back is to tray to add some relevance to the posts and opinions, to be objective rather than throwing some shit on wall to stink up the room……

  10. I live in Gainesville, originally from Bucks Co….have been a Gator fan for a good bit, I was excited Cooper was graduating and leaving, then pissed when the Eagles drafted him. Even though Tebow and Cooper were roommates for a season and are good friends, they are complete opposites. Cooper is an arrogant prick. Tebow is as genuine as advertised. Everyone here loves Tebow because of THAT. It’s a shame that the teammates didn’t take life lessons from him while they were here.

    On the flip side, I just want to take this moment to thank the skank that turned this video over, and Kyle for single handedly sensationalizing racism, perpetuating the hate, and dividing our Eagles’ locker room. I hope it was worth it to be the first to break the story.

  11. A douchebag wide receiver in the NFL, what a shock.

    The Eagles should give him his sensitivity training in one day (something they should have done for T.O.): Jason Peters, Trent Cole, Jason Avant and Brandon Graham in one room and send Cooper in to get his chance to ‘fight all the %^^%$# in the room.”

    Then everyone moves on.

  12. I went out to dinner with Riley 2 yrs ago. As a date, and was our first time meeting off-internet. It didnt take him long to openly say “you know, me and the white guys on the team gotta stick together, the lockerroom is full of nigs” the guy is a racist..that is definately not the first time hes dropped the N-word. Picked the wrong sport to be a white racist in.

  13. I loved the tweet from Les Bowen yesterday… Whoever sold this to Kyle is a complete moron. Why they didnt seek out a more lucrative deal from say- i dunno, Riley Cooper. Or perhaps a quick mention to an eagles PR guy. Its not extortion if you’re putting it out for bid, right? And ChipNDip- dont get it twisted- Kyle doesnt give a shit about these teams. He likes to say he does- but cares more about publicity to the site than the negative publicity this creates for the team, the city, and on some level, the fans.

    1. Dont ever try to run a business dude ….

      Beez will protect you Kyle!

      NO LOVE,

      Beez Nutz

  14. Riley and Aaron Hernandez were fun people on weekends in Gainesville. You northerners don’t appreciate that as long as you produce on the field you just have to turn your head

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