Marcus Hayes Broached the Subject of Race, Again

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Yes, we all are so hard on Puig because he’s black but no one is ever critical of Harper’s douchey ways. No, never

To be fair, Hayes finally had something nice to say about Chase Utley yesterday– his response to Mac. Of course, it was wrapped in a backhanded compliment about how this was the coolest thing Utley has ever done, as if all the things Utley had done before were neither cool nor funny.


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    1. I am with you, I had no idea who Marcus Hayes was until Kyle brought his name up. Feel like Kyle loves starting shit with no name Philly writers to get page views. Who the fuck cares?

      1. the dude writes about philly sports(and ascts like a cock most of the time), and this blog is about philly sports. maybe that’s why he talks about him? maybe?

  1. While I’m not the type to call for someone to lose his or her job, especially in this shitty economy, but damn! Hayes NEEDS to be fired IMMEDIATELY!

      1. It doesn’t matter if I’m fucking purple with pink polka dots, you fucking suck my dude.

        Go tell the world Griffey was on roids again and try convince people that Ichiro was a better player…fucking clown.

        1. I may be spitballin here, but I am pretty sure that this isn’t the real Marcus Hayes, so take it easy FACE.


          1. I have confirmed via my NSA contacts that that comment was not added by the real Marcus Hayes.

  2. He is trying to get let go so he can sue his sinking ship of a paper for discrimination. I mean, isn’t that pretty obvious at this point? Look at his constant race baiting articles. How’d you like to be the white HR guy that gives this guy his walking papers? My advice to that guy is bring several African American witnesses into the conference room with you and also videotape the session. Because Marcus absolutely reeks of frivolous discrimination lawsuit.

  3. This is not Marcus trying to get fired. This is the latest example of “new” media attention getting. It doesn’t matter anymore what you say (unless it’s the n-word, which is verboten). Just say anything outrageous and you get clicks. That is the equation.

  4. I heard this play on the radio and was sort of caught off guard by LA and Franzke’s reaction. They laughed it off, as did Harper. What Marcus failed to realize is that no runners were on base (at least not that I remember) and there were no consequences as a result. I didn’t see the Puig play, but based on by Marcus’s tweet, it seemed to have an impact on the game which, well, would be cataclysmic to a team that’s actually in a pennant race.

  5. Kyle, just pay no mind to that clown. He deserves no publicity for the bullshit he writes. Soon this blog will need to be changed to

  6. pretty sure marcus hayes spends his evenings trying to give himself a blow job. why does anyone care what he says?

  7. Marcus probably thinks white people hate him because he’s part black, and black people hate him because he’s part white. The reality, Marcus, is that everyone hates you because you’re talentless hack with an incredibly overblown ego.

  8. Was just reading through Marcus’ highly intellectual tweets and I came across one where he said the eagles would regret cutting Clay Harbor. He said that Harbor can be “special” and his better than the other TEs. Hmm what do Brent Celek, Zach Ertz, and James Casey have him common that’s different from Clay Harbor? I better tweet Marcus about how he’s racist because he thinks the one black TE is the best…

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