Donovan McNabb was Rip-Roaringly Drunk and Gave Another Shouty Speech at Harrah’s This Weekend

Following his Thursday Night Smackdown speech at halftime of the Eagles-Chiefs game on Thursday, WWE Superstar Donovan McNabb performed a couple of house shows over the weekend to celebrate of his retirement.

On Saturday night, his ME party continued at The Pool After Dark at Caesars Harrah’s. That’s where reader Mike checks in:


Mcnabb keeps the screaming and terrible speech streak going at Harrahs last night around 1am.

Short video attached.

He was hammered drunk, saying “I want everybody right now throw that five in the air, what I gave you was from my heart” and just tripping over his words. I could barely understand him being there in person. He was then seen leaving barely able to walk with two guys holding him up.

Sort of a euphemism for his career, I suppose.

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16 Responses

  1. He is the biggest self-absorbed, douche bag in all of Philly sports, past or present. Between his Thursday night “Number 5 will always love you” and now this “throw your 5’s in the air”? Jesus! Even if this guy was Joe Montana & Tom Brady rolled into one, it still wouldn’t be cool to say something like that. What a tool. I hope his fall to (further) obscurity is a quick one.

    This was his chance to come out, be real with the fans, thank them for the good years, apologize for not bringing home the ‘big one’ and most importantly BE HUMBLE. So much for that….

    1. Are you serious? Dude, it is a nightclub. It is a nightclub atmosphere. Harrah’s doesn’t pay him and other pseudo celebrities (Paris Hilton, etc) to come to The Pool to be humble and give acceptance and/or Thank You speeches that would be better suited for Mensa or Toastmasters. They tell him (and others) to yell into the mic for a minute so we can get back to playing music loudly.

      As for falling into obscurity? You must not watch much TV. McNabb has regular spots all over NFL Network and is a main anchor of FS1’s new one-hour debate and discussion show. Whether anyone likes him or hates him, he is not fading anywhere quickly.

  2. Yeah what a lousy career. Top five quarterback in the NFL for much of his career, six pro bowls, Super Bowl appearance in which he performed better than the next five Super Bowl MVPs, all those division titles, franchise passing records, happy family, gives millions to charity, set up a neo-natal wing of a hospital.

    What a self absorbed douchebag.

    Let’s mock a man for being drunk at a party celebrating his career too. I mean Kyle looks dead sober and serious in that avatar of his so throw those stones, sir.

    Maybe McNabb should start a low rent sports blog. Then he’ll be a success.

    1. What are you his mom? He’s a fucking tool, always has been always will be. Sure he did some great things for the city and this team, but it doesn’t stop the fact that he refers to himself in the third person. Douche bag city.

    2. He performed better than the next five MVPS??? I can’t name them off the top if my head, but theres no way this is true.

  3. OK, so “Five” got his number retired to a standing O and threw himself parties, it’s over. Now can you please just go away for awhile? I mean like 5 years.

    Personally I think this whole retirement was done too early. If they waited like 3 years and “Five” was low key during that time, I think it would have been received a lot better.

  4. That’s typical of McNabb who’s alway go to get drunk like he did in the Superbowl by throwing up on the field. That’s why the Philadelphia Eagles lost. Drinking and playing football don’t mix. Thanks a lot McNabb for not getting us a Superbowl Championship and you’re nothing but a LOSER.

  5. And I would just like to say that 5 will always get you a $5 dollar footlong at Subway.
    They sing his praises in the commercial. Five, Five!

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