UPDATE: Cary Williams Did Tell Riley Cooper He’s “Not a [N-word] You Fuck With”


It will be almost impossible to tell what Cary Williams and Riley Cooper said to each other during their dustup since Chip Kelly was being all zany and blasting techo music. But, Williams said something that got Michael Vick and an assistant coach to escalate their efforts to restrain Williams.

Reader Chris has a theory:

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 1.02.45 PMHard to tell. But those words certainly seem to fit.

Credit to Vick and DeSean Jackson for acting like grownups.

After practice, Williams, who seems like just the perfect kind of douchebag, didn’t want to talk:

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 1.09.07 PM

That’d be a first.

UPDATE: McLane now reports that this is exactly what Cary said:

Williams used a racial slur during the incident, according to an Eagle that was near the altercation. According to the player, Williams said to Cooper more than once, “I’m not a n- you [mess] with.”

Good thing Hugh Douglas was at the NovaCare Complex today to ease racial tensions.


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  1. Blacks something something never something tip or something talk on something cells at a low volume something never hold something door

  2. I got 50 says this punk Cary Williams is buried on the depth chart by mid-season and Brandon Boykin starts on the outside.

    Could you at least not fucking suck if you’re going to run your mouth dude? It’s embarrassing. Steve Smith made you his bitch in that pre-season game and you still ran your trap.

    Don’t you have some sconces to pick out or some floral arrangements to look at for your new crib?


      1. @TigolBitties

        He abused him off the line of scrimmage and he caught 3 balls for 34 yards and I think he played 12 snaps total. Please. 4 quarters of that and Williams is flame broiled.

        Not to mention Williams got straight up body slammed at one point by Smith on a running play and Smith is half his size. Williams is garbage dude.

        1. I’m not trying to defend Williams, don’t get me wrong. But Smith was targeted 7 times and caught 3 of 7 for 34. That’s not quite making someone his bitch. Although he did toss him like a bitch. And Smith probably has 20 pound on Williams even though he’s short. Quit making shit up.

    1. Well said, FACE. Williams has been a loser from day one. I suspect Steve Smith won’t be the only receiver who’ll abuse that moron during the season.

  3. Dont hit Riley in the face, he is SO HOT I have my asscheeks spread, buttered up and I am waiting for his COOPER to engage my pooper ! I am locked in this closet, living a lie, my ex wife and daughter both HATE ME. I stutter a lot now and the only thing dropping faster than my undies are my ratings! Might be time to punch my producer again !

    1. Eew. Peeing in the ocean is gross. I just walk over to my strath mere house and pee there. Only dirty low class scum pee in the ocean. And I’m not from Bristol I’m from the main line. P.s. Steven a has a huge ocean pee dragon

  4. What the fuck has Cary Williams done in his NFL career that he has such a huge ego and sense of entitlement? He is one of the worst-rated cover corners out there. He just tackled a wide receiver in what I assume is a non contact drill and he gets all upset when Cooper reacts to it. What the shit did you think was gonna happen tough guy? Also Williams got into a shoving match with I think Maclin during the eagles ravens game last year and he shoved a ref in the Super Bowl. You’re a real after the whistle tough guy, Cary. Congrats.

  5. Carey Williams reminds me of the type of dude who walks at a snails pace & say thank you when you hold the door for him

  6. Must be a slow news day at FOX Sports. The Cooper-Williams hissy fit went national:


    Meanwhile, Marcus Hayes is on the panel for Philly Sports Talk today. Not that I’ll watch because I can’t stand looking at that arrogant fat fuck, but if this scuffle gets mentioned on the show, who wants to bet against Hayes sticking up for Williams because he’s a brutha?

  7. This is squarely on Roseman. This guy had issues well before he came here and he gave him a big signing bonus. We are stuck with a guy that will be nothing but a distraction. As i stated in another post, I’m certain roseman is fully prepared to wash his hands of this, And sure Lurie will find a way to blame Banner and Reid, while he’s getting his washy washy

  8. Where’s the big fat security dude that suppose to be there? Must be up Chip’s ass.

  9. Cary Williams is allowed to say that word cuz he’s black, bro. If you don’t like it, you’re a racist skippy. If you don’t wanna talk about it that means your a coward. Get lost, douche.

    1. ‘If you don’t like it, you’re racist.’ Remarks like that breed racism. And if a word can only be said by one race that’s as racist as it gets

    2. I still haven’t listened to mm since his Riley Cooper “everyone is a racist who says move on” shows.

      1. That’s because you’re anti-progress, bro. You don’t wanna join me in solving all of America’s racial problems in a 4 hour sports radio segment every weekday. You’re racist, skip.

  10. This is a minor issue,that’s being overblown by the negative Philadelphia media(AS USUAL).

  11. See this is what I don’t get.

    Let Riley utter the word and it’s a big ass drama that requires him to go into therapy because Riley’s being insensitive.

    Let Cary Williams say the word and nothing’s done to him at all.

    Double standards. If you don’t like others saying the word, then don’t say it yourself without expecting the same drama.

  12. I expect a televised apology from Williams for using that word and a public shaming from the media and the Eagles organization. He also needs to go to a few days of therapy as well. Seriously. If people don’t like the word then it needs to be removed from EVERYBODY’s vocabulary.

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